(United) to save the world


A song calling activists of all stripes and colors to unite to save the world, to preserve the future for our children, and for all living things by singer / songwriter Kate Magdalena Willens.  

Produced and recorded by Jeff Martin, Studio E, Sebastopol, CA
Copyright 2016, All Rights Reserved

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Twiggie, 2016 

A Song for Police to End Chemtrails

“Some artists are compelled to produce art because that’s what they do naturally. Others are compelled to bring their art into form when they are called upon by inner or outer circumstances. I think I would fall into this latter category. While I have always sang, as well as written poetry for many years, it is only the circumstance of finding so much that needs attention in the outer world that has led to me writing and recording songs of protest now” Kate Magdalena Wilens

 A Song for Police to End Chemtrails 

A tourism jingle from 1984, beloved by Ontarians, to awaken the Police to protect our skies. Sung by Kate Magdalena Willens 

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Twiggie, 2016

America The Once So Beautiful 

The beautiful Kate Magdelena has recently recorded “America The Once So Beautiful” which addresses geo-engineering and raises awareness to this ongoing blight on humanity which is in full stream.    There is a dissenting view online that says Chemtrails are not real. And that they are a natural phenomenon caused by plane travel called contrails. However these people are either disillusioned or paid up members of the dis-information brigade. Because governments are paying people to spread dis-information and challenge “alternative views” online.

Contrails are: “artificial clouds that are the visible trails of condensed water vapour made by the exhaust of aircraft engines. As the hot exhaust gases cool in the surrounding air they may precipitate a cloud of microscopic water droplets which form a vapour trail.
And this is what the government would like you to believe is what aeroplanes are leaving behind in the sky. But alas dis-information & propoganda are one of the best tools of worldwide government. Because most people believe the government doesnt lie.

The lyrics were written by Dr. J. Marvin Herndon, the nuclear physicist who published his recent paper on coal fly ash as the base for the chemtrail cocktail emitted from jets, (see http://nuclearplanet.com/ijerph-original.pdf),

Dr Herndon has quite successfully juxtaposed the patriotic fervor of the tune with the appalling reality unfolding globally in our skies.

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Bluer than Blue – A Geo-Engineering Protest Song

The beautiful voice of Stardust Healing, ​Kate Magdalena Willens, an environmental activist and singer-songwriter, releases her second song about geo-engineering. “Bluer Than Blue” looks with longing and nostalgia to the deep blue skies of yesteryear, comparing them to the ‘gummy, crummy’ skies that we see today.


‘Bluer Than Blue’ sings out the sky as the fragile shell of our earth, not a military zone, but rather “the amniotic sac of our earthly home”, which we breathe “with every breath we take”.  This new song joins Kate’s first song about geoengineering, “Up Up in the Sky“, both of which are songs of awakening, and calls to save the earth.  Kate hopes that you will embed the song on your web site, and share it widely through your blogs and social networks.

The song features the amazing Kate Magdalena on vocals and guitar, Jeff Martin on 12 string guitar and moog bass, and Kim Atkinson on rebolo tan tan drums, triangle, and shaker.  It was recorded at “Studio E”, Sebastopol, CA.

You can make contact with kate via her website.

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