Nibiru / Planet X / Wormwood / Blue Kachina / Red Kachina ….. whatever you wish to call it only exists on the Internet … it forms part of the Psyop created to brainwash folks into believing that a planet / star will or is sweeping through our Solar System.   If this was happening – we would see the effects.

These fear mongers who exist on the Internet consist of Religious Cults / Criminal You Tuber Channels and Fake / Alternative news institutions and websites.  ALL of WHOM have one Agenda … they want your MONEY!

Here is a simulation of a such object entering our Solar System … seriously, if you have a loved one who is being brainwashed by such nefarious internet fear mongers, show them this video.   It will help enormously.

Simulating a Large Nibiru or Brown Dwarf object entering our Solar System by

Space Weather