Bonnie Gaunt has been for me the premier “gematrician”. She has several books covering many different areas a study, including Stonehenge, the Great pyramid and the solar system, just to name three. If ever there was a proof of God’s reality, it is in Bonnie Gaunt’s work with gematria.

How Gematria Works By Bonnie Gaunt

Gematria is very simple, but I thought it appropriate to include a page telling how it works. The following is taken from Bonnie Gaunt’s book, “The Stones Cry Out”, appendix I.

All creation, from the largest to the smallest. can always be reduced to numbers. Pythagoras, the father of mathematics, discovered a great truth when he said ‘Numbers are the language of the universe.” In the writings of the ancient philosophers there is common agreement that the purpose of number is for the investigation of the universe. From the atom to the galaxy in the heavens, the same unchanging laws apply the laws of arithmetic, the language of number.

Just as the hand of God spread the vast expanse of the heavens by number, so too His written word can be reduced to number; and those who have tried it have stood in awe of the intricacy and beauty of the design. It was an intentional design.

The secrets locked up in the Number Code of the Bible are there for all to behold; and down through the centuries many have unlocked those secrets and revealed to us the unspeakable beauty of the intended design. Part of the numerical design of the scriptures is the science of Gematria. The Old Testament was originally written in the Hebrew language, and the New Testament in Greek. These two languages used the letters of their for symbols of amount. Their alphabets were called “dual character systems”, one of sound, or phonetics, and the other of amount, or number.

Tobias Dantzig1, a professor of mathematics at the University of Maryland (U.S.A.) explained the phenomenon thus:

“The sum of the numbers represented by the letters of the word was the number of the word, and from the standpoint of Gematria two words were equivalent if they added up to the same number. Not only was Gematria used from the earliest days for the interpretation of Bible passages, but there are indications that the writers of the Bible had practiced the art. Thus Abraham proceeding to rescue his brother Eliasar drives forth 318 slaves. Is it just a coincidence that the Hebrew word Eliasar adds up to 318?”

Within the first century A.D., Barnabas, the traveling companion of the Apostle Paul, wrote concerning this-number code.

“For the scripture says that Abraham circumcised three hundred and eighteen men of his house. But what therefore was the mystery that was made known unto him? Mark, first the eighteen, and next the three hundred. For the numeral letters of ten and eight are I H. And these denote Jesus. And because the cross was that by which we were to find grace; therefore he adds three hundred; the note of which is T (the figure of his cross). Wherefore by two letters he signified Jesus, and by the third his cross.”

Barnabas leads us to realise that the knowledge of the use of Gematria in the word of God is not something of modem discovery.

One of the best-known demonstrations of Gematria in the Old Testament is the section headings of Psalm 119. Any student of the Old Testament is aware that the names for these sections are in fact the sequential letters of the Hebrew Alphabet. These letters were simply used to number the sections. The some Bibles the word for the letter is spelled out, (such as aleph), while in other translations, the single letter is used – both of these translate, by Gematria, to the number 1.

Gematria among the Greeks was in common use at the time of the writing of the New Testament. A copy of one of these early manuscripts, called papyri, (because they were written on papyrus) exists today in Dublin, Ireland in the Chester Beatty Collection. It is the earliest known copy of the book of Revelation extant. It is dated somewhere between 200 and 300 A.D. This manuscript uses Gematria for every number in the book of Revelation.

The re-discovery of these Number Codes is not new. The noted Bible expositor, E. W. Bullinger, was among the many who have added to our understanding of this subject. His book Number in Scripture, published in 1894, shows the supernatural design in the use of numbers, both in the works of God and in the word of God.

The number equivalents for the Greek alphabet can be found in any Webster’s Dictionary.


The Greek Alphabet

The Greek alphabet used twenty-six letters, two of which have become extinct. The current twenty-four are listed below. There were once letters for 6 and 90, but they became obsolete through time, and finally dropped from the alphabet.

The letter standing for the number 6 was called “stigma.” It looked similar to sigma. The only use for the letter stigma in the New Testament is in Revelation 13:18 where it gives the number of the one who comes as the imposter of Christ. In the old manuscripts it was written as 600, 60, 6. Thus when added they become 666.


The Hebrew Alphabethebrewb.jpg

The Hebrew alphabet is, in many ways, quite similar to the Greek. However, rather than 24 letters, it uses only 22 letters.

Notice there are five finals. These letters are shaped differently when they appear as the final letter in a word. In the Cabala these five finals are given higher numbers, namely, 500, 600, 700, 800 and 900. In my search of the Gematria of the Bible, I do not find this additional assigning of the numbers to be part of the original design. It was an addition to the system, which was adopted later.


It should be noted that according to the rules of Gematria, one unit called colel could be added or subtracted from a word or phrase without changing its meaning.


Tobias Dantzig, Number; the Language of Science, Doubleday Anchor Books, New York; NY, 1930, p.4O.


2 thoughts on “How Gematria Works

  1. You know gematria is important because they don’t teach it to you in school. Been following your blog for a couple of months now. I enjoy your work. Glad to see that gematria is making its way around. It’s something that I discovered over a year ago. Here is a great gematria web site that has a real time calculator with many forms of gematria. Go play around on it. Keys are provided for all the ciphers used.

    I believe that the gang running the show uses numerology and many forms of Gematria to pay tribute/ritual/code to Freemasonry. Pi and the number 33 are just a couple of the favorite numbers of this gang.

    The Freemason’s logo has a capitol G in the middle of a compass and square. In Francis Bacon gematria a capital “G=33”. You will find 33 coded into many words. The Sun=33. Eclipse=33. Sun=33. The Lord=33. The Saint=33. Amen=33. Fool=33. The Sin=33. The Devil=33. Holy Fire=33. Passover=33. Universe=33. Tombstone=33. Hourglass=33. The Fed=33. Big Brother=33. Drugs=33. On Dope=33. Skull=33. Bones=33. Freedom=33. More Cow Bell=33. Federal=33. Citizens=33. Police=33. Stigma=33. Diamond=33.

    A diamond shape is what surrounds the capitol G in the Freemason’s logo. It’s shaped by the compass and square. Tools used for building and engineering. You see all the pop/rap stars holding the diamond hand signal too. Part of the programming.

    The 33rd Prime number is 137. The Man in the Red Pajamas=137. The Devil=137. Pitchfork=137. Pitchfork, horns, and tail=137. Beginnings The Sacred Design=137. Becoming One with the Universe=137. Calendar year=137. The Summer time =137. Autumn time=137. The Winter time=137. The Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter=137. Authority=137. Judge=137. The Tropics=137.

    The Freemason’s compass is set to 47 degrees. The Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn are 23.5 degrees from the equator. This is how nature tells time. The Winter and Summer Solstices. The real authority in time, not a clock or a calendar you adjust ever so often. (23.5+23.5=47). Many important words have the gematria of 47. Time=47. Authority=47. Obey=47. Judge=47. President=47. A Calendar year=47. Father time=47. God’s will=47. Sunlight=47. April fourth=47. Star of David=47. Passover=47. Holy Fire=47. Planet Saturn=47. Killing=47. Pitchfork=47. Colel=47. Magnificent Numbers of the Great Pyramid and Stonehenge by Bonnie Gaunt=470. The Dawn of Earth’s Great Millennium=470.

    The Mason’s compass in used for making circles. Whenever I find Pi of a variation of it I think looks suspect. Circles=314. Earth=227. The Winter Equinox=227. Holy Trinity=227. Devil=227. Prince=227. The Father, the Sun=227. Universal Love=227. The Sinner and the Saint=227. Christian=314. The Church of the Holy Sepulchre in the Holy City of Jerusalem=314. The Tropic of Cancer and Capricorn=227. Tropic of Cancer, Tropic of Capricorn, & the Equator=227. United States of America=314. Eclipse=314. The Dawn of Earth’s Great Millennium written by Bonnie Gaunt=227. The Stones Cry Out=227. The Stones Cry Out by Bonnie Gaunt=2217.

    Solar eclipse of August twenty first, two thousand seventeen=227. That’s this year in North America. A once in a life time event. Did you know that President Donald Trump was born the night of a total lunar eclipse? June 14, 1946. Donald Trump was 70 years 7 months and 7 days old on Inauguration Day. Like, 777. The Freemason’s have a saying. Order out of Chaos=777.

    When you subtract the 137 degrees from 360 degrees you will have 223 degrees remaining. 223 is coded into many words and phrases. Masonic=223. The Law=223. Tropic of Cancer, Tropic of Capricorn, & the Equator=223. the Earthly Realm=223(Francis Bacon). The Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter=223. Easter=223. Measure twice cut once=223. The architects of society=2203.

    The practice of gematria and numerology dates back further than we will ever know. I use it to see through some of the propaganda out there. The puppet masters that are pulling the strings have been at it for a long time. Running the Media, Entertainment, Governments, and Banks. Staging false flag events to push agendas. Flat Earth vs Globe. Chem-trails. Ritually sacrificing celebrities. Controlling all the information in the schools and all the young minds that attend them.

    Fake food. Fake water. Fake air. Fake government. Fake news. Fake education. Fake life. A life disconnected from your brothers and sisters. Nature and God. Tricking people that they need to grind out a living for paper or even worse digital money. Instead of investing your energy into your family, community, feeding your soul and raising your vibrations.

    I’m sorry I didn’t mean to hog up the comment section. I got carried away. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to more gematria posts!


  2. Whoa, thank you! I too was introduced to Gematria oooo it’s got to be 18 months or so ago, I decided to do a couple of blogs on it and yes, I totally agree with what you have said as regards to how it’s used within society indeed to see through the deception.

    I recently purchased a strings bible concordance and I am blown away, when applying the Gematria to the numbers contained there in. Indeedy, this is so so interesting and another journey for me.

    Would love to bounce ideas off you. And loved your response.

    Thank you.

    T x

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