Truth Nerd from Fact or Fiction Debunks Dr Claudia Albers ‘White Paper, a physicist thoughts’. This video discusses more erroneous information put forth by the physicist which is being shared to the “woo channels” on YouTube.

We also go through what exactly is a brown dwarf and touch briefly on the Electric Universe Theory.

Thanks to Jerry Bell for providing photos and explanations for the satellite images used by the physicist. Also, a big thanks to the team of Fact or Fiction. The truth will prevail!

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Antarctica Ancient Civilisation?

Morning from the Shire, Sunday morning and I decided to pick up the computer and start with Google Earth, and with all the recent hype in respect of Antarctica, I decided to have a look around the islands.   Visiting Port-Aux-Francais, I discovered Sacred Geometry carved into the landscape, is this evidence of a prehistoric civilisation?

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Image: Twiggie

What is visible from Google Earth is astounding.   Three circles in a Triangle formation.

The circles visible resembled a ring ditch. In archaeology, a ring ditch is a trench of circular or penannular plan, cut into bedrock. Usually identified through aerial photography either as soil marks or cropmarks. When these are excavated, ring ditches are usually found to be the ploughed‐out remains of a round barrow where the barrow mound has completely disappeared, leaving only the infilled former quarry ditch.  Both Neolithic and Bronze Age ring ditches have been discovered.

Image: Twiggie

Hexagons in the landscape, beneath this you can also see a ghosting in the landscape.


The frozen continent of Antarctica is known for its harsh conditions and climate that make it difficult to sustain life. However, millions of years in the past it was a different story altogether.   Are we seeing evidence of ancient settlement (not one but four in close proximity to one another)?

The Hexagon… is this made up of smaller standing stones? Rings of Megalithic stones are common in Europe, these built approximately 4,000 years ago and indeed were an impressive feat for the primitive people who constructed them.   But hexagonal, this surely is a fabulous discovery!  


Sacred geometry may be understood as a worldview of pattern recognition, a complex system of hallowed attribution and signification that may subsume religious and cultural values to the fundamental structures and relationships of such complexes as space, time and form. According to this discipline, the basic patterns of existence are perceived as sacred: for by contemplating and communing with them one is thereby contemplating the Mysterium Magnum, the patterning relationships of the Great Design. By studying the nature of these patterns, forms and relationships and their manifold intra- and interconnectivity one may gain insight into the scientific, philosophical, psychological, aesthetic and mystical continuum. That is, the laws and lore of the Universe.

Image: Twiggie

Could the white dot (within the Hexagon, within the circle) be a large standing stone, or a stone sphere likened to the Giant stone spheres like the so-called Diquis Spheres which were used for astronomical purposes?

Boscombe Ring Barrow Enclosure

Another enigma, is that these sacred shapes are visible from Air, carved into the landscape, a perfect triangle, a perfect circle, equal distance and then, a perfect hexagon!

If we are to believe HIS-TORY, human beings have been migrating since the dawn of our species.  For the vast majority of that time, populations moved across continents without the aid of domestic animals.  According to historians, every continent was inhabited except Antarctica.


Geometric Shapes carved into the landscape


Leonardo Da Vinci Sacred Flower of Life

Leonardo da Vinci studied the Flower of Life’s form and its mathematical properties.

Clearly what we are seeing on Port-aux-Francais is a magical mathematical landscape.








Nibiru Toxicity

Nibiru Toxicity by Twiggie

This video is a compilation of threats levied at Astronomy Live showcased by the Nibiru Planet X 2016 you tube channel.   A video entitled “Live Stream” with Chris Potter… The Big Fraud Astronomy Live”. 

Nibiru channels they only allow people who speak the party’s line to be seen in their comments. Scott C’one often deletes his and well, Potter does not allow comments, both actions speak volumes!  Apparently, anyone with a differing opinion is threatened, insulted and worst of all the Nibiru channel owner will encourage his followers to attack the dissenter. – We see this behaviour within the video.   We are not talking a couple of followers here, these channels have thousands of subscribers.   Only allowing one point of view is exactly what you would expect from the elite.  Their heavy handed tactics are the same as fascist governments everywhere. 

Think about it … If the Nibiru channels are in fact speaking the truth they would not feel so threatened by people asking rational questions.  Their responses speak louder than any words that these channels do notin fact speak truth.  Rather these channels have cobbled together bits and pieces of ancient myths, misinterpretations and defunct scientific theories to create an atomosphere of fear and now have a ‘theoretical particle physicist’ to apparently make them more legitimate.

To put this into context, a recent interview between Scott C’one of the Nibru Planet X 2016 and Astronomy Live hosted by the You Tube Channel The Leak Project.   Within that interview, the Physicist which is being used by You Tube Fear Channels WSO and Chris Potter was mentioned.   There has been several occurrences over the last couple of months where both Potter and Scott C’one of Nibiru Planet X 2016 have presented FACTs to support their claim that a Brown Dwarf is within our Solar System which have been fairly debunked / explained and this was discussed during the interview.   The snippet of the ‘so called clip where Astronomy Live was supposed to have verbally assaulted Chris Potter is also showcased in this exposure video.   You will plainly see, that this interaction did not occur, furthermore, that Astronomy Live debunked the Physicist claims and also the outrageous claims offered by Scott C’one as to a Brown Dwarf being in our Solar System. 

The writer of this blog, has also researched claims made these two You Tube Channels and found them to be false.   Links to the blogs and evidence is presented below.

  1. Chris Potter Sun Darkens DEBUNKED!
  2. Debunked – The obituary of the teenage girl who committed suicide in 2011 is fake
  3. Nibiru Planet X 2016 Scott C’one states that the suicide of a British Girl was Fake News and an Urban Myth
  5. Potty Potter’s UFO’s
  6. Was There an Attempt to Censor Video Footage by a Government?
  7. Nibiru Planet X 2016 November FAKE Tsnuami Footage

At the time of upload, I have been threatened by Scott C’one of Nibiru Planet X 2016 to remove the video. (Copyright), within 12 hours.   I would urge everybody to mirror this to their channels, these two You Tube clowns cannot go around threatening folks for their educated opinions. 

Nibiru Caught on Camera by Christian Vlogger DEBUNKED

Christian Vlogger DEBUNKED  

Christian Vlogger You Tuber Dill Martin claims in the recent video that the footage was taken in Boston, USA on 4th January 2017.  Poppycock, it is in actual fact mirrored footage from the You Tube channel Wakey Wakey hosted by Chris Potter, which was a mirror from his main channel.  The original clip thought to have been sent to him by a subscriber back in December 2015.

Screenshot of identical footage by Dill Martin and Chris Potter

Title: ‘Dill Martin Tells Lies’ (YT Link) Uploaded by Right Side Up.   Not only, is this recycled fake footage, the object that is rising on the left on the picture (which is claimed to be a second sun) is no other than a ghost image of the sun that lies in the camera lens.

A prophet for profit

Dill Martin who believes he is “revealing the truth in these end times” is  nothing more than a You Tube Snake Oil Charmer.   Mirroring fake videos is easy, dull and lazy.   If it wasn’t for dedicated folks scanning for fake news, so many folks would be duped by lies.

Fake News

Ughhhh, if it wasn’t bad enough in social media world, this video was recently featured in  the British Tabloid The Daily Star, headline ‘Nibiru caught on camera? Christian blogger claims that this PROVES Planet X is coming’ I was rather amused, Dill Martin is quoted saying …  “Not one of the important observatories in the world reports about what happen because the governments have forbidden to disclose it.” he forgets to mention that amateur astronomers look to the heavens nightly and record the skies and no mythical planet has been found.  This story is hot off the heels of the other epic fake story connected to author David Meade who is trying to sell his book before his Apocalypse starts in October 2017.

Twiggie, 2017


Further reading

Nibiru Planet X 2017 

If you think 2016 was a year for Doom, hold onto your knickers, cause 2017 is already shaping up to be a Doomtards paradise.  2017 could bring the Apocalypse as Planet X is set to arrive and for all those ‘die-hard’ NibiruTards, Nibiru is trending as a top baby name for 2017.  

Recently reported in British Tabloid gutter Press The Daily Mail (FAIL) and The Sun 😩, (in which they both linked a dodgy lens flare  video from the serial doomsayer Nibiru Planet X You Tube Channel who daily uploads lens artefacts and flares in an  attempt to pass them off as an incoming System) were sensational headlines that Planet X will arrive 2017.   The  story is now mainstream and on alternative media.

Meade believes that the Star is set to collide with Earth in 2017


Forensic Investigator Meade claims that the Stars gravitational pull will cause widespread destruction that will ultimately lead to the end of humanity.  Meade whoms book ‘Planet X – The 2017 Arrival’ believes that Planet X will bring with it seven orbiting bodies including Nibiru, a large blue planet.  Meade believes that humanity is being kept in the dark to avoid mass panic.  He goes on to say that the increase in Earthquakes and extreme weather are proof that the gravitational pull is already affecting Earth. Meade indicates that the rogue planet is extremely difficult to spot due to the angle of approach. Writing a piece for Planet X News, Mr. Meade said: ‘This system is, of course, not aligned with our solar system’s ecliptic, but is coming to us from an oblique angle and toward our South Pole’.  This is not Earth/shattering news.   The Planet X / Nibiru community and their puppet masters (Masters, Leider) have been banging on about this for years, setting new Doom dates.  Cricket, Interestingly, June 20, Meades book, Planet X – The 2017 Arrival, will  be available as an audio book on Audible, Amazon and iTunes; July 11th, the book will also be available in print. Listed in the UK, US, Australia and Canada and will be available online and through major bookstores.   Sounds LIKE a money making scheme.  

Meade states on his website …

“Several well-meaning British tabloids in early 2017 picked up my story and my book, and reported that October of 2017 would be the “end.” Well, it’s not the end. But it is a major cataclysm. It is Biblical”. 

The purpose of this blog is to investigate this claim. Hard to believe, but the Planet-Xers are still out there making more bogus predictions. David Meade says Planet X will crash into the earth in October, destroying us all. How is it that real astronomers don’t see this happening? Good question. Meade has the answer: Planet X can only be detected by “specialized, large telescopes—controlled by the globalists.” Meade must be new, as his contribution to bad astronomy hasn’t yet been critiqued by Stuart Robbins.

Early in February 2016 Meade was featured on You Tube Channel, The Leak Project discussing specifically the claim that Nibiru would pass Earth before November 2017.   During this interview, the host specifically asked Meade for evidence of The two suns in our Solar System and Meade stated that the best evidence of such was on a You Tube Video 😩.   Having analysed the very video,Multiple Suns Rise Over Halifax Nova Scotia 2of2 Feb 4 2015“, it is plainly a reflection caused by recording through double glazed windows.

Screenshots from You Tube Video Multiple Suns Rise Over Halifax, Nova Scotia


During sunset on …… the blogger emanated this effect through double glazing windows.

As you can see if you examine both videos, the effect is seriously the same.

Furthermore, according to Meade on 23rd September 2017, the moon appears under the feet of the Constellation Virgo. The Sun appears to precisely clothe Virgo. This occurrence in  2017 constitutes a ‘birthing.’ According to Meade, this is when planets traverse within the legs of Virgo. He has categorically stated that Jupiter is birthed on 9-9-17 and believes is connected with Revelations 12.

King James Version (KJV)

12 And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars

2 And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered.

3 And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads.

You can independently check  all this information out for yourself.

Stellarium Image 23rd September 2017

However, the date that is given for Jupiters / Planet X birth (9/9/17) the moon is situated in the constellation Cetus.  This does not fulfill prophecy.


Moon is situated in the Constellation of Cetus when Jupiter is “Birthed” on 9/9/17


Meade expresses that this ‘biblical sign’ has never happened before and will not occur again in the future.    Dave Greg, of the You Tube Channel Dazzathecameraman investigated this claim.

23rd September 2017  Image: D Gregg


5th October 2005 Image: D Greg


3rd October 2029 Image: D Greg


From this investigation you can clearly see that this is NO REVELATION.   In fact, Jupiter is not birthed at all.  This is not a unique phenomenon.

Jupiter is Planet X

Meade would have you believe that Jupiter is Planet X.  This statement alone contradicts everything else he has said.  I can tell you unequivocally, that the term Nibiru has nothing to do with a celestial object beyond Pluto (or beyond Saturn for that matter). No cuneiform astronomical texts ever use the term nibiru/neberu to describe anything of the sort. (In fact, one of them has Nibiru showing up every year).   Nibiru nonsense isn’t biblical. It isn’t Wormwood. Nor does Wormwood have anything to do with a planet beyond Pluto / Planet X. (Heiser, M, 2017)

Meade then goes onto say …

‘The next event that follows is that Planet X will fully eclipse the Sun and cover the whole earth and full moon in shadow on the next full moon date. This is Thursday, October 5, 2017 (the following full moon date).’

There are only four eclipses scheduled for 2017.

  • 11th February – Penumbral Lunar Eclipse
  • 26th February – Annular Solar Eclipse
  • 7th August – Partial Lunar Eclipse
  • 21st August – Total Solar Eclipse

This is absolute poppycock.   Meade suggests that October could be THE the first month that we can see the impending doom!  Prophecy states the time frame would be after 23rd September and before 11th October.  The  sign in Virgo (the woman) will no longer be pregnant and therefore The Red Dragon /  Planet X must make an appearance.  Jupiter, the planet of the messiah exits Virgo on 11th October having spent about 42 weeks in the “womb” region of that area.  This is not a unique event.

So, can you see my scepticism?  the information given by Meade has several holes in it, these two statements are what were quoted in the gutter press and I have yet to read his book which will cost £9.99.

Furthermore, it has come to my attention that a set of co-ordinates Meade gave in the February 2016 interview to  The Leak Project.   13h 50m 44s – 8 13m 59.75 was in fact for an image of Saturn.    Iras image of Saturn.

Image of Saturn taken 2 times obviously time had passed so the orbit had changed. They combined the shots so you end up with that. At the time, the co-ordinates were correct for Saturn. Meads joined the dots in a way that suited his narrative and ignored the reality.

Meades website states “But let’s look at the astronomical evidence. I have seen Planet X on the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) through WorldWide Telescope. This is a NASA infrared-wavelength astronomical space telescope, launched in December 2009. It is currently in the constellation Pisces, and is clearly marked as an Unidentified Object (but quite plainly visible dark red star) known as IC 5385. 

Again, another inconsistency.

Over the years, there has been quite a few reports of a planet like Nibiru existing somewhere out there. Perhaps the most famous reports originated in 2016 when two Caltech experts said they’d found evidence of such a planet beyond the orbit of dwarf planet Pluto.  The Nibiru Cataclysm story has been reported for years.   ‘Nibiru and other stories about wayward planets are an internet hoax,’ NASA has said previously. ‘Obviously, it does not exist.’ Nibiru was widely predicted to hit our planet in December 2015, and before that in September, and it was also predicted to smash into our planet – coinciding with the end of the Mayan Calendar in 2012. However, even before all of those predictions, it was said that Nibiru would cause the world to end in 2003.


Special thanks to David Richardson.



Do we have ‘Silicon Trees’ In Britain?

After watching a rather incredible Documentary by Людин Рɣси, with his amazing insight —containing paradigm-shifting revelations and unprecedented speculations which ultimately made my head spin and opened up a huge goody bag of questions,  I decided to research some rocky outcrops and formations here in the UK.  So was the Earth originally covered with truly giant silicon trees, many miles high, in the distant past that were systematically cut down? (I am still trying to get my head around this theory).  Why is it that the entire surface of our planet has been quarried on a vast scale over millennia? If so, why and by whom? We were cave dwelling chimps who beat sticks and played with fire.    I am smelling a rat, and yet again, there is a long-standing conspiracy to keep the truth from us?

So do we have these enormous Silicon Trees in the United Kingdom, astonishingly, not only is the Giant Causeway perhaps the footprint of such MEGA trees which was featured by Людин Рɣси, but there are a couple more which share the same characteristics of those which were discussed in the documentary (Silicon Trees)



Examples given in Documentary
Example given in Documentary

The tree of life is a widespread motif in many myths and folktales around the world, by which cultures sought to understand the human and profane condition in relation to the divine and sacred realm. Many legends speak of a tree of life, which grows above the ground and gives life to gods or humans, or of a world tree, which is often linked with a “centre” of the earth. It is probably the most ancient human myth, and is possibly a universal one.   So could it be possible that Earth had gigantic trees and the myths spoken about allude to these marvels.

A tree of life that binds together heaven and earth is a concept familiar to many cultures (here, a Celtic symbol) and in Norse mythology, the giant eternal (Silicon) at the North Pole Yggdrasil linked and sheltered all the worlds, marked as Mount Meru on old maps.

My good friend Rita Carter found a most interesting rock formation in Scotland.   An island named Staffa, pronounced [s̪t̪afa]) from the Old Norse for stave or pillar island, which is rather apt.  This island is off the Inner Hebrides in Argyll and Bute. The Vikings gave it this name as its columnar basalt reminded them of their houses, which were built from vertically placed tree-logs.  When you look at the pictures, you can see why.

Engraving based on sketches made of Fingal’s Cave by John Cleveley Jnr. published in 1772

The pillars run around the whole circumference of the island which is 33 hectares and 138ft above sea level.  If you have been following my calculations regarding the Saturn matrix … yep we have it here too.

In 1945 a mine exploded near Boat Cave, causing damage to the cliff face which is still visible

Entrance to Fingal’s cave, 1900

The top of the Basalt Columns a crumbly looking rock formation occurs that looks like a Burl.  A burr being a growth that forms on trees.  These normally grow in the grain which had grown in a deformed manner. It is commonly found in the form of a rounded outgrowth on a tree trunk or branch that is filled with small knots from dormant buds.

Similar formations are found at the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland, on the island of Ulva (pictured) and at Ardmeanach on the Isle of Mull.


40,000 interlocking basalt columns

Perhaps the United Kingdom was just one big tree?

Tessalating hexagonal columns.

Engraving of Susanna Drury’s A View of the Giant’s Causeway: East Prospect, 1768

Red basaltic prisms

Basalt columns
Scientists state that these formations have been created by an ancient volcanic eruption.  According to Scientists  3 layers of volcanic rock are shown on Staffa, formed from lava from 3 volcanic eruptions. Each layer has cooled and formed rock with different characteristics, the middle layer of basalt columns being the most spectacular.

BUT could they be what remains of GIANT TREES?

Staying in Scotland, let’s travel to the Capital Edinburgh.


Trees and forests took on symbolic divine characteristics, or were seen to represent superlative forces such as courage, endurance or immortality. They were the means of communication between worlds. Some societies made them into magical totems. Sometimes a particular tree was considered to be sacred because of association with a holy individual, saint or prophet. Throughout the distant past, trees have frequently held great religious significance, for example the tree associated with Adam and Eve, the tree under which the Buddha received enlightenment and the tree used for the crucifixion of Jesus. The Holyrood or Holy Rood is a Christian relic considered to be part of the True Cross on which Jesus died. The cross of Christ is also referred to as the tree of life. On the Holyroyd Estate, close to the capital of Scotland, there is a rocky outcrop called Samsons Ribs (aptly named).

So as a result TREES often featured in religious rituals, and still do today. Examples include trees upon which prayers or offerings are hung in many different cultures, and the Christmas tree, a custom whose present form evolved in Europe in the nineteenth century.

The Druids were tree worshippers, especially the oak. The holly was their most sacred symbol because it was sacred to Mother Holle or Hel, the goddess of the underworld.  Thus we have Holle or Holly-wood (Hel-wood), the “place of magic”   Rood is a name for the rowan wood featured in the Edda in relation to Thor.

Samsons Ribs

Samson Ribs, Roberts, E I (1829)

Can you see the huge stump ?  Could Salisbury Crags be part of an old gigantic tree. The cliffs are steeply formed by dolerite and columnar basalt.  Arthurs Seat.

Mimicking the stumps basalt columns, an Abbey was built in the shadows of this huge formation.  A holy place.

The Ruined Nave by Kaihsu at English Wikipedia (Link in sources)

The Abbey was founded in 1128 by King David I.  A wealth of information regarding the Abbey can be found by following this link.


Image: Aged Apostle




Incredibly, there is a place called Berg, and the base a tall standing fossil of a 50 million-year-old tree remains after being engulfed in molten lava.  The tree was discovered in 1819 by Scotland ’s pioneering geological cartographer, John MacCulloch.  As the surrounding basalt cooled, distinctive columnar patterns were formed.

Images: Scottish Hills

Leylines and Magical Silicon Trees

Mankind has long been drawn to specific places around the earth, from the mountains of the Himalaya to the Grand Canyon, and to sites such as the pyramids of Giza and Stonehenge. These locations have one thing in common—a preternatural propensity to convey strong electromagnetic earth energy.   Confirmation by modern measurement has shown these lines to flow in gentle curves along the lay of the land. However, some ley lines, notably in England and South America, are arrow-straight, leading some researchers to speculate that prehistoric engineers who built monuments that fall along these straight paths had a working knowledge of how to harness this energy. They used monoliths and stone circles to naturally align this invisible thread of energy, often depicted as a serpent etched on rocks at these locations.

So, do these sites which exhibit Large Stumps (Tree Trunks) lie on these magical points?

Astonishingly YES!

One such ley line begins at Holyrood Abbey in Edinburgh, Scotland.  The 900-year-old dwelling that became the seat of power of Kings, Queens and the Scottish Parliament.  (Kristy McCaffrey, 2013).  Author and researchers David R Cowan and Anne Silk have mapped the Ley Lines in the United Kingdom and USA. They state that the world’s major ley lines have been used by secret societies for thousands of years and that without a shadow of any doubt our ancestors used natural energy sources, like volcanic plugs and exinct volcanoes which omit energies.   But what if these, stumps are not extinct Volcanoes as suggested?

Leylines in Scotland from David R Cowans website

Following a ley from the strange praying hands of Mary across Scotland to its source which is the Island of Staffa (see above) with its fluted basalt columns. A ley from the Giants Causeway in Ireland connects to Arthurs Seat and Edinburgh (see above).  Furthermore, The sacred Iona Abbey, which is thought to be the birthplace of Christianity in Europe lies on a powerful ley between the amazing Fingal’s Cave on Staffa (pictured above) and an extinct volcano on the Canary Islands.

Surely this is a coincidence?

It would appear not.  I am not going to get bogged down in the United States with these Silicon Trees as this was covered much in Людин Рɣси Documentary, however, below is a ley line that runs though and yes, you have guessed the Devils Tower sits firmly on one.  Below, is a diagram of the leylines from David R Cowans Website.

The MEDIAEVIL underworld bloodlines have contrived mysterious ‘MYTHICAL PHAROAH FAIRY stories written on PAPER to keep us in a dream. (Deanne Earl, Conjecture News)

Could the Magic Faraway Tree be true?

“The tree grew and became strong, and its top reached to heaven, and it was visible to the end of the whole earth.”  Daniel 4:11

Image: World of Blyton

Writing in the 1930s Enid Blyton published a trilogy of fairy tales,  The first title of the main trilogy, The Enchanted Wood, was published in 1939.  In this Enchanted Wood, the trees, “a darker green than usual,” whispered their secrets: “Wisha-wisha-wisha.” In the wood is the Faraway Tree — a huge tree inhabited by fairy-folk and laden with fruit of all kinds from acorns to lemons. Its topmost branches lead to ever-changing magical lands above the swirling clouds.


Following the White Rabbit

Playing with our subconscious, Lewis Caroll writes that

“Alice started to her feet, for it flashed across her mind that she had never before seen a rabbit with either a waistcoat-pocket, or a watch to take out of it, and burning with curiosity, she ran across the field after it, and fortunately was just in time to see it pop down a large rabbit-hole under the hedge”. (Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland)

However, in both Tim Burton’s and Disney’s adaptation of the story, Alice falls down a rabbit hole under a tree / stump.

Lord of the Rings – The Battle for Middle Earth

Interestingly, The Roman writer Tacitus provides us with the only Roman account of the Druids in Britain and their Groves, all now deleted from the Earth.

“Interlacing boughs enclosed a space of darkness and cold shade, and banished the sunlight from above. … Gods were worshipped there with savage rites, the altars were heaped with hideous offerings, and every tree was sprinkled with human gore. On these boughs … birds feared to perch; in those coverts wild beasts would not lie down. … Legend also told that often the subterranean hollows quaked and bellowed, that yew-trees fell down and rose up again, that the glare of conflagration came from trees that were not on fire, and that serpents twined and glided round the stems”. (Nigel Cross, 2009)

In Lord of the Rings, the Old Forest was one of the few remains of the vast primordial forests which covered most of Eriador before the Second Age.   Remember, Sauron cut down trees from the large forest and started creating quarries.

n the 1939 Wizard of Oz, the Emerald City resembles the Basalt Columns


Людин Рɣси, suggests that the Earth has been used as an enormous quarry, by forces unknown. What we call ‘forests’ are no older than 200 years. All our so called ‘rocks’, ‘mountains’, ‘volcanoes’ and ‘deserts’ are just remnants of giant silicon vegetation, or spoil heaps from ancient mining activities. These trees existed before everything was incinerated.  99% of the biosphere.

He further states that our so called rulers are killing our world, and we must open our eyes and rethink every aspect of so-called science before it is too late.

The Grand Canyon (pictured above and used as an example in the Documentary).  Just thinking about the machinery alone to use Quarry this landscape is mind boggling.

Length 277 Miles and width 4 to 18 miles.  Age 5-6 Million Years Old (Wikipedia, 2016)

How long would this have taken really to quarry? Even using bucket wheeled excavators.

Brien Foerster, has been researching ancient Megalithic sites for years now, and has some fascinating theories on quarries and the technology used.   A link to his work is here on his You Tube Channel.

If Giants inhabited Earth chopping down the enormous trees with what and what where the trees used for?

 “There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in           unto the daughters of men, and they bare  children to them, the same became mighty men              which were of old, men of renown.” Genesis 6:4

Megalithic researcher Hugh Newman investigates giants and megalithic structures from around the world asking – did giants build the ancient stone circles, pyramids and earthworks? Was it the Nephilim, Gog & Magog, King Og of Bashan, or the Titans of ancient Greece?

Furthermore, ancient forests in Britain, only date back to the 1600s.  There are trees in the United Kingdom which are rather older than 200 years. But ancient forests, only date back to the 1600s.  All across the pre-Christian world, the Yew tree had incredible cultural significance. The Yew, Taxus baccata , is an ancient tree species that has survived since before the Ice Age and as such as been revered and used by humankind throughout the ages.  Many pagan religions believed the trees were sacred because they were evergreen – symbolising eternal life – and fallen branches could easily regenerate and take root in nearby soil.

Pagan cultures across Europe believed that the Yew tree could help ancient priests or Druids summon spirits and connect with the Otherworld. The Yew is sacred to Hecate, and the Crone aspect of the Triple Goddess; both are guardians of the Underworld, death and the afterlife. A lot of our ancient Yews are found in churchyards but there is no doubt that they were there before the churches were built.  Many churches and churchyards once stood in a circle of Yews, which were probably a legacy of the Druids’ sacred groves.   The trees were also thought to posses magical powers because, on hot days, they release a gas called taxine,  a resinous vapour which shamans inhaled to gain visions.  Because the Yew is poisonous, there are no herbal remedies, although it was sometimes called the forbidden tree as it was used to stimulate abortions.

So many of the ancient Yew trees we have in our country are protected by the churchyard, (Sacred Ground) and reports of their great girths, and therefore great ages, are documented throughout historical texts. In the past they were used as landmarks, because of their size and longevity, and their dark branches would make them stand out in the landscape. Wales is now believed to be home to Britain’s oldest tree – Defynnog Yew  first took took root more than 5,000 years ago. The majestic Yew that lives in in a Welsh churchyard was 3,000 years old when Jesus Christ was born, according to tree ageing experts.  You can access at report of this tree here.

Not far from me in the little sleepy hamlet of Treylston, Powys, Wales, six majestic Yew Tree are huddled together in the Church yard.  These are thought to date back 1000 years.

In Scotland, Fortingall Yew Tree is without doubt a fabulous ancient specimen and has stood in the village for many centuries;  observations made by eminent botanists and suggest that it is at least 3000 years old.

The Ankerwycke Yew is 31ft wide and has witnessed at least 2000 years of history and myth-making. 

It is said to have been the spot where King John signed the Magna Carta in 1215 and is rumoured to be where Henry VIII conducted his first liaisons with Anne Boleyn. But look, look at the structure, do you see pillars? pillars just like those petrified  Basalt ‘tree stumps’ found at the Giant Causeway, Staffa, Holyrood and Ulva.  

Could the Yew Tree be the micro version of the Giant Trees that Людин Рɣси has theorised about in his Silicon Tree research?

Twiggie, 2016

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Mirror Mirror on the Wall … What the hell happened? Mandela Effect

I recall, the evil queen who is all-consumed by what she perceives will define her: outward, vain beauty. She is so obsessed with being the most beautiful – “the fairest one of all” – she incessantly asks the mirror the same question, just to appease herself that she remains, by her standards, the best. So ugly within, she is enraged when she learns that there is one who surpasses her as the fairest in the land. 

I also recall her bewitching chant, “Mirror Mirror on the wall who is the fairest one of all” and not Magic Mirror on the wall.   

There is a phenomenon resurfacing on Internet forums which is called the Mandela Effect. It’s a phenomenon that none of those who experience it can pinpoint or agree on the origin of it, because the experience takes place entirely internally and has to do with the self-perception of reality. The titular example of the Mandela Effect is the death of Nelson Mandela. Specifically, that people were surprised that Nelson Mandela had been alive, or surprised when they discovered that he had died in 2013– because they believed that he had died in prison in the 1980s. In fact these people, I for one, and there are lots of more who have voiced this, have quite vivid memories of his death being reported on the news, and some have memories of footage of his funeral, rioting in response, etc. 

I recall, the evil queen who is all-consumed by what she perceives will define her: outward, vain beauty. She is so obsessed with being the most beautiful – “the fairest one of all” – she incessantly asks the mirror the same question, just to appease herself that she remains, by her standards, the best. So ugly within, she is enraged when she learns that there is one who surpasses her as the fairest in the land. 

Disney’s Snow White was adapted from Grimms nineteenth century fairy tale.

Many who believe that the phenomenon has a deeper cause believe it may be linked to people ‘jumping from one timeline in the multiverse to another’. In other words, those who remember “mirror mirror” grew up in a world where that’s true, and then somehow ‘switched’ timelines into this one, where now it is different. Another similarity is that one possible origin involves the multiverse theory and the way other worlds theoretically interact with and influence this one. 

Being British, I do not recall the “Berenstein or Berenstain, Froot Loops or Fruit Loops” however, this does not disqualify that this has’nt happened in my timeline, as this is a cultural difference and those people whom remember such also remember the iconic line in The Star Wars Movie An Empire Strikes Back “Luke I am you Father” and not  “No, I’m your Father”, Snow White, the change to the Lords Prayer and other verses in The Bible.  Close family and friends have recently questioned my sanity when I said “Magic Mirror,  no, I’m your Father and especially Debt and Debtors” then they have looked and are equally alarmed.  

No one can agree on exactly what is causing this phenomenon, but it is certainly being more and more talked about.  Skeptics of the phenomenon agree chalk it up entirely to misremembering, and misperceiving events. But why do so many people misperceive things the exact same way?

Other theories include psyops/mindcontrol, time travel, the universe being a simulation, etc.   Whatever the origin, and whatever you believe, it certainly is fascinating that so many people are coming together to discuss such an odd phenomenon. I am personally riveted to (and somewhat unnerved) by the subject, and will continue to watch the discussion and the community as it develops. 

I am now leaning towards Einstein’s “Ripples in space” to explain this ever flooding Mandela Effect that many of us are dealing with and (going mad over) Perhaps we ARE in a slow time travel, or else Scientists have fiddled with worm holes. As time progresses, the lines between worlds start to blur. History becomes Myth; Myth becomes Legend, and Legend comes back around to coincide with actual History. The further back in time you go, the more the events start to become waveforms. What you end up with is bizarre parallel tales that are fundamentally different and “impossible” to have occurred during the same time frame, yet are identical in very unique and particular ways. 

Now getting back to this mirror mirror debacle ..

Mirror Mirror on the wall | Magic Mirror on the wall
 | Who is the fairest of them all | Who is the fairest one of all

“Mirror, mirror” is what most people remember the Queen saying in the 1937 Disney movie. In fact, IMDb describes the Disney film as “by far most memorable full-length animated feature from the Disney Studios.” One would think that “memorable” movie produced reliable, consistent memories, including the famous “Mirror, mirror” line. However, the Queen in that movie actually said, “Magic mirror on the wall.” In this warped timeline that I am now living in.  


“Little Man” Homunculus

Homunculus: (n.) a little human


A tiny person within a Sperm By N Hartsoecker, C.1695

There are only a few subjects in art history that always grab my attention, no matter who created the object or when it was created or what museum, collection, or gallery I happen to be visiting.

One such subject is the homunculus, a Latin word meaning “little man/human.” In the ancient art of alchemy (another analog of the transformation process), the soul is depicted as a homunculus, or “small man.” It was symbolically equivalent to the Philosopher’s Stone, and the Elixer or Universal Medicine. This homunculus personified the unconscious as an Inner Man, a hermaphroditic being, a spirit in the bottle, a “brain child.”

Simm Faust

Often the homunculus is shown in moments of Mary’s annunciation by the angel Gabriel: in place of the dove, representing the Holy Spirit, a small image of baby Jesus flies from Heaven towards the Virgin. 

Pacino di Binaguida, Tree of Life c. 1310

If you look carefully you can see Baby Jesus flying through the air. 

Concepts relating to the creation of artificial life such as genetic engineering and human cloning are relatively modern scientific ideas. In the past, however, it was in the field of Alchemy that Medieval scientists sought to artificially create life. One of the beings that alchemists were purportedly able to create was the Homunculus.  

Medieval Manuscripts are bountiful

The Homunculus is first referred to in alchemical writings of the 16th century, and the idea that miniature fully-formed people can be created has been traced to the early Middle Ages.

But homunculi (plural) need not always be of Jesus. In the example below, the holy Trinity sit in Heaven, to the left, and a homunculus flies across the bedroom towards a sleeping woman, whose husband appears to witness the miraculous conception. The scroll that surrounds the Trinity reads, “Let us create man in our image and likeness” (‘Faciamus hominem ad imaginem et similitudem nostram’). Thus, the image makes visible the invisible moment in which the woman becomes pregnant by divine intervention.

The first known account of the production of the Homunculus is said to be found in an undated Arabic work called the “Book of the Cow”, purportedly written by the Greek philosopher Plato himself. The materials required for the creation of the Homunculus include human semen, a cow or ewe and animal blood, whilst the process includes the artificial insemination of the cow / ewe, smearing the inseminated animal’s genitals with the blood of another animal, and feeding it exclusively on the blood of another animal. The pregnant animal would eventually give birth to an unformed substance, which would then be places in a powder made of ground sunstone (a mystical phosphorescent elixir), sulphur, magnet, green tutia (a sulphate of iron) and the sap of a white willow. When the blob starts growing human skin, it would be required to be placed in a large glass or lead container for three days. After that, it has to be fed with the blood of its decapitated mother for seven days before becoming a fully-formed Homunculus.

The first type of Homunculus may be used to make the Full Moon appear on the last day of the month, allow a person to take the form of a cow, a sheep or even an ape, allow one to walk on water and know things that are happening far away. The second type of Homunculus can be used to enable a person to see Demons and Spirits, as well as to converse with them, whilst the last type of Homunculus can be used to summon rain at unseasonable times and produce extremely poisonous snakes.

Paracelsus provides a different recipe for creating the Homunculus in his work, “De Natura Rerum”. This recipe uses a horse as the surrogate mother of the Homunculus, and the semen of a man is left inside the animal’s womb to putrefy for forty days, before a little man is born. Rather than using the Homunculus to perform magical feats, Paracelsus instructs that the Homunculus ought to be “educated with the greatest care and zeal, until it grows up and begins to display intelligence.” Paracelsus also claims that the procedure for making the Homunculus is one of the greatest secrets revealed by God to mortals, perhaps suggesting that the creation of artificial life is Divine Wisdom that may be used by human beings.

Scientists today dismiss the work prescribed by the “Book of the Cow” and “De Natura Rerum” (beautiful manuscript here) as mere fantasy, while others suggest the writing was intended to be taken symbolically, rather than literally, and contains hidden messages regarding the process of Spiritual Ascension. 

Moving into the 20-21st Century  “Life is created in test tube”, one newspaper announced after Edwards and Steptoe reported the first in vitro fertilisation of a human egg in 1969.  In the imagination of popular culture, it was not a microscopic ball of embryonic cells that the test-tube held, but a developing or even a full-term baby: IVF was immediately elided with the speculative technology called ectogenesis, in which gestation too happens in vitro.

Yet homunculus-making was rarely condemned merely on hubristic grounds. Rather, the medieval debate, informed by Plato and Aristotle, was about whether human art could compete with nature. Alchemical gold was suspect not because it was fake but because it was deemed inferior. In the case of the homunculus, this supposed shortcoming of human art had a particularly incendiary implication: the artificial being was considered to lack a soul. The impiety therefore hinged on the fact that either one was seen to be compelling God to give it one, or the homunculus would be free from original sin and not in need of Christ’s salvation

This was no coincidence, for the methods of IVF fitted comfortably into ancient anthropoetic imagery (test tube babies) Alchemical symbolism abounds with pictures of people in glass jars, and arguably the first artificial people-making technology was the alchemical creation of a homunculus, often said to be done by fermenting human sperm in a sealed vessel.

When Time magazine interviewed Ian Wilmut after his team announced the cloning of Dolly the sheep in 1997, it remarked that “One doesn’t expect Dr Frankenstein to show up in a wool sweater, baggy parka, soft British accent and the face of a bank clerk.” It was one of many examples of how Frankenstein, supplemented by other myths both ancient (Faust) and modern (Brave New World), sets the context for media commentary on new developments that allow us to modify and perhaps to create living organisms. 

A newbie on the block of course, is the Cortical Homunculus.   This a physical representation of the human body, located within the BRAIN. A cortical homunculus is a neurological “map” of the anatomical divisions of the body. There are two types of cortical homunculi: sensory and motor.

Sophia, the Holy Wisdom, 1812

Now let’s meet Sophia, a lifelike humanoid robot capable of remarkable.  

The name Sophia is honored as a goddess of wisdom by Gnostics, as well as by some Neopagan, New Age, and Goddess spirituality groups. In Orthodox and Roman Catholic Christianity, Sophia, or rather Hagia Sophia (Holy Wisdom), is an expression of understanding for the second person of the Holy Trinity, I find it incredibly intriguing that this name was given specifically to the first woman robot.  Why was the Robot a woman ? Sophia can be described as the wisdom of God, and, at times, as a pure virgin spirit which emanates from God. In this case, Humanity is God as it has created the being, even though it is AI.   The Sophia is seen as being expressed in all creation and the natural world as well as, for some of the Christian mystics.  

Sophia was unveiled by Hanson Robotics at SXSW Interactive in Austin, Texas. Sophia became an instant sensation.   She is designed to interact with us ‘mere humans’.   Sophia features two sophisticated cameras in her eyes that, combined with computer algorithms, can track the facial expressions and eye movement of the people she talks to and recognise individuals. She also wishes to anniliate humanity. This synthetic “creature” dubbed “Sophia” it’s creator has Faustian overtones of “Playing God”. Some might say that, in the age of assisted conception and cloning, Mary Shelley’s Gothic novel is more relevant than ever.

But any possibility that the artificial being might be more-than-human is eclipsed by Frankenstein. By making Victor a “modern Prometheus”, Mary Shelley ensured that hubris was placed at the centre of her fable; because hers was a world in which God no longer intervened directly, the creature itself was called upon to exact the retribution that Faustian tradition demanded. What’s more, it was no longer sufficient for the artificial being to be conjured up by occult alchemical forces. 

Incredibly fascinating is that there is a Homunculus Nebula.   This being a bipolar emission and reflection nebula which surrounds the massive star system Eta Carinae.  

Could this be where humanity originated ? 


Situated within the arm of Sagittarius, within the Homunculus is a smaller Little Homunculus, and within that a shell of shocked material from stellar winds that has been called Baby Homunculus.

The Homunculus was ejected in an enormous outburst from Eta Carinae. Light from this event reached Earth in 1841, creating a brightening event in the night sky which was visible from the Earth’s surface at the time. During the event (as seen from Earth) Eta Carinae briefly became the second-brightest star in the sky, after Sirius.



“Battle Hymn of the Republic 2015″

Some artists are compelled to produce art because that’s what they do naturally. Others are compelled to bring their art into form when they are called upon by inner or outer circumstances. I think I would fall into this latter category. While I have always sang, as well as written poetry for many years, it is only the circumstance of finding so much that needs attention in the outer world that has led to me writing and recording songs of protest now.   Kate Magdalena Wilens

Beautiful Kate Magdalena.
Beautiful Kate Magdalena.

One and a half centuries ago the American Civil War was fought to end slavery, man’s inhumanity against man. The “Battle Hymn of the Republic” is an impassioned plea for humanity from that time. Now, we are engaged in a great battle against a different form of inhumanity of unprecedented global scope. Kate Magdalena Willens sings an impassioned plea for humanity that reveals the nature of the assault on the people and creatures of our planet. Enjoy the “Battle Hymn of the Republic 2015”.

You can make contact with kate via her website.

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