Gucci’s Fall/ Winter 2017/18 Michele’s Gucci Cyborgs were meant to represent “a figure that can overcome the dualism and dichotomy of identity,” according to the notes, which quoted Donna Haraway’s 1984 essay “A Cyborg Manifesto.”

The show took place in a room made to look like a hospital operating room, inside Gucci’s headquarters in a converted aeronautical factory.

Creative Director Alessandro Michele appeared to be aiming for shock, horror and bizarrely awe. The unnerving and eerie hospital scene combined with the creation of the Gucci aesthetics or known as the Gucci cyborgs of small dragons and model head replicas was rather creepy.

“The concept of the operating room reflects the work of a designer — the act of cutting, splicing and reconstructing materials and fabrics to create a new personality and identity with them,” a tweet from Gucci explained.

Paradoxical Creatures

Dragons,Chameleons and snakes.

As Gucci points out, the utilisation of a dragon, or a mysterious creature, stems from the “Legend of the baby dragon in the jar,” which details the story of an author who staged finding a small dragon in his Oxfordshire (England) garage.

One eye symbolism

Michele introduced the “Cyborg Gucci” in the Autumn/Winter 2018/19 collection, a concept inspired by Donna Haraway’s 1984 essay A Cyborg Manifesto, which blurs the lines between machines, humans and animals.

The collection included a wild mix of cultures and symbols, from a pagoda hat to a balaclava, a classic burgundy velvet dress to a gold lurex jacket, fine lace to the logo of the New York Yankees.


This practice ultimately draws inspiration from cephalophores, referring to a saint who is depicted carrying its own head.

Why severed heads? According to Michele, they were about accepting oneself and “looking after your head and thoughts.”

What only can be described as comedy gimp masks

Fashion is in love with art like never before. From clothing design to catwalk show art direction, major labels to boutique houses, the word of fashion is falling over itself to involve important names from a diverse range of the visual arts. Gucci teaming with Michele and Ignasi Monreal – whom will he team up with next ? It’s hardy surprising — after all what is fashion if not wearable art, oh and let’s not forget the global web ..

We have Chanel emoji,Grindr emoji and of course, Kimojis, but Gucci has just become the first brand to make custom animoji.

Based on the brand’s Creative Director Alessandro Michele’s Boston terriers, Bosco and Orso, the animoji take inspiration from paintings by Gucci collaborator Unskilled Worker and come complete with a striped collar and custom Gucci-branded dog tag.

This release comes just after Gucci dropped a Year of the Dog capsule collection to celebrate Chinese New Year.