This is a recap of the Q & A session on the Fact or Fiction channel with esteemed astrophysicist Dr Brian Koberlein of the Rochester Institute of Technology. Dr. Koberlein is chief lecturer, writes for Forbes, and has co-authored a textbook on astrophysics. He has written numerous peer-reviewed papers on the subject. Amateur astronomer and scientist Dr. Scott Ferguson of Astronomy Live also takes part with some models and additional information…

Here is a quick reference guide of topics addressed. Question and Answer Reference Guide 00:00 Introduction to astrophysicist Dr Brian Koberlein

01:50 Lunar transit explained

06:40 Effects of a brown dwarf in our solar system

08:00 Would a brown dwarf have solar wind?

08:25 Orbital perturbations of a brown dwarf

09:30 Would a brown dwarf be visible?

10:25 Coronal holes explained

14:15 Infrared light emissions

17:00 Particle beam (unaware of theory)

17:20 Are Sun halos a giant planet?

20:30 Is there a “sun simulator?”

22:45 Accessibility of public data

27:20 The search for Planet 9

28:30 Is the Sun going dark?

32:55 Is there a problem with Earth’s magnetosphere?

33:40 Planet 9 / Planet X history

36:35 Moon phases

40:30 Do coronal holes cause earthquakes?

40:55 What is the Electric Universe Theory?

48:10 Have the constellations changed?

51:30 An astrophysicists thoughts on Nibiru

53:25 An astrophysicists thoughts on “a physicist’s thoughts”

54:45 Would “the physicist’s” white papers pass peer review?

58:20 Conclusion: Dr Koberlein’s websites and contact info.