This is an ongoing blog and collectively it is the works of mine and good friends John Pitre and Neil Simpson whom I have had the pleasure to ‘bat-around’ theories that relate to numerology and gematria and how both these subject matters have a deep impact on how they effect the society through secret knowledge and what we see both past and present is already written.   This blog is not exhaustive and to cite my good friends research  accordingly as documented.  

Firstly, Gematria is the practice of calculating the numeric equivalent of words and phrases by adding up the numbers associated with each letter. Technically, Gematria refers to calculation in Hebrew while Isopsephy is the Greek equivalent.  In Greek and Hebrew each letter of the alphabet doubles as a number. This is very similar to Roman numerals which are still used in English today. Numbers carry meanings based on the words associated with them, but those meanings are often contradictory and ambiguous. Ultimately the significance assigned to a number will be somewhat personal based on one’s beliefs and preconceptions.  Gematria is not an exact science; it is famously open to interpretation. However, it is a widely used and generally accepted system of understanding the hidden meaning and layers of the word of God as written in the Hebrew Bible.

The Torah website Yeranen Yaakov points out that the gematria of Donald Trump (דונלדטראמפ) is 424, or 212 x 2.

The Ben Ish Chai interpreted the number 212 as a difficult time for Israel before the Final Redemption.

It is also remarkable to note that Donald Trump (424) is the Gematria of “Messiah for the House of David” (משיחבןדוד). That is not to say that Donald Trump is the Messiah, but that his presidency will usher in the Messianic era.

The numerology of Trump’s name also points to one of his traits that has been especially problematic. 424 is the equivalent of כְּמוֹנָחָשׁ (like a snake), which is a referred to in Psalms.“They have sharpened their tongue like a serpent; vipers’ venom is under their lips”. (Psalms 140:4)So, there is a bunch of numbers that repeatedly crop up  with Donald Trump.  This ongoing masterpost will highlight the significance of such Numbers.  The numbers that you are going to be introduced relate to Saturn.  For instance, Numbers 3, 7, 9,11,13, 33, 39. Any multiple of these numbers have special meaning to the Illuminati. Notice that the Bilderberg Group has core of 39 members who are broken into 3 groups of 13 members in each group.111 – In the field of numerology, there are certain numbers that hold more power than other numbers. Among the most powerful is the number 111. This number carries the combined attributes of the number 1 and the master number 11. This combination gives it special powers of manifesting and manifestation.    Trinity 111 – the three aspects of GOD. 322 – Skull & Bones.   322 Referring to Genesis Chapter 3 verse 22 in the Bible. Just as each of the candidates for Skull & Bones membership must pass through an initiation process to obtain perfection and godhood.666 – number of beast.  The number “6” in the Bible is often associated with man; just as the number “7” is the perfect number and “3” often correlates to the Trinity. 666 is thus a number that consistently falls short of triple perfection: 777. The number also refers to the “unholy trinity,” Satan, the Beast and the False Prophet.696 – Saturn Worship.  Saturn is the God of time and space, government and agriculture, law and fertility. Saturn Is the god of this world.   

  • 777 – Triple perfection 
  • 888 – Christ and There are 22 chapters and 404 verses in Revelations. Therefore 22 x 404 = 8888 
  • 1776 – see below – birth of America and Illuminati
  • 6996 – see 696
  • 9669 – see 6996, 696, 69.  Also the speed of Saturn.  


Donald / First name origin: Old English / first name means…. “Ruler of the world.”Trump / Last name: Metonymic occupational name for a trumpeter, from Middle Englishtrumpe – trumpet.Trump’s familial changed upon entering the U.S. from Drumpf to Trump. Plenty of Americans saw their surnames altered to Americanised versions upon entering the country through Ellis or Angel Island.  Also, according to researcher Henry Makov it was typical of Jews to disguise their Jewishness! So Is “Trump” a Jew? The facts presented by Henry Makov seem to point that way and a link to his research can be found in the sources below.

Source : Google


th="768" id="attachment_3671" align="alignnone"] Donald Trumps Birth Chart[/caption]
With German ancestry from his father and Scottish ancestry from his mother, millionaire real estate developer Donald Trump epitomises the American immigrant experience. Born to Frederick​ Christ Trump (born 11 October 1905) and Mary MacLeod Trump (born 10 May 1912)  in Queens, New York  at 10:54 on June 14, 1946.   There was a total lunar eclipse on this. A total lunar eclipse is known as a “blood moon.” The Bible prophesies that the moon will turn to blood before “the great and terrible day of the LORD.”In the german press they said that his father left Germany without permission, if he would’ve asked for permission they wouldn’t let him leave because as a 16 year old man he should have served in the military. Then later they say he had restaurants and hotels with a very bad image as being brothels ….Donald John Trump learned the real-estate business firsthand from his father who, himself, began in the family construction business at the age of 13 when his own father (Donald’s grandfather) died in the influenza epidemic of 1918. The day of Atonement in 2016 will fall on 10/11 (same birthdate of Fred Christ) John Pitre of Saturn Exposed states …Well I’d say things are really starting to get surreal. I’ve been following this machine so long it seems and now here we are!Look Trump’s father Fred CHRIST was born on 10/11/1905.  However, this year The Day of Atonement will fall on 10/11/2016. This places Fred Christs birthday at 111 years or 5792 weeks.   As you see in the screenshot of 10/11/2016 converted on the Hebrew calendar is the 9th of Tishrei so here we see a direct 9/11 connection in the Day of Atonement. 

How ironic, it’s Christ’s 111th birthday on a 9/11 day of atonement! Remember in any year from the date 9/11 there are always 111 days remaining in that year.On 6/23/2016 we witnessed the UK leave the EU. Did you think that it was a coincidence that 6/23 fell exactly 111 days before this 10/11/2016 date?NO!   We need to wake up and accept what the time measures are showing us. Can’t you see the fabric of the matrix? The 6th tetrahedral number is 56 and the 9th is 165 so 56 x 165 = 9240 + 0429 = 9669So from the Day of Atonement and the Popes visit to Washington on 9/23/2015 to this date 10/11/2016 is again 9240 hours and 9240 + 0429 = 9669The EU is a major force in suppressing Putin’s military ambitions. European sanctions on Russia really hit the economy, and helped temper Russia’s attacks on Ukraine (there is a reason bad guys always want a weaker European Union). Trump wins in the US. Trump becomes isolationist, which weakens NATO. He has already said he would not automatically honour NATO commitments in the face of a Russian attack on the Baltics.Can you see now ? 

Is it also coincidence that Trump is running for office and his father’s 111th birthday just so happens to be 696 hours before the 11/8 (2016) election? 

Fred Trump, born Friedrich Drumpf in Germany, made his fortune in restaurants serving gold miners.

Frederick (Fred)  Drumpf,  grandfather of Donald Trump, was also a true American entrepreneur. Born 14 March 1869 in Kallstadt, Pfalz, Germany. He immigrated in 1885 to United States from Hamburg aboard the ship “Eiderand became a U.S. citizen in 1892 in Seattle, Washington. He began his fortune running the Arctic Restaurant and Hotel in Bennett, British Columbia, during the Klondike Gold Rush.  EIDER  English Gematria = 246 + 642 = 888Fred Christ Trump dies 6/25/1999 and to the date 9/23/2017 is6666daysWE HAVE COME TO STAYElisabeth CHRIST, Trumps grandmother was born on 10 October 1880 in Kallstadt, Pfalz, Germany and died on 6 Jun 1966 6/6/66 (666) Queens, New York and was considered the Matriarch of the Trump empire.  One key discovery that John Pitre has made is :- Trump’s grandmother Elisabeth Christ was born on a leap year so 10/10/1880 would be the 284thday and her son Fred Christ Trump was born on regular year 10/11/1905….also the 284th day so 1010 + 1880 + 284 + 1011 + 1905 = 60906090 + 0906 = 6996 Both of their births left 82 days in a calendar year.


82  x 82 = 6724 

and 67 x 24 = 1608 + 8061 = 9669 

Donald Trump born 6/14/1946 which is 3246 weeks from Grandma Christ

3246 + 6423=9669


Donald was born in 1946, the year of the dog. This gets more bizarre.  With the background of the family history ascertained we shall now journey through some outstanding connections to The Cult of Saturn and Jupiter.  John Pitre ofSaturn Exposed has made many incredible connections and this blog endeavours to share these findings and will embellish upon the numerology and Gematria.   It’s crazy look at Elisabeth Christ, Fred Christ Trump and Donald Trumps births … (1010 + 1880) + (1011 + 1905) – (614 – 1946) = 3246 + 6423 = 9669 the math is so incredibleElisabeth Christ  was born on 10 October 1880. The first atomic detonation was namedTRINITYand it occurred on7/16/1945.Looking at TRINITY, the English Gematria =690reducing down to 69The distance between Elisabeth birth(10/10/1890)and the atomic detonation blast(16/7/1945)was 64 years 9 months or777months.   

  • This also equates to3379weeks and33 x 79 = 2607 + 7062 = 9669
  • Donald Trump was born14/6/1946which is333days after the Trinity blast or 47 weeks 4 days. Therefore  47 x  4 = 188

Donald John Trump (born June 14, 1946 in Jamaica, New York at 10:54.  Let’s take a peek at his Gematria.  Donald J Trump equates to :-Looking at the 888 see the connection above.  

via John Pitre of Saturn Exposed

Donald Trump’s Famous Book  The Art of the Deal  = 888Notice that the Gematria both in Simple and English is exactly the same as Donald J Trumps name…. now is that some coincidence or what ! Crippled America NOTICE THE FIVE STARS The Trump surname is an anglicised version of the German name Drumpf (as mentioned above).   In Jewish gematria, the value of the letters in Don Drumpf is 666. Donald John Drumpf in American ASCII computer code is 666. Trump first made his racist remarks about Hispanic immigrants on June 6, 2015 = 6 + 6 + (1+5) = 6-6-6. His fearmongering remarks about “rapists” and “drug dealers” vaulted him to the top of the polls. On the Ides of March, Donald Trump had 666 delegates. The Ides of March marked a turning point in Roman history, as the Roman Republic became a Roman Empire ruled by a succession of dictators.  John Pitre of Saturn Exposed looked further into numerology that connects Trump to past wold events.  The exact date of World War II is not universally agreed upon. It was generally accepted at the time that the war ended with the armistice of 14 August 1945 (V-J Day), rather than the formal surrender of Japan (2 September 1945).   However, Victory in Europe ended with the unconditional surrender of the Axis powers On 8 May 1945.  So working with these dates:-From World War II ending on 2/9/1945to Trumps birth 14/6/1946 = 9 months 11 days = 911 From the first atomic detonation at Trinity 16/7/1945 to Trumps Birth 14/6/1946 333 days From birth on 14/6/1946 to the Creation of the State of Israel on 14/5/1948 it was exactly 1 year 11 months =111The Trump family bought the most expensive single building ever purchased in the United States, at 666Fifth Avenue, a street symbolic of money (Mammon), materialism, excess, hubris and power. As reported by The New York Times, the Trump family paid $1.8 billion for the most expensive American building (18 = 3*6 = 666), which is owned through Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner. Trump Tower, New York is Trumps Headquarters for his Presidential Campaign.  The tower Is 666 feet high.  The following are screen shots of Wikipedia entries.This entry has recently been changed.    The height of the building altered.  There is no doubt whatsoever that 203m is 666ft.  Are we seeing the Mandela Effect in play or just simply a cover-up? Trump lives in a gold-and-diamond-encrusted penthouse on the Trump Tower’s 66th floor, complete with paintings of Apollo and erotic statues of the pagan Greek sex god Eros and his consort Psyche.   The penthouse is modeled after the Versailles palace of Louis XIV, the French “Sun King” who was known for his decadent taste, imperialism and aggressive foreign policies. Sound familiar?Apollo was the Sun God and the Son of God (the pagan Greek father-god, Zeus). Louis XIV, the Sun King, was called Dieudonné (the God-given).Trump Towers Atrium opened on 14/2/1983which is 969 weeks before the tragic events of 11/9/2001 (9/11).Furthermore, Trump Tower is situated on a Ley Line on 725 Fifth Avenue.  7 + 2 + 5 = 14 (1 + 4) =  5 The number FIVE is an important number and connects back to Trump.  JUPITER is the Fifth Planet within our Solar System and Trump would appear from the Gematria and Numerology to be a Son of Jupiter (but I will get to that shortly).   Trump is also the fifth child born to his parents.   The construction took 5 years  (1979 – 1983)On June 16, 2015, Trump announced his candidacy for president of the US as a Republican.    Three days after his 69th Birthday.  Both Trump and Mainstream media enjoy harking back to Ronald Reagan and his campaign and presidency.  From Reagans death on6/5/2004 to Trump announcing his run on 6/16/2015is 11 years and  11 days  or 575 weeks and 3 days.  Therefore,  575 x 3 = 1725 + 5271 = 6996For a man of the people Riding the crest: Donald Trump, won the right to use a family coat of arms to advertise his Scottish golf resort back in 2012.  The Lion Rampant makes reference to Scotland and the stars to America. Three chevronels are used to denote sky, sand dunes and sea, the essential components of the site- (however only two are shown on the above photograph) which was posted in the Daily Mail back in 2012.   This was the coat of arms used on clothing and promotional material by Trump in Scotland. His new coat of arms showed a double-sided eagle representing the dual nationality of Trump’s heritage. There was also three chevronels.  MOTONUMQUAM CONCEDERE is Latin for Never Give Up, Trumps philosophy.  Trump Jupiter Golf ClubNow to look at a couple of articles posted mainstream which include the wizardry of the numbers.  Understanding words and symbols is vital to seeing how the world system works and it’s ‘religious’ foundations.  When you write a word you ‘spell’ it. This is what words are when used malevolently.  They are spells cast on the human psyche.  Words are spells.  
DEAL WITH IT = 666 Deal with it conveniently placed over 1 eye.

Trump / simpsons The Simpsons also predicted programmed the character of Trump.  It was episode #243. Aired on 3/19/00Episode called Bart to the future. 1037 > 137 = 33rd Prime NumberJohn Pitre uncovered some fascinating Gematria Trump Jupiter headquarters Trump headquarters JUPITER, Florida.  Donald Trump Defied As Jupiter 1776This one is interesting.  Remember  that the number 888 is connected with Trump.   Here we see this again.Astonishingly …1776NOW 1776 IS PIVIOTAL NUMBER IN AMERICAN  HISTORY.   THIS NUMBER LINKS IMPORTANT DATES / players.  

The 9 Roman numerals, MDCCLXXVI, appear on the foundation of the pyramid and translate to 1776, (American dollar), the year of independence and therefore the founding of the United States of America. However, another important event occured that year, the founding of the Illuminati (the enlightened ones).   The Pythagoreans, believed that the source of all truth was hidden in geometric symbolism, with the triangle especially as the most sacred of all symbols, regarded as the key to unlocking all hidden wisdom. (Herbst, R) 

Placing these values in their respective positions of importance, the first Roman numeral of each group being placed as the capstone and the remainder being placed at the base of each pyramid, gives a trinity of 3 symbols each: MDC, CLX and XVI each of which is in decending sequence for 1600, 160 and 16 in arabic numbers. The initials of this unholy trinity are the top numerals MCX which adds up to 1110 while hidden as the remainder are the base numerals DCLXVI, or 666. In the Babylonian sexagesimal system (base 60) 1110 (x 0.6) also becomes 666. So, 1776 has hidden in it 666 in the Babylonian and Roman number systems. 1776 also contains 888, the number of Christ, more prominently, as 888 x 2 = 1776. The Anti-Christ is known to be hiding his true identity, claiming to be Christ. To find that Trump is connected to these numbers suggest that he could well be The Anti Christ.  Mike Pence Governor of Indiana was announced as Trumps running mate.  It was the first time a vice presidential candidate had been announced on the social media.  This via Twitter.  “I am pleased to announce that I have chosen Governor Mike Pence as my Vice Presidential running mate”

English Gematria = 5550 = 555


We see now his running mate completing the blow of the Trumppence with Mike Pence birth6/7/1959 and Trump’s birth 6/14/1946614 + 1946 – 67 – 1959 = 534 + 435 = 969 for the 9.69km/sec orbital speed of Saturn22nd July 111 DAYS to Election An article posted on the BBC News website TIMESTAMP4:44  therefore 444 + 444 = 888With the heightened race relations at an all time low in the US The BBC poses the question Can Trump win non-White vote? Gematria =  322 = Skull & Bones 

Source: Keys to Cosmic Doorway

Keys to Cosmic a Doorway have linked Trump to an ‘American Jesus’ DONALD J TRUMP THE AMERICAN CHRIST = 322322 is the number of the Resurrection.322 is the number that carries you from Death to Life.322 is symnomnious with Skull & Bones Left, Donald and his father Fred with Masonic/Brotherhood of Death hand-over-hand Skull and Bones (“X”) Signal. The sign, or letter X, has a long history of use in the Ancient Mystery Religions, in apostate Judaism, in Freemasonry, and in the Occult. The ILLUMINATI elite use it to this day to symbolise key phenomena and mark significantevents. JESUS = 888 in Greek GematriaYes, some are likening Trump to Jesus as being the saviour of America. The following report comes courtesy of Canadian, Henry Makow, through his“, and is a must read by everyone that  thinks Donald Trump is somehow “honest” and the “savior” of America… This article, that I have the link to, is entitled: “Donald Drumpf -Illuminati Jew” m.  It exposes some very interesting details about Donald Trump’s past and his true agenda…. I recommend that everyone read this article.

Notice the 13 RAYS and 1 STAR (Five pointed)The five-pointed star, geometrically a regular concave decagon, used in flags originates from European or Western heraldry, and the golden five-pointed star has associations with military power and war. It has also become a symbol of fame or “stardom” in Western culture. (wikipedia)Also … Trump had five five pointed stars on his campaign logo.  Again, the symbology is Spelling out …The five-pointed star symbol in Christianity is also known as the Star of Bethlehem and represents Jesus’ birth and incarnation.It is well known that the number “13” is the number of the United States of America. The Thirteen Colonies which were the group of British colonies on the east coast of North America founded in the 17th and 18th centuries that declared independence in 1776 and formed the United States. Also .. 13 Levels: The pyramid (Dollar note) has 13 steps, or levels leading up to the capstone. In the bible, 13 is the number for rebellion. America was created when the founding fathers rebelled against King George.So ask yourself … IF TRUMP IS FOR CHANGE AGAINST THE ILLUMINATI, the NWO, the Bankers and Corporations …  Why would he blatantly show the symbolism of the Empire? The very symbol of the occult from the ancient world?   

It is preposterous that this man, who radiates infantile petulance, narcissistic spite and tyrannical racism should end up in charge of a nuclear arsenal. Yet it is possible that he will. Theories abound as to how this has happened. Trump as the expression of a cultural marginalisation of the white working class; Trump as the manifestation of economic insecurity in an age of dysfunctional globalisation; Trump as a symptom of Republican anti-government rhetoric eating itself. (Behr, R. Guardian)


At the 138th Conference during his Presidential Candidacy

“I fly a lot, and I mean a lot. No one flies more than me. Listen, I own a jet. I own a 757, beautiful plane, it’s the best plane! If the world were round, believe me, I would know!”

Announced 138th Conference, no coincidence that the number correlates with Saturn.  138 + 831 = 969

321 + 123 = 444
ation on Masonic ties.

Freemasonic Forces Led By Donald Trump Launch “Soon To Be Deadly” American Coup d’état

Parallels Between Adolph Hitler and Donald Trump

Hitler claimed that he would make Germany great again; Trump claims that he will make America great again.

Hitler appealed to the racism and fear of German white supremacists; Trump appeals to the racism and fear of American white supremacists.

Hitler blamed Germany’s problems on minorities, especially Jews; Trump blames America’s problems on minorities, especially Muslims.

Hitler attempted to deport Jews to other countries, even if they were born in Germany; Trump wants to deport Hispanics even if they were born in the United States.

Hitler’s plan to deport millions of Jews required huge internment camps; Trump’s plan to deport 11 million Hispanics will require even larger internment camps (concentrations camps).

Hitler was the most militaristic person of his time; Trump calls himself the most militaristic person on the planet.

Hitler was willing to murder women and children to achieve his aims; Trump has said repeatedly that American soldiers must “take out” (murder) widows and orphans.

Hitler confiscated huge amounts of land and property from civilians; Trump is a huge fan of eminent domain, which allows the strong and rich to take land and property from civilians.

Hitler was not taken seriously despite the deranged things he said that he would do; Trump is not being taken seriously while saying similar deranged things on a daily basis.

Hitler had public rallies that were unprecedented for Germany; Trump has public rallies that are unprecedented for America.

Hitler was a fascist who believed that might makes right; Trump is a fascist who believes that might makes right, that winning is everything, that money and power and fame are what really matter.

So having won the presidential election …

Predictive Programming 


Heavy predictive programming from 1958, talking about a conman called Trump arriving out of nowhere and proclaiming to be a saviour by building a wall. “Like sheep the people ran towards the slaughterhouse”. Heavy Saturn-Moon and Freemasonic pyramid symbolism too. 

was first aired on 9th May 1958. From that date to Trump’s election victory on 9th November (9/11…cough) 2016 was 3052 weeks apart. 3052+2503=5555. 5555+5x5x5x5=6180+0816=6996. The orbiting speed of Saturn is 9.69km/s. 969+9x6x9=1455+5541=6996. The three pivotal numbers of the Saturn Matrix – 969, 6996, and 5555.

In addition, the tv series ‘Trackdown’ was first broadcast on October 4th 1957. OCTOber (8) in the Roman calendar was the 8th month, and 8/4 is the 216th day of the year (6x6x6). The final episode was broadcast on September 23rd 1959. Remember all that heavy 9/23 encoding in films and tv a couple of years ago”? 

Donald Trump:was 70 Years, 7 Months And 7 Days Old on His First Full Day in Office and  this would happen during year 5777 on the Hebrew calendar. Being the 45th President of the United States

Unknown.jpegimages.jpeg  This is an excellent video

But looking closely at the Times Cover, Trump is seated on his own throne, did you notice the symbology?

a Fleur de Lis …

: #000000″>Twiggie Truth,  John Pitre, Neil Simpson.   Sources From the $500,000 left by Trump’s rags-to-riches grandad to an Astor’s cruel instructions for his child-bride – the wills of tens of millions of Americans are posted online.