Further to my recent blog and vlog discussing Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall’s claim as to being Jesus Christ returned, in which, I discovered that Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall had made a claim that his stepdaughters daughter, Trinity born 11th August 1999 during a Solar Eclipse was his mother Mary, Mary being Jesus Christ’s mother back in 2010.   This year, Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall uploaded another video to You Tube, where he now stated that his daughter Nicole was Mary Mother of Jesus.

In this video you will now hear a snippet, from an video entitled “Jesus is a Nazi”.   In this snippet, the reason for the change is briefly discussed, make of it what you may, to me it speaks volumes.  

Brian now claims that his stepdaughters daughter (granddaughter) born in 1999 who was the Reincarnated Mother Mary was a DECOY because “they” had already killed his son, and he was frightened that they may kill Nicole.   

So …. having heard this, I am shocked somewhat …. so if we are to believe HIStory, that his son was killed by The Powers That Be, he BEING ‘GOD’ placed little regard on his granddaughters life in 2010, when she was a baby

SURELY, IF HE WAS THAT CONCERNED …. he could of said nothing – HE COULD OF KEPT STUM … after all …. if you are to believe what he has said, he put the life of an innocent baby girl in peril …. and as it turns out … his words …. the baby was a decoy!

Twiggie, 2017