“Creating a visually beautiful doll is very right-brain challenging,” says Matt McMullen, founder of the firm behind it ReallDoll. “Creating an AI, on the other hand, is a whole other side of your brain, because you start analysing what is it that attracts you to someone.”

RealDoll inventor reveals you can rip off the face of his sexbot to swap it for a new one – and says it will even change its ‘personality’

Harmony, when completed, will recognise her owners’ face, voice and desires. While most AI personal assistants we chat to today—Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, Amazon’s Echo—hire writers to ensure their responses are charming but always professional, Matt McMullen is trying to exploit the developments in speech recognition to create an AI whose main aim is to get you mentally and physically excited. A doll that can think for itself and will learn more about you as your relationship develops, while also satisfying your sexual urges.

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The AI programmers insist that they are trying to create dolls that have a positive outcome and that their owners are better off by having the dolls around.

In 2016 Vice published an article called Is RealDoll Close to Delivering Its Promised AI Sex Robots?

The piece probed whether the company, which says it creates “the world’s finest love dolls,” would be updating the dolls to make them world-leading relationship-bots.

They already sell life-size sex dolls with a poseable polyvinyl chloride skeleton with steel joints and silicone flesh, which are sold across the world.

The idea is that the sexbot heads can be added to existing RealDolls using an adapter.

But, the firm is also working to develop new, heated bodies equipped with accelerometers and sensors that would allow them to respond to touches, and even move.

Matt McCullen the owner of Realbotix has been selling both male and female sex dolls for almost 20 years. During the 2018 CES Tech Show he stated that now that Realbotix has already created a female sex robot, they are set to release the male equivalent soon.

Ewwwwww … in a British gutter trash article the Daily Star online, they have reported that a demand for a male sex robot is “skyrocketing”.

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