At least 22 people – including children – are dead and 59 more injured after a suicide bomber targeted youngsters leaving a packed pop concert at Manchester Arena on 22nd May, 2017 in Britain’s worst terror attack since 7/7.


The Arena is served by Victoria Station, which is just beside it, the Victoria approach road links the Arena and Station. To the front of the Arena is Victoria Street, and it runs between the Arena and Manchester Cathedral, formerly known as The Cathedral and Collegiate of Saint Mary, SAINT GEORGE and Saint Deny.

“Queen Victoria was born on May 24, 1819, May 24 this year will be the 198 anniversary of her birth, so on May 23, 2017, the 198th anniversary of the eve of her birth, the world will wake up to this horrendous massacre” Sandra Barr

The attack happened at Adriane Grande’s Dangerous Woman Tour at Manchester Arena.



Ariana Grande-Butera  (born June 26, 1993) known as Ariana Grande in Simple gematria is 93.    She was born 5 days after Prince William’s 11th Birthday.

She Began her career in the Broadway musical 13  which is the number of the Sacred Feminine, her character was Charlotte, which just happens to be the name of little Prince George’s sister.   She then went onto a Major TV as  Cat Valentine in Victorious.

“Ariana is also latin and it means Holy one.   According to researcher Sandra Barr, the 22nd May’s evening ritual was in close proximity to a Cathedral that was dedicated to Prince George.  His ancestor Queen Victoria is named on all sides of the Arena (See map) and of course the Holy one was on Stage.

Every ritual requires water and coincidentally the River Irk runs past the Arena and Cathedral and under Victoria Station … it then meanders on its merry way past MIDDLETON.

Last year, on May 23, 2016, Ariana Grande announced on social media that she would go on tour at the end of 2016 or early 2017.  On September 9, 2016, Grande released the dates for the first leg of the tour, beginning on February 3, 2017




There is something about the number

Coincidentally …


Norway attack 22nd July 2011

Lee Rigby Murder 22nd May 2013

Brussels Attack 22nd March 2016

Munich Attack 22nd July 2016

London Westminster Attack 22nd March 2017

Manchester Arena Attack 22nd May 2017

22nd May is the 142nd day of the year with 223 days remaining.   223 mirrored/reversed is 322.

322 Representing Skull & Bones, the Satanic Secret Society operating out of Yale University that produces so many prominent political and corporate EL-ite names on the world stage.

The London “terrorist attack” on Westminster Bridge in 2017 was carried out on 22nd March, which is 3/22, or 322 Skull & Bones.

You think that is a coincidence? read on …

ariana grande



The reported bomb attack in Manchester came at the end of a pop concert by US singer Ariana Grande.

Source: BBC

The explosions are supposed to have occurred at 10.30 just as Ariana Grande had finished performing.  Prior to this evening, I haven’t got the dickens who she is, but it took me less than five minutes to realise she has all the tell-tale signs of being MK ultra.

The Saturn cult (God of the Jews) is engrained into nearly every aspect of our life, yet the true significance of Saturn can be found within secret societies and in the deepest underpinnings of religion.

Ariana Grande Dangerous Woman in Full Reduction and KV Full gematria is 119. In Reverse Sumerian it is 2634. 2634+4362=6996. 

Ariana Grande’s Dangerous Woman Tour at Manchester Arena in Single Reduction gematria is 234. 234+432=666.

Ariana Grande is Jewish gematria is 269

Dark Horse 269

Dark Knight 269

Ariana Grande in Simple gematria is 93.

Saturn in Simple gematria is 93

Ariana Grande Manchester in Satanic gematria is 969.

9.69km/s is the orbiting speed of Saturn

Ariana Grande Manchester Arena in Jewish Reduced gematria is 119, or 9/11 inverted.

Ariana Grande Manchester Arena in English gematria is 1428.


Flip to 6996


Ariana Grande Manchester Arena terror attack in Chaldean gematria is 119, or 9/11 inverted.

Ariana Grande Manchester Arena terror attack in Jewish gematria is 1368.

1368+8631=9999. Flip/inverted to 9669/6996

Ariana Grande Manchester Arena terrorist attack in ALW Kabbalah gematria is 534.


Ariana Grande Manchester terror attack in English gematria is 2094.



Initially, reports from Manchester stated that 19 people were killed.  Disasters like these always return back to the 1 and 9.  These are Saturn Death Cult rituals.

There is much speculation online, that Ariana is an Illuminati Puppet.   Delving a little deeper, aforementioned certainly appears as such.

Illuminati Puppet



Arian Grande, wearing a kitty mask.  Masks are representative of multiple personalities in monarch programming. The fact that it’s a kitten should be enough in and of itself to show she has been/is under Beta programming

Beta programming is a type of monarch programming that removes all personal, internal values, morals, and ideas about sex altogether, and creates a whole new persona that can be triggered by any number of things.



Ariana in cat ears (beta programming trigger). She’s also in a shirt with a cat on it. Cat. Kitten. Sex kitten.

Get it? Good. 


To symbolise her going through this, she is constantly portrayed as or dressed in black and white and hyper-sexualised. In this context, the black and white represents the concept of duality, a mixing of good and evil through light and dark. Duality holds its place as a common theme throughout many religions and cults, and often, it is a celebration of both extremes of good and evil in human nature- especially in conjunction. Because of this, it is also a standard in monarch programming.

 References to both Monarch Mind Control and the All Seeing Eye

Miss Grande is certainly superstitious … back in 2013 is stated that she was confronted by supernatural demons. ‘We went to this haunted castle and were so excited,’ Ariana told Complex magazine. ‘The next night we wanted to go to Stull Cemetery, which is known as one of the seven gates to hell on Earth. The Pope won’t fly over it.’

Back in 2014 she  joined Kabbalah and rejected the Catholic faith of her youth because of the church’s stance on her brother’s homosexuality, SpongeBob Squarepants and Harry Potter, amongst other things. The “Problem” singer talked about her entry into Kabbalah — the cult of Jewish mysticism that has lured other high-profile stars like Ashton Kutcher and Madonna — and slammed the church in recent interviews.

No doubt plenty more will come out via their controlled mainstream Zio-media in the coming days, in the midst of a General EL-ection “campaign”, naturally, but please be under no illusions as to the real force and agenda at work behind all of this.  Rothschild Zionism, and the Zionist Greater Israel Project, all collectively feeding into the wider New World Order agenda for total human enslavement.

Many thanks for Neil Simpson for his enlightenment and dedication.

Sources and interesting further reading

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Is Ariana Grande in the Illuminati?… Yes.

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