After his epic failure to be accepted as ‘Lord Rayel’ king of kings and all that bullshit during his given timeframe year 5776, this gobshite has decided to reinvent himself yet again, this time releasing his first Epistle in 5777.

This ‘Epistle’ gives you an idea what to expect in the New Kingdom, where if your lucky, and accept ‘Imperial Regent’ Angelus Dominion / Alan Douglas’s views,  you will be amongst the most hideous in society who are racist, sexist, and a bunch of kiddy fiddling annunaki ‘wannabes’ half bred, half wit worshippers.

He then went onto say ..

This particular attitude, of  outward racial discrimination is permissible because of a “religious belief”.   It seems extreme and dated; but unfortunately these days, socially acceptable racism is a lot more subtle. It’s also telling that racial discrimination is being paraded as “religious freedom”.  This view clearly made by a segregationist and this is an attempt to justify his racial bigotry.

Sadly, the clergy and few that did comment lapped it up.

Racist ideology can become manifest in many aspects of social life. Associated social actions may include xenophobia, otherness, segregation, hierarchical ranking, supremacism, etc etc.   What does the clergy say… Love God, Love One Another !

A retraction to what he said just over a month ago.

More examples of just pure hatred for the human race.

SO glad that this Internet pathetic god, is just that ! an internet false prophet!

Twiggie, 2017