Simulating a Brown Dwarf / Nibiru within our Solar System


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Nibiru / Planet X / Wormwood / Blue Kachina / Red Kachina ….. whatever you wish to call it only exists on the Internet … it forms part of the Psyop created to brainwash folks into believing that a planet / star will or is sweeping through our Solar System.   If this was happening – we would see the effects.

These fear mongers who exist on the Internet consist of Religious Cults / Criminal You Tuber Channels and Fake / Alternative news institutions and websites.  ALL of WHOM have one Agenda … they want your MONEY!

Here is a simulation of a such object entering our Solar System … seriously, if you have a loved one who is being brainwashed by such nefarious internet fear mongers, show them this video.   It will help enormously.

Simulating a Large Nibiru or Brown Dwarf object entering our Solar System by

Space Weather




First World War Baby names 


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Source: National Archives. Data collected 1914-1939

According  to new data there were 1,634 babies given First World War-related names during the war in England and Wales.  

Jessamy Carlson, First World War programme manager at The National Archives (TNA), has carried out some fascinating research into the extent to which children were named after First World War battles, key military figures and the outcome of the war.

The battles of the First World War were popular choices for names, with 1,229 (75%) of the babies named after battles. The most popular was Verdun, one of the conflict’s longest and bloodiest battles (21 February – 18 December 1916).  

With 901 newborn babies named Verdun during this period, the battle accounts for 73% of all the babies named after First World War battles. Looking at the geography of where births were registered, the highest concentration of babies named Verdun was in seven towns within close proximity of each other in South Wales.
Jessamy Carlson, Archivist and First World War Programme Manager, said:

‘The data is fascinating and gives new insight into the battles that resonated with mothers on the Home Front. It was a surprise to learn that the battles rather than the heroes or names relating to the end of the war were the most popular. It was even more of a surprise to learn that Verdun was the most popular battle name given that it was a French/German battle with no British Troops directly involved.’

Louvain is another example, appearing after reported German atrocities there during the invasion of Belgium in 1914. The city is now better known by its Flemish name Leuven. The deliberate destruction of the university library by German troops caused international outcry. The library was rebuilt after the war, but sadly its replacement was destroyed during the Second World War.There do not seem to be any records of it being used as a personal name in England and Wales until 1914, but it then became quite popular, outweighting all the battle babies (except Verdun) with over 300 instances of Louvain or Louvaine up to the end of 1919. It seems to retain some currency until the early 70s.  South Wales again seems to be a stronghold of the name.

    The following battles appear as the names of children born 1914-1919:

    Argonne; Arras; Cambrai; Cavell; Neuve Chappelle; Dardanelles; Delville & Delville Wood; Flanders; Heligoland; Helles; Isonzo; Jutland; Krithia; Liege; Loos; Marne; Messines; Mons; Paschendaele; Soissons; Somme; Thierry; Verdun; Vimy Ridge; Ypres.

    It is not always clear whether these children are male or female from the GRO indexes, as gender is not specified, but feminine versions of several of the ‘battle names’ do occur. These include Sommeria, Arrasina, Verdunia, Monsalene and Dardanella. Several of these names do not appear either before 1914 or long after the end of the war in 1919, though some such as Jutland and Somme make a brief reappearance during the Second World War. For example, there are no births registered for ‘Ypres’ before 1914. Only one child was named Paschendale, born in July 1918. A further three girls and two boys have Passchendale (or variant spellings) as their middle names, and were all born between 1917 and 1920. Four children named Vimy Ridge were born between 1916-1918 (two boys, two girls) and a further four (two boys, two girls) had the name in full as a middle name between 1916-1920. One child was named Delvillewood, whilst another two were named Delville Wood. Perhaps their parents felt Delville was more passable as a day to day moniker…

    Hero and peace babies

    Names inspired by First World War leaders and heroes accounted for 202 (12%) of the 1,634 babies. Records of births from the General Register Office show that:

    • 166 were named Kitchener
    • 25 were named Cavell
    • 11 were named Haig

    A further 203 babies (12%) were born with names relating to the end of the war:
    83 babies named Peace

    120 babies named Victory (with 107 of them born at the end of the period)

    There were only 44 girls named Poppy during the First World War, but from 1920 the name grew in popularity. It peaked every year during autumn and winter in the 1920s.

    Almost all children with Armistice as a first or middle name were born on 11 November or within a few weeks of this date, from 1918 onwards.

    Source: National Archives. There was a decline in the registration of these war inspired names during 1918, presumably as the general population wearied of war.

    Registration districts across England and Wales feature in this data set, but it is notable that popularity of names is more marked in some areas than others. South Wales features prominently, as does Yorkshire, London and the North East. It isn’t always clear why this is – in some instances it is likely that a regiment engaged in a particular battle had a strong connection to that area, but in others and especially with the Battle of Verdun where the name is especially popular, the connection is not obvious. 

    This report appeared in the local paper in June 1915

    DEAD DENBIGH SOLDIER’S LITTLE CHILD. A pathetic incident is set forth by a notice in our birth’s column today. The wife of Private Robert Thomas Jones, 96, Henllan street, has within the last few days given birth to a daughter, which has been named France May, because the dear little one will never know her father, he having laid down his life in France in May. He was one of the brave Denbigh men who in the desperate battles of last month was killed. Much sympathy goes out to his wife, who in her hour of trial has also to bear the calamity of widowhood. The deceased soldier was the son of the late Samuel Jones, who at one time was workman and then foreman of the Corporation workmen of Denbigh, prior to the late Meyrick Evans. The mother still survives, and is much sympathised with. 12 June 1915.

    Information supplied by UK National Archives – Read Jessamy Carlson’s blog here 

    Images © Crown copyright – Courtesy of The National Archives

    Source: National Archives 

    Octogon The Empire of Darkness


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    The Octagon – The Empire of Darkness is a fabulous video presentation by Sean Hross.  Within this documentary you will learn according to Sean Hross that The Pharaohs are still ruling the world.

    He says…

    “They are everywhere. Just follow the signs. The enemy within, the interior army, the enemy both foreign and domestic. Just follow the signs. The worldwide police force as octagon nazi templars from Octagon Switzerland.

    NATO is a part of Octagon. Octagon rules over Pentagon. The NAZIs are within the NATO. They are rubbing Sand in our Eyes. Just like the pharaonic Viper Snake that is hiding under the sand. You should not underestimate Nazism has nothing to do with protecting the whites. So Nazism is in fact an organization against the white of Europe. Octagon is the military part and hexagon is the political part (Freemasons). Watch the 8 dots of the submarine, which is the executional force of Jahwe.

    The word Satan comes from the pharanonic and semetic word Shaitan, meaning a snake, and the snake is the pharanoic honed Viper, which hides in the sand underneath the surface..We hide amongst you, you cannot see us, until we suddenly strike with deadly power. They all do it. V Symbol for fast striking Viper. V for Victory is the Templars V.

    Octagon is the encoded key password for the Templars and for Switzerland. The Templars founded Switzerland in 1291. The Swiss financed the Germans and even the pope has to obey them.

    We the People must show these young nazis where the real enemy is and the enemy is not the immigrant or the foreigner.

    The Obelisk is a phallic symbol…it is the symbol for the circumcision. An old pharaonic tradition for the Slaves and a covenant with Satan. This is the symbol for the pharaonic warfare. Mix first…and fight the enemy from within, as a Virus and strike unseen as a wound Viper, means the satanic hand…they had to take over all position in society, you can´t recognize the enemy anymore, the enemy within is very real, the fight is from the inside out..Penetration has indeed succeeded…As these Pharaos rule the whole world… Ka is pharaonic for the soul when still alive and Ba after Death. And wehn Allah stands beside it it becomes Kaballah.. Mer or Merkel is the pharaonic word for Pyramid.. The soul as in Mer ka or Merkabah, almost like America.. So let´s all unite mankind, we have no choice, forget about Religions and Races..and get rid of these Pharaohs together…Now what are these crop circles warnings us for…These Pharaohs have their basis in Switzerland. So Nazism is in fact an organisation against the white race of Europe.

    SS = Skull & Bones. SS stands for ISIS, in hebrew only the consonates are written.

    So Hexagone is the political wing for the Freemasons and Octogone is the military wing for the Nazi Templars, is the Swiss secret service, so it is not a coincidence that this is Octogone..In fact the Nazis are using the 8 as a code, on YouTube in the Internet, because the ‘h’ is the 8 number in the alphabet”.

    Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall, Mother Mary Controversy


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    Further to my recent blog and vlog discussing Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall’s claim as to being Jesus Christ returned, in which, I discovered that Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall had made a claim that his stepdaughters daughter, Trinity born 11th August 1999 during a Solar Eclipse was his mother Mary, Mary being Jesus Christ’s mother back in 2010.   This year, Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall uploaded another video to You Tube, where he now stated that his daughter Nicole was Mary Mother of Jesus.

    In this video you will now hear a snippet, from an video entitled “Jesus is a Nazi”.   In this snippet, the reason for the change is briefly discussed, make of it what you may, to me it speaks volumes.  

    Brian now claims that his stepdaughters daughter (granddaughter) born in 1999 who was the Reincarnated Mother Mary was a DECOY because “they” had already killed his son, and he was frightened that they may kill Nicole.   

    So …. having heard this, I am shocked somewhat …. so if we are to believe HIStory, that his son was killed by The Powers That Be, he BEING ‘GOD’ placed little regard on his granddaughters life in 2010, when she was a baby

    SURELY, IF HE WAS THAT CONCERNED …. he could of said nothing – HE COULD OF KEPT STUM … after all …. if you are to believe what he has said, he put the life of an innocent baby girl in peril …. and as it turns out … his words …. the baby was a decoy!

    Twiggie, 2017

    Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall Is he A False Prophet?


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    Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall is a mortal man, born 11th January 1944 and claims to be the second coming of Jesus Christ.

    This video will discuss the claim that his daughter Nicole is the Reincarnated Mother Mary.

    Reincarnation is the philosophical or religious concept that an aspect of a living being starts a new life in a different physical body or form after each biological death. It is also called rebirth or transmigration, and is a part of the Saṃsāra doctrine of cyclic existence. (Wikipedia, 2017)

    Little Prince is four 


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    Prince George Alexander Louis – known as His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge – was born on 22 July 2013.

    George Alexander Louis, Prince of Cambridge, was born at 16:24 on July 22nd, 2013 at St.Mary’s Hospital in London, first son of The Duke and The Duchess of Cambridge. The little Prince was christened by the Archbishop of Canterbury in the Chapel Royal at St James’s Palace on October 23rd, 2013 

    The Duke and Duchess are delighted to share a new official portrait of Prince George to mark HRH’s 4th birthday tomorrow. The photograph was taken at Kensington Palace at the end of June by Chris Jackson. TRH are very pleased to share this lovely picture, and would like to thank everyone for all of the kind messages they have received.”

    The BIRTHDAY BOY couldn’t hide his excitement as he took a peek at the interior of a H145 and H135

    Carl Jung Rouge a la Fleur d’Or


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    Carl Jung 

    Illumination from The Red Book (Liber Novus), 1913-1930

    “Everything else is to be derived from this… My entire life consisted in elaborating what had burst forth from the unconscious and flooded me like an enigmatic stream and threatened to break me. That was the stuff and material for more than only one life. Everything later was merely the outer classification, scientific elaboration, and the integration into life. But the numinous beginning, which contained everything, was then.” – C. G. Jung, 1957

    For 50 years after Jung’s death, this artwork was locked in a secret vault. It was shown for the first time in 2009.


     Grenfell Tower London’s Burning.  


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    Grenfell tower, Wednesday 14th June 2017

    Grenfell Tower Wednesday 14th June 2017

    London’s burning, London’s burning.

    Fetch the engines, fetch the engines.

    Fire fire, Fire Fire!

    Pour on water, pour on water.

    Self proclaimed “argumentative little shit” Lily Allen criticised the response of both the British government and the mainstream media to the Grenfell Tower tragedy, telling Channel 4’s Jon Snow that she believes the true death toll was “downplayed” at first during an interview on Thursday 15th June.  

    Is she right ? 


    Grenfell housing tower is located in North Kensington. It was social housing for poor and working class Londoners of which a huge number are Black and minority ethnic.  The Borough of Kensington and Chelsea is the richest in London and is marked by devastating inequality and gentrification that some poorer residents describe as social cleansing. 

    Non-luxury housing in London is generally a huge issue that has gone unaddressed for decades now, and privatisation of social housing provision has meant that profit motive and cost cutting have been strongly featured in poor people’s housing.   Race, housing and poverty are also tightly linked in London; this was a poor and ethnically diverse community as you can see if you watch videos from the scene. The first  victims, we knew, that sadly perished were a black british female photographer and her mum,  and a syrian refugee. 

    Now, the Council is Tory and they have done less and less for the housing of its poorer residents and more to accommodate wealthy people.    An example – the Council  is sitting on 300 million in cash reserves yet somehow didn’t find cash to install basic fire sprinklers that the residents asked for? not only that but the 8 billion refurbishment that included the now notorious cladding was partly done for insulation but partly also to make the ugly 1970s council estate look more aesthetically pleasing for the swanky neighbourhoods nearby.    Tory Chancellor Phillip Hammond has stated that BANNED more flammable material used in the cladding saved the building contractor a whopping £5000

    NOW The blue-blooded Tories have been in power for the past 7 years and the order of the day has been austerity. We have seen drastic cuts in our Public Services which  have been cut to the bone along with Local Authority funding.   Social Housing managers who often work for subcontracted private providers paid by the Council have a huge case load.    It has been reported that they are encouraged to spend less and less time on Health & Safety   (including fire safety) and more on asking intrusive questions about people’s jobs and incomes because of the Tory culture of dividing people into the “deserving and undeserving poor” ie those who work and those who don’t. 

    People on benefits are not prioritised when it comes to housing despite individual circumstances, which is why in Grenfell you had 70 year olds with limited mobility living on the 22nd floor. 

    Here in the U.K. we have  probably the most entrenched class system in the world and trashing of the working classes and the poor is almost a national hobby for some people.    Right-wing tabloid media is extremely powerful and they paint a picture of benefit cheats and non-working immigrants even though most poor people here in Britain work (they are the new working poor who have terrible wages and live in squalid and unaffordable housing) and most Black minority and ethnic folks were born here, they’re not immigrants 

    If you are poor you are largely voiceless and meaningless to this neoliberal Tory Government. The tenants had written letters raising concerns about fire safety and in response were threatened with legal action. Of course they couldn’t respond because Tories have cut Legal Aid because of… yes, austerity.   Meanwhile, Tory Ministers have been sitting on reports about fire safety in Council flats including one from a Coroner of a case where six people died in a housing block in South London  in 2009. 

    The Prime Minister ‘May’   didn’t meet the people affected at the scene and the response has generally been very poor. Local Council officials have been nowhere  to be seen and the donations have come from ordinary people – proper working class solidarity in the face of state that treats them with utter contempt. 

    Austerity kills, gentrification kills, indifference kills. folks want justice, they are angry. Why did up to 150 people die? This was preventable – it’s scandalous, horrific. it’s like poor people’s lives don’t matter here in Britain.  It’s been surmised to a Hurricane Katrina moment for the U.K. so please watch videos of THE PEOPLE, poor and working class Londoners, who are suffering and expressing anger. Don’t  listen to Theresa May, the Tories and the BBC ARE TRYING TO SANITISE THE STORY.   This has everything to do with inequality, poverty, race and most of all CLASS. 

    So, during her interview with Jon Snow Lily Allen said “I feel like the government is trying to micro manage people’s grieving here, that’s what’s happening. I have never in my life seen an event like this where the death count has been downplayed by mainstream media. Seventeen? I’m sorry but I’m hearing from people that the figure is much closer to 150, and that many of those people are children,” 
    The interview aired live on Thursday 15th June and was rather controversial, so much so, the IMPARTIAL BBC decided to pull her from appearing on Newsnight.

    Lily went on to say that  “there was no attempt from the council to bring the rich and poor residents in the borough together” which is home to council flats amongst some of the most expensive properties in the world ” The council had instead driven them apart – by closing community centres and pubs in favour of posher versions, i.e. gastro pubs without hearts.    ‘Tis all about image, further examples by  the 20 million facelift (cladding) which was flammable used to make Grenfell Tower more aesthetically pleasing.    As mentioned above Tory Chancellor Phillip Hammond has stated that in fact the cladding used is banned here in the U.K.   

    This is another example of whitewashing this terrible disaster, of course we cannot see dissent, as that would play into the public outrage, oh and believe me, there is public outrage ! 
    The Grenfell Tower fire was a “preventable accident” caused by “years of neglect” by the local council and successive governments, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has said.

    So who opened their hearts and doors? 

    The working class opened up their doors to the Grenfell victims immediately, let them stay over, fed them, gave them clothes etc.

    But the rich on the other hand, their mansions remain locked. They could house them, clothe them, feed them, give them somewhere to wash. But they remain silent

    It’s another crime.  

    The spirit of Londoners 

    If you’re ever unsure about what it means to be a Londoner… this is it. The whole community of Kensington and beyond, pulling together to help those affected by the devastating Grenfell Tower fire.

    People of all faiths donating their clothes, shoes, supplies and time to help those in need. Churches, mosques, sports halls and more have all been opening their doors and we’ve heard stories of many people welcoming people into their homes and others paying for hotel rooms for those affected.

    This is London. Londoners stick up for each other in the face of any adversity and although there will always be people who try to undermine this, they / we  will never lose this sense of community and wanting to help our neighbours.

    Outrage – rightly so! 

    Protesters stormed Kensington Town Hall chanting “justice” on Friday 16th June carrying a list of demands they said authorities must meet. The Government was criticised for seemingly U-turning on a pledge to rehouse residents affected by the blaze within the Borough, admitting that they may have to be relocated to other areas in London.

    Despite the budget surplus, it appeared the council was struggling to find accommodation in the Borough for residents who have been left homeless in the blaze.

    Grieving relatives of the dead pointed to the repeated failures by those managing the properties to prevent such a tragedy on an unprecedented scale. 

    The Price We Pay

    A thought occurred to me when I saw the BBC headline that the Queen and Prince William were visiting the area of the Grenfell Tower. 

    Buckingham Palace: Receives £370m for refurbishment.

    Grenfell Tower: Doesn’t receive £300,000 for a sprinkler system.

    As pointed out by numerous voices, one example being Aamer Anwar, these people died because they were poor. They continually raised awareness that fire alarms didn’t work and lifts repeatedly stopped.  People jumped! 

    An extraordinary letter from Queen Elizabeth to the public.

    One thing for sure… and I hope Queenie has seen Teressa May for the coward she truly is … and this aborted fetus of a human wants to form a minority government with the DUP for heavens sake ! 

    Another Class … 

    Then we have the celebrity Culture …. another class system.    Never one to miss a media opportunity is Simon Cowell who will be releasing a charity single, more than likely, sung by one of his talentless , plastic fantastical celebrity wannabe goons that parade on his TVs shows or those equally distasteful “has-beens” signed up to his record label.  Oh … hold the front page … One Direction (no direction) may just get back together for the charity song.  Apparently Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson have officially confirmed to be recording lines for the celeb cover of Bridge Over Troubled Water.  Harry Styles and Niall Horan are trying to free up their schedules to take part.  Paloma Faith whom blasted government officials, Robbie Williams, James “twitter angry man” Arthur, James Blunt, Rita Ora, Leona Lewis and Lily have all agreed to warble.  So watch this space.  

    I’d rather see him dig deep into those black high waisted trousers – and donate instead of listening to some soulless plastic recycled crap clap trap.  Scanning the tabloids I also see that Brooklyn Beckham turned up reported to be visibly shaken … really ! And spent an afternoon in a local Church helping with his younger siblings.  Rita Ora and Adele also amongst those helping. 

    Writing for Business Insider UK back in April 2017, Oscar Williams-Grut reported that there are almost 20,000 ‘ghost’ homes sitting empty in London.  Guess where these homes are ?

    Yes, Kensington and Chelsea.  

    Kensington & Chelsea is a hotspot for so-called “buy-to-leave” property deals, where wealthy foreign investors purchase properties as investments and leave them to sit empty as their value increases. Both the Evening Standard and the Guardian have dubbed Kensington & Chelsea a “ghost town” in recent years due to this practice.

    Why on Earth are any people from Grenfell still sleeping in sports halls after the disaster? London and Kensington especially is chock full of empty luxury apartments being sat on by speculators. These must be opened up immediately.

    So getting back to Lily, what she said .. was she right, I believe so.   My heart goes out to everyone affected by the Grenfell Tower fire. This should never have happened.  This is an absolute tragedy and it exposes the utter corruption at the heart of government and in Tory austerity policy along with, let’s not forget the saddest part of this tragedy where people begged to be saved from suffocating smoke and flames is that most will now face the issue of displacement. My guess is the remains of people’s homes, their safe spaces and now the final resting places of some said tenants will be bulldozed over. Miraculously sprouting private homes way out of most Londoner’s price range (especially those who benefit from council and housing association homes) to be bought by private investors who may or may not visit every couple of months. The reality of this situation is those who have lost everything may not be offered subsequent housing in the capital. They will be offered homes up north in the likes of Birmingham and Manchester, out of the way of the rich.  

    This country has shown me it’s face and it is ugly. It fights for the upholding of inequalities. It fights for the upholding of the ruling classes. Change is needed.

    We need CHANGE ! 

    Meet Parker! 


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    NASA Renames Solar Probe Mission to Honor Pioneering Physicist Eugene Parker

    NASA Renames Solar Probe Mission to Honor Pioneering Physicist Eugene Parker

    Launching in 2018  NASA will be sending for the first time a probe to have a nosey at our Sun.   The probe, recently renamed to honour Physicist Eugene Parker, is aptly called Parker Solar Probe. 

    Eugene Parker was the chappy whom firsttheorised  that the sun constantly sends out a flow of particles and energy called the solar wind.  In 1958, Parker then a young professor at the university’s Enrico Fermi Institute published an article in the Astrophysical Journal called “Dynamics of the interplanetary gas and magnetic fields.” Parker believed there was high speed matter and magnetism constantly escaping the sun, and that it affected the planets and space throughout our solar system.

    This phenomenon, now known as the solar wind, has been proven to exist repeatedly through direct observation. Parker’s work forms the basis for much of our understanding about how stars interact with the worlds that orbit them.
    Parker Solar Probe is on track for launch during a 20-day window that opens July 31, 2018. The mission is part of NASA’s Living With a Star program to explore aspects of the sun-Earth system that directly affect life and society. 

    To unlock the mysteries of the corona, but also to protect a society that is increasingly dependent on technology from the threats of space weather, SPP will use seven Venus flybys over nearly seven years to gradually shrink its orbit around the Sun. The spacecraft will come as close as 3.9 million miles (6.2 million kilometers) to the Sun, well within the orbit of Mercury and more than seven times closer than any spacecraft has come before.

    The sun is the center of our solar system and makes up 99.8 percent of the mass of the entire solar system. 

    The mission has been in the works according to NASA Goddard for 60 years.  The Sun is the only star that we can study up close and by studying it we can better understand the other stars in the universe. The Sun is also the source of dangerous solar winds that can shake Earth’s magnetic fields, disrupt our satellites, endanger astronauts, and even affect technology on Earth’s surface. Being able to predict this activity could prevent disaster. These same solar winds spread throughout our entire solar system and understanding them will be an important step in safely sending astronauts further from home. Apart from that it is the source of light and heat on planet Earth and is essential to the survival of life as we know it. 

    The probe is going to be in orbit around the Sun just 3.7 million miles from the surface. Which might sound like a long way but it’s actually 7 times closer than we have ever gotten before. The current record holder is the Helios 2 spacecraft which came within 27 million miles in 1976.

    I would of thought the name Icarus, would be more befitting.  

    Source and further reading