Anne Boleyn ? 

Art historian and Tudor author Roland Hui has rediscovered a contemporary depiction of Anne Boleyn within the The Black Book of the Garter, created in 1534 and boasting several images of kings, including Henry VIII.

As Hui describes, “a lady, crowned and sceptred, sits enthroned surrounded by courtiers. Behind her are six maids of honour, and before her on the left, stands an armoured herald bearing the arms of England on his tabard. On the right is an ‘ancient knight’ wearing a rich chain of office. The accompanying text, written in Latin, identifies her as the Queen Consort who helps preside over the meeting of the Order:

‘At this appearance, was his excellent Queen, splendidly arrayed with three hundred beautiful ladies, eminent for the honour of their birth, and the gracefulness and beauty of their clothing and dress. For heretofore when jousts, tournaments, entertainments and public shows were made, in which men of nobility and valour showed their strength and prowess, the Queen, ladies, and other women of illustrious birth with ancient knights, and some chosen heralds were wont to be, and it was supposed that they ought to be present as proper judges, to see, discern, approve or disapprove what might be done, to challenge, allot, by speech, nod, discourse, or otherwise to promote the matter in hand, to encourage and stir up bravery by their words and looks’.

The ‘excellent Queen’ referred to is Philippa of Hainault, the wife of Edward III. However, a closer inspection of the illumination shows that the sitter wears a large circular pendant at her bosom. On it are combined letters in gold: A and R – that is Anna Regina. It is Anne Boleyn as Queen Philippa.”

Unfortunately, the artist and court painter Horenbout seemed more preoccupied with depicting an image of majesty rather than accurately depicting Anne’s features – however, there is a definite telltale oval face and pointed chin, which corresponds to the popular portraiture of Queen Anne, most notably the famous “B” necklace pattern. Furthermore, the dress worn by the queen is strikingly similar to one later donned by Jane Seymour.

To quote Claire Ridgeway, it seems the Moost Happi coin is no longer the only confirmed contemporary image of Anne!

Who really wants to find out that everything they thought was real was nothing but a pocket full of dreams? Who wants to find out that everything they hold onto and cling to is the very reason that they suffer? Who really wants to find out that we’re all addicted to qualities like approval, recognition, control, and power, and that none of these things actually brings an end to suffering? In fact, they’re the cause of suffering! So the truth is that most of us don’t really want to wake up. We don’t really want to end suffering. What we really want to do is manage our suffering, to have a little bit less of it, so that we can just go on with our lives as they are, unchanged, the way we want to live them, maybe feeling a little better about them. 

~ Adyashanti



Today on April 21st in 753 BC, the prophecy given to Aeneas by the Gods shortly after he and the remaining Trojans fled the sacking of Troy in 1184 BC came to fruition. The founding of Rome was one that would change the course of world history.

Numitor, a descendant of Aeneas, was King of Alba Longa. His younger brother, Amulius, envied this position, and so sent him into exile to usurp his throne. To prevent any vengeance or competition arising up from Numitor’s heirs in the future, he simply killed them off. Furthermore, he then forced Numitor’s daughter, Silvia, into becoming a Vestal Virgin, having her swear celibacy for 30 years.

Quirinus was a God who emanated from Helios and was carried down by the Goddess of Forethought, Athena. Mars crafted him a mortal body within Silvia’s womb, and thus Quirinus was born Romulus, alongside his twin, Remus. Following the discovery that Silvia had given birth to twins, Amulius imprisoned Silvia and ordered a servant to kill the twins; who instead took pity on the infants and showed them mercy; instead sending them adrift down the river Tiber.

Eventually, the river begun overflowing, leaving the infants in a pool by the bank. There, an animal said to represent both Helios and Mars, the She Wolf, was said to have lost her own cubs when she came across the twins, deciding to nurture them and give them suck. Soon after a farmer named Faustulus came across them, and with his wife Acca adopted and raised the children as shepherds.

On 752 BC, while they were herding their sheep one day, they were met by shepherds under the rule of King Amulius. These shepherds begun a fight with the twins in which Remus was captured and taken before King Amulius. Romulus gathered and incited a band of local shepherds to join him in rescuing his captured sibling. King Amulius believed that Silvia’s children were dead, and hadn’t recognized Remus or Romulus. After a conflict, Romulus freed his brother, and in the process killed King Amulius. Being offered the throne of Alba Longa, they rejected it and instead chose to reinstate Numitor on the throne. However, they did still want to rule a city, and so they left to go and find their own. 

After finding a proper location with seven hills, Romulus and Remus were bickering over where their city would be founded. Romulus supported the construction of the city on the Palatine Hill, and Remus supported the construction of the city on the Aventine Hill. Taking the auspices to read the will of the gods, Remus on his hill saw six birds, while Romulus saw twelve. As a result it was decided that Romulus’ choice was the one with divine favour, which lead him and his followers to begin construction of their city on the Palatine Hill. Romulus took to marking the city’s sacred boundary with a plough drawn by a white bull and a white cow to begin building the city’s walls, but Remus scornfully jumped over the furrows, causing the furious Romulus or one of his Chiefs to kill him. 

To secure the new settlement’s future population he outlawed infanticide and established an asylum for fugitives, where freemen and slaves alike could both find protection in the new city and recieve Roman citizenship. 

At one point, due to a shortage of females since the population of Rome was mostly young and unmarried men, Romulus organised the abduction of single women who were marriageable from nearby Italic tribes by drawing them in with grand festivals & games, most notably the local tribe of the Sabines, and taking the women’s hand in marriages without the consent of their families. A conflict ensued in which enraged Italic tribes warred with Rome, which ended when the women ran between the armies of their fathers and their new husbands, pleading for them to put down their weapons and negotiate for peace. Peace was reached, where Romulus and the King of the Sabines, Tatius, joined together to form one community.

Over the years, the city and its relations developed. Tatius died, and conflicts with Italic and Etruscan tribes continued to rise as Rome grew more and more powerful. After a reign of 36 years, Romulus mysteriously disappeared in a violent storm, causing an uproar of confusion and accusation of murder to go around; along with a claim that their King had simply abandoned them. However, Proculus Julius, a man who had been friends with the King, came forth, swore a sacred oath in which he could not lie, and revealed the truth of what happened to the missing Romulus. He recounted an experience where Romulus descended from the sky infront of him shortly after his disappearance. Puzzled and shocked, Proculus asked why Romulus had abandoned his city as he did: confused, mourning, suspicious and on edge. Romulus revealed that it was the divine will of the Gods that took him into the Heavens by destroying the mortal part of his body with the fire of lightning during the storm, and that he was ascended into the heavens by the Goddess Athena straight back to Helios, and that in truth he was the God Quirinus. He revealed he was sent forth by King of All, his duty being to build a city that would become the greatest on Earth, and now that work is done. The now-revealed God then promised to watch over his people before ascended back into the heavens. With this information revealed to the people of Rome, the divine truth had overcame them and eased their minds; causing them to abandon their suspicions and anger over their old king having left them. King Numa, a Sabine and a great reformer, was made Romulus’ successor and proclaimed the second King of Rome.

And today the eternal city still stands another year.



“Hymn to King Helios” by Flavius Claudius Iulianus Augustus / Julian

“The Life of Romulus” by Plutarch

Saint Mary Magdalene: The Bearer of Good News

Heartfelt and beautiful.


Today is one of the most important days in Christianity, Easter. Before the egg hunts, hearty dinners, and chocolate bunnies, church leaders will give John’s account of what Christians believe to be the greatest event in human history. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The first witness to the Resurrection—as all four gospel writers agree—was a woman whose name and reputation have become so misunderstood, misinterpreted, and misconstrued over the centuries that she is more commonly, though erroneously, remembered as a prostitute than as the faithful first bearer of the Good News.


Mary Magdalene at the Tomb by Bruce Wolfe

That woman is Mary of Magdala. Of the half-dozen Marys mentioned in the Bible, what sets this Mary apart is that Jesus cast seven demons out of her, (Luke 8:2-3) or as some scholars believe, physical and mental illnesses.  Mary Magdalene is named at least 12 times in the gospels, and not…

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How Gematria Works

Bonnie Gaunt has been for me the premier “gematrician”. She has several books covering many different areas a study, including Stonehenge, the Great pyramid and the solar system, just to name three. If ever there was a proof of God’s reality, it is in Bonnie Gaunt’s work with gematria.

How Gematria Works By Bonnie Gaunt

Gematria is very simple, but I thought it appropriate to include a page telling how it works. The following is taken from Bonnie Gaunt’s book, “The Stones Cry Out”, appendix I.

All creation, from the largest to the smallest. can always be reduced to numbers. Pythagoras, the father of mathematics, discovered a great truth when he said ‘Numbers are the language of the universe.” In the writings of the ancient philosophers there is common agreement that the purpose of number is for the investigation of the universe. From the atom to the galaxy in the heavens, the same unchanging laws apply the laws of arithmetic, the language of number.

Just as the hand of God spread the vast expanse of the heavens by number, so too His written word can be reduced to number; and those who have tried it have stood in awe of the intricacy and beauty of the design. It was an intentional design.

The secrets locked up in the Number Code of the Bible are there for all to behold; and down through the centuries many have unlocked those secrets and revealed to us the unspeakable beauty of the intended design. Part of the numerical design of the scriptures is the science of Gematria. The Old Testament was originally written in the Hebrew language, and the New Testament in Greek. These two languages used the letters of their for symbols of amount. Their alphabets were called “dual character systems”, one of sound, or phonetics, and the other of amount, or number.

Tobias Dantzig1, a professor of mathematics at the University of Maryland (U.S.A.) explained the phenomenon thus:

“The sum of the numbers represented by the letters of the word was the number of the word, and from the standpoint of Gematria two words were equivalent if they added up to the same number. Not only was Gematria used from the earliest days for the interpretation of Bible passages, but there are indications that the writers of the Bible had practiced the art. Thus Abraham proceeding to rescue his brother Eliasar drives forth 318 slaves. Is it just a coincidence that the Hebrew word Eliasar adds up to 318?”

Within the first century A.D., Barnabas, the traveling companion of the Apostle Paul, wrote concerning this-number code.

“For the scripture says that Abraham circumcised three hundred and eighteen men of his house. But what therefore was the mystery that was made known unto him? Mark, first the eighteen, and next the three hundred. For the numeral letters of ten and eight are I H. And these denote Jesus. And because the cross was that by which we were to find grace; therefore he adds three hundred; the note of which is T (the figure of his cross). Wherefore by two letters he signified Jesus, and by the third his cross.”

Barnabas leads us to realise that the knowledge of the use of Gematria in the word of God is not something of modem discovery.

One of the best-known demonstrations of Gematria in the Old Testament is the section headings of Psalm 119. Any student of the Old Testament is aware that the names for these sections are in fact the sequential letters of the Hebrew Alphabet. These letters were simply used to number the sections. The some Bibles the word for the letter is spelled out, (such as aleph), while in other translations, the single letter is used – both of these translate, by Gematria, to the number 1.

Gematria among the Greeks was in common use at the time of the writing of the New Testament. A copy of one of these early manuscripts, called papyri, (because they were written on papyrus) exists today in Dublin, Ireland in the Chester Beatty Collection. It is the earliest known copy of the book of Revelation extant. It is dated somewhere between 200 and 300 A.D. This manuscript uses Gematria for every number in the book of Revelation.

The re-discovery of these Number Codes is not new. The noted Bible expositor, E. W. Bullinger, was among the many who have added to our understanding of this subject. His book Number in Scripture, published in 1894, shows the supernatural design in the use of numbers, both in the works of God and in the word of God.

The number equivalents for the Greek alphabet can be found in any Webster’s Dictionary.


The Greek Alphabet

The Greek alphabet used twenty-six letters, two of which have become extinct. The current twenty-four are listed below. There were once letters for 6 and 90, but they became obsolete through time, and finally dropped from the alphabet.

The letter standing for the number 6 was called “stigma.” It looked similar to sigma. The only use for the letter stigma in the New Testament is in Revelation 13:18 where it gives the number of the one who comes as the imposter of Christ. In the old manuscripts it was written as 600, 60, 6. Thus when added they become 666.


The Hebrew Alphabethebrewb.jpg

The Hebrew alphabet is, in many ways, quite similar to the Greek. However, rather than 24 letters, it uses only 22 letters.

Notice there are five finals. These letters are shaped differently when they appear as the final letter in a word. In the Cabala these five finals are given higher numbers, namely, 500, 600, 700, 800 and 900. In my search of the Gematria of the Bible, I do not find this additional assigning of the numbers to be part of the original design. It was an addition to the system, which was adopted later.


It should be noted that according to the rules of Gematria, one unit called colel could be added or subtracted from a word or phrase without changing its meaning.


Tobias Dantzig, Number; the Language of Science, Doubleday Anchor Books, New York; NY, 1930, p.4O.

“If you would look down from the moon…and see the innumerable broils of mortals, you would think you were looking at a great cloud of flies or gnats, quarelling among themselves, warring, plotting, plundering, playing, frisking, being born, declining, dying. It is downright incredible what tumults, what tragedies can be stirred up by such tiny creatures, so frail and short-lived.”

Truth Nerd from Fact or Fiction Debunks Dr Claudia Albers ‘White Paper, a physicist thoughts’. This video discusses more erroneous information put forth by the physicist which is being shared to the “woo channels” on YouTube.

We also go through what exactly is a brown dwarf and touch briefly on the Electric Universe Theory.

Thanks to Jerry Bell for providing photos and explanations for the satellite images used by the physicist. Also, a big thanks to the team of Fact or Fiction. The truth will prevail!

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Mandela Effect: 13 Year Old Genius Explains The Mandela Effect

Verum Et Inventa II

Interesting kid. He’s already being compared to Tesla and working on Free Energy devices. I’ll look up more stuff by him later.


YT description: Hey Trolls, if one of the smartest kids in the world believes in the Mandela Effect perhaps you should to 🙂

Special thanks to Rachel for allowing me to sharing this with the world!…

Title: Genius Max Loughan Explains the Mandela Effect (YT link) Uploaded by Scarab Performance.

Mandela Effect: 13 Year-Old Max Loughan’s ME Theory – (2017) 4 stars

Run time: 22 minutes. I’m no physicist, but I have delved into theories involving time travel, parallel universes and quantum theory for some time now, both as part of my fiction writing and in general because I find the speculation fun and fascinating. I get pretty much all of what young Loughan is trying to convey. Let me put my thinking cap…

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Antarctica Ancient Civilisation?

Morning from the Shire, Sunday morning and I decided to pick up the computer and start with Google Earth, and with all the recent hype in respect of Antarctica, I decided to have a look around the islands.   Visiting Port-Aux-Francais, I discovered Sacred Geometry carved into the landscape, is this evidence of a prehistoric civilisation?

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Image: Twiggie

What is visible from Google Earth is astounding.   Three circles in a Triangle formation.

The circles visible resembled a ring ditch. In archaeology, a ring ditch is a trench of circular or penannular plan, cut into bedrock. Usually identified through aerial photography either as soil marks or cropmarks. When these are excavated, ring ditches are usually found to be the ploughed‐out remains of a round barrow where the barrow mound has completely disappeared, leaving only the infilled former quarry ditch.  Both Neolithic and Bronze Age ring ditches have been discovered.

Image: Twiggie

Hexagons in the landscape, beneath this you can also see a ghosting in the landscape.


The frozen continent of Antarctica is known for its harsh conditions and climate that make it difficult to sustain life. However, millions of years in the past it was a different story altogether.   Are we seeing evidence of ancient settlement (not one but four in close proximity to one another)?

The Hexagon… is this made up of smaller standing stones? Rings of Megalithic stones are common in Europe, these built approximately 4,000 years ago and indeed were an impressive feat for the primitive people who constructed them.   But hexagonal, this surely is a fabulous discovery!  


Sacred geometry may be understood as a worldview of pattern recognition, a complex system of hallowed attribution and signification that may subsume religious and cultural values to the fundamental structures and relationships of such complexes as space, time and form. According to this discipline, the basic patterns of existence are perceived as sacred: for by contemplating and communing with them one is thereby contemplating the Mysterium Magnum, the patterning relationships of the Great Design. By studying the nature of these patterns, forms and relationships and their manifold intra- and interconnectivity one may gain insight into the scientific, philosophical, psychological, aesthetic and mystical continuum. That is, the laws and lore of the Universe.

Image: Twiggie

Could the white dot (within the Hexagon, within the circle) be a large standing stone, or a stone sphere likened to the Giant stone spheres like the so-called Diquis Spheres which were used for astronomical purposes?

Boscombe Ring Barrow Enclosure

Another enigma, is that these sacred shapes are visible from Air, carved into the landscape, a perfect triangle, a perfect circle, equal distance and then, a perfect hexagon!

If we are to believe HIS-TORY, human beings have been migrating since the dawn of our species.  For the vast majority of that time, populations moved across continents without the aid of domestic animals.  According to historians, every continent was inhabited except Antarctica.


Geometric Shapes carved into the landscape


Leonardo Da Vinci Sacred Flower of Life

Leonardo da Vinci studied the Flower of Life’s form and its mathematical properties.

Clearly what we are seeing on Port-aux-Francais is a magical mathematical landscape.








Asherah Marshall

Well, she is back and she is rather a feisty, funny, radiant, beautifully intelligent and charismatic force to be reckoned with.  Who is this, I hear you ask, well, it is Asherah! For those whom, do not know who and what Asherah was, she was an ancient goddess which has been hidden by religious constructs made by man.   No, this isn’t going to turn into a feminist article, it’s a matter of fact, if you wish to know a little bit more, please read my master blog on the HIS-story of this Mother Goddess.

Where did our Goddesses go?

No matter how we tackle this, and yes, no matter what I say, I am more than likely bound to piss a few folks off, but the crux of the matter is that religions are wholly centred on the worship of a male God that create “moods” and “motivations” which keep women in a state of psychological dependence on men and male authority, while at the same legitimating the political and social authority of fathers and sons in the institutions of society. Religious symbol systems focused around exclusively male images of divinity create the impression that female power can never be fully legitimate or wholly beneficent. Women were denigrated because they seemed more carnal, fleshy, and earthy than the culture-creating males.  The misogynist antibody tradition in Western thought is symbolised in the myth of Eve who is traditionally viewed as a sexual temptress, the epitome of women’s carnal nature.  The denigration of the female body and its powers is further expressed in Western culture’s attitudes toward childbirth.  Religious iconography does not celebrate the birth giver, and there is no theology or ritual that enables a woman to celebrate the process of birth as a spiritual experience. Western culture also gives little dignity to the postmenopausal or aging woman. It is no secret that our culture is based on a denial of aging and death, and that women suffer more severely from this denial than men. Women are placed on a pedestal and considered powerful when they are young and beautiful, but they are to lose this power as they age which is absolute hogwash!

Yah & Ash

You may wonder where I am going with this and I will explain.   Lately, I have been introduced to an Australian couple who upload daily to the You Tube Channel ‘SwordofTruth888’.  This delightful couple bounce off one another and chit-chat to their subscribers whom they obviously care about.    They are a joy to watch, both have a “sunny disposition and their own style” and are gathering quite an online audience and following.

Why is this?   

They give their audience hope, wisdom and guidance, they don’t care if you believe them or not, they want people to get on with their lives, not to worry unnecessary, look after those nearest and dearest.  They don’t want your money, they would rather you help the poor!    They don’t want you to worship them, they just ask for respect.  This is rather a refreshing change.    

This adorable couple go by the names Yahweh Jesus Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall and Asherah Marshall who are known within their community as Yahweh, The Father, The Returned Christ and his wife.  Remember my epic post on Asherah, Queen of Heaven and Yahweh’s wife? Now before, you go … oh no, Twiggie, not another one, not another epic debunk of a false prophet! I admit, my intentions were to DEBUNK the claim, and for those whom have followed my work, once I get my teeth into a subject matter, I am like a dog with a bone, gnawing away until now’t is left.   However, little Twiggie here, is finding that this chappy and his wife are way way way  different.  

Asherah Marshall
I reached out to Asherah via email And informed her that I was writing a blog on the Goddess Asherah For Women’s History Month and learning that she shared the same name my question to her was why now is it so important, that you are known as Asherah.  Are you the reincarnated fertility Goddess of old, the mother-goddess, ‘The Queen of Heaven’, obviously now we are talking about (pre Judeo-Christianity) and you being consort to many deities (whatever civilisation you look at). Does this mean that Yahweh Jesus Brian is  Anu / EL Etc pre – Christian / Judeo philosophy?

Her reply stunned me.  Why? Because so much of what she said resonates with me on a spiritual level.    

“Tiffany, the Truth must be restored that is why it is so important to Yahweh for the sake of the world coming out of darkness and into the light of Truth which sets the soul free. I am his Asherah (turned into groves that must be cut down in the book everyone is trapped in by order of the god of Moses which is the Dragon, all Babylonian construct) completely removed from the script through the pen of evil…the story of Adam and Eve in the garden, a parable describing the Creation it was Adam that sinned but Eve took the fall for the fall of man and because she has, terrible injustices are committed still against women within the middle east and the west its churches devoured by the devil Paul who gives no place to women within the Church because of “Eve’s sin”…total corruption of Truth which makes Yah very angry, he as Jesus always preferred the company of women, they were the ones to “get it” and do the work they were his support then and of course I am his right arm now. He has always said that evil comes through men. Yahweh wants to destroy the lies of the churches tear them down, restoration has to go all the way back to the Garden.

AS Jesus he told all to “Honour your Mother and Father and love your neighbour as yourself”…he was not referring to the mother and father at home, but the Heavenly Mother and Father of the Godhead.

Brian who is Yahweh is the big Kahuna so if that is El for some or Anu to others then he is all of them.

Before it all came into being though, the dream belongs to the baby within the womb which is the dark void before the Creation.

The baby dreams, of the perfect Father and Mother ..he has to dream them into existence so that he the baby can get out of the womb of darkness and silence, the baby being all intelligence, the Father is first and from within the Father comes the Mother the Light, they are a compliment of each other they love and delight in each others company and appreciate the qualities within each that are different to themselves, the Father and Mother exist for each other and from their sacred love and embrace begets the Son from the Father and the Daughter from the Mother, in the Essene tradition of the Creation Story the son and daughter who are the souls of the Father and Mother come into the world through the wombs of chosen women, holy and prepared as pure vessels to bring forth the Light of the Godhead….

It is a beautiful Holy thing and if you think of it as the baby still sleeping, the baby must not wake for if it does the horror of what has become of the dream turned into the nightmare that we live as hell on earth made that way by evil men, the serpent in the garden, the Jews who call themselves Jews and are not must be cast off the earth and the Garden restored before the baby can wake….

That is why it is so important, the children of the future the promise of Paradise on the earth, born into a place of safety where the Love of the Father and Mother is duplicated among those made in their image, the kind of place that you would want to bring your own children into, the world of Truth no longer the world of lies that it has been since before the Cross….all worth dying for and we did, but no longer….”

Janelle Margaret Martha Marshall is the Goddess Asherah and she has much to offer women whom are struggling to be rid of the “powerful, pervasive, and long-lasting moods and motivations” of devaluation of female power, denigration of the female body, distrust of female will, and denial of the women’s bonds and heritage that have been engendered by patriarchal religion. 

What she is doing is asking folks to discover their true natures — their innate gifts and abilities, recognise where they are best suited in life, appreciate their strengths as well as understand their areas of challenge and in doing so accepting her husband, “The Father, The Comforter,  Yah”.  I’m not saying everything is a bed of roses as they do have some foibles, but what “faith” doesn’t, and these are opinions.     

Asherah, is rather humble about the attention and questions I have afforded her. A tad uncomfortable she said but it is necessary for the sake of Truth.  Following my master blog on the goddess Asherah, both Yah and Asherah uploaded to their You Tube Channel Swordoftruth two You Tube videos.  The first one entitledYahweh and Asherah removed by the g_d of Moses = Lucifer Part IYah puts forward evidence that he has carefully and conscientiously assembled using a PowerPoint presentation to prove how his wife is Asherah pulling together Gematria, numerology, historical data, scripture, astronomy and bible concordances – honestly, my mind whizzed and then I set to task to try and find fault in what he presented.    That didn’t happen! 

Ashera, works tirelessly and passionately in her deeds and as she says her focus has been so Yah orientated, doing the work for him so that the people of the world learn the deception of his presence.   For her everything has always been about Yah, even before she found him.   

Yah turned 73 this February.  “Yah has felt this weight all of his life…and I wanted to share his burden, to give him rest by taking over the teaching work of the work…he has spent thousands of hours year after year revealing the Truth and by the time I found him he was exhausted, talking to an empty (Mary) and the world, abused and rejected…he is so used to abuse his natural inclination has become to tell people to Fxxx off, since he figured the prophecy is, I am rejected so I do not have to be “nice” about it….  and of course that becomes a controversy and people talk more about him when they hate him … When I found him he came to life once more, then he realised that of course, He would have written into the script His Salvation through the love of his beloved disciple…Martha, Mary’s younger sister finding him…the one who did the work then and now…back together to continue the work of the Father, leading their children home, all those made in their image, Love and recognition of Father and Mother, the highway of the redeemed….and of course they are scattered throughout the isles and the nations….the angels orchestrate everything, they know who is who in the zoo…they prompt the children to come in to our site and recognize the Truth that sets them free…..

For she is not only Asherah, but also the reincarnated Martha who was married to Jesus. According to the story Martha was pregnant with twins when Jesus was crucified.   Asherah talks at length about this, the connection to Yah, the coverup and the Pope Conspiracy in Part II.   “Yahweh and Asherah removed by the g_d of Moses = Lucifer Part II” 

Goddess cycles of disappearance–reappearance; creation — destruction; nurturing — devouring; birth — death; giving — taking away – within our brief email, this has been touched upon, and the daily teachings on the You Tube channel reiterate this.  Furthermore, within the acceptance of “Yah and Asherah” is the cosmos — containing the continuum of opposites as a circle. Death is not merely an ending; it is also a beginning. These seeming opposites are capable of being reconciled, brought together through wisdom. The goddess not only nurtures physical life but, also, the life of the soul.  I for one, am honoured to have reached out to this lady, whomever or whatever she is, its up to you to decide. All in all, this is one incredible story,  one that definitely warrants further investigation, from the Shroud of Turin to the Papal Conspiracy, its a mystery and twiggie’s nose is twitching.