Raymond Elwood Howard-Lear believes he is the ‘Returned Christ’, namely Lord RayEL, Lord ra-el, not to be confused with the other UFO Cult Ra-el.  According to ‘Imperial Regent’ Angelus Domini /Alan Douglas a new film shortly to be released is a new telling of his Lord’s history.  The film is called ‘Arthur the Legend of the Sword’.

According to the Ecumenical Order of Christ Raymond Elwood Howard-Lear in his last reincarnation on Earth was King Arthur (This is the reason he speaks with a pathetic English).  However, history states that Arthur was in fact Welsh, therefore the dialect would have been considerably different.

This film is written and directed by Guy Ritchie.  His Arthur is very different from the historical records which at best are somewhat sketchy.  Charlie Hunnam plays a rough-and-tumble Arthur who grew up in the streets, only to discover that his birthright was stolen from him.   So Angelus, is this true,  IS THIS THE NEW TELLING OF THE STORY ? Apparently this version is based on the romantic rubbish of the 15th Century French writer Chretien de Troyes and peddled on behalf of the German Royal Dynasty.

Daniele Cybulski, a medieval scholar concludes that despite the many, many histories that “prove” that Arthur was definitely this or that – tenacious Briton, Roman military man, leader of hunky Sarmatians – the evidence is pretty thin. The debate around Arthur’s existence as a real king, believe it or not, is not exclusive to the modern era, or even the Arthur-obsessed Victorian era. As William Caxton’s preface to Malory’s Le Morte Darthur bears out, even in the fifteenth century, people could be found on both sides of the debate.

So why hasn’t Raymond Elwood Howard-Lear revealed secrets from the Dark Ages, if he is as claimed, the reincarnated King Arthur?

Ooooo I know …. Cause it’s another epic fairytale.

According to former Nuncio, Carter Davis, in his interview he mentioned briefly the Arthurian tale.   Consequently, Carter saw through this scam back in 2012.  In his interview he said …

Angelus had me fishing through Arthurian tales and legends. Naturally Angelus revealed himself as Merlin, Arthur’s wizard and chief advisor. He told me that the New Kingdom would be the restored Camelot with many old characters playing out familiar roles.

The Prime Cleric for example had been Morgan La Fey, Arthur’s half-sister and Merlin’s protégé in the world of wizarding. Pervious to being caught up in all this, the Prime Cleric had been a Wiccan High Priestess 

This I find highly amusing, as the writer is constantly threatened by members of the Clergy to be burnt at a stake for being a Witch and their former Prime Cleric was Wiccan.  According to Ex-Priestess Elaine Elliot, Current Vicar General Kelly Patrick is an Ex OTO high priestess.  The reason for the threat levied is because of exposing the Cult by the way of this blog and Facebook Group False Prophets Exposed.  Carter Davis agreed to answer further questions following Angelus announcement …

TT what can you tell me about the when Arthurian Story as Alan Douglas has referred to Lear being Arthur again. ? 

CD Wow, that is a bit convoluted. Angelus was Merlin, Lear was Arthur, The Prime Cleric was Morgana, I was Sir Cai (Kay), Austin Self was was Percival (or Tristan, I forget which), Andre Queen was Mordred. 

Morgana was Arthur’s half sister, I was Arthur’s half brother, retainer, Senchal of Camelot, best friend and First Knight of the Round Table. 

Morgana and Merlin were secret lovers, Morgana and I were not so secret lovers. Mordred was the bastard child of Morgana and Arthur.  My wife’s name was Androvette (here is where it started getting dangerous in real life as Morgana and Cai successfully plotted and executed Androvette’s murder). Morgana “went along” with Merlin to get his powers and secret knowledge, Merlin and Cai were best friends, warriors and “stick-men” of some renown. Mordred murdered Arthur and Cai in battle. Morgana was with us when we died and interred us both in Avalon. If you understand this, ANY of this, please explain it to me, it still gives me a migraine

TT okay, so what year was this and who gave you this information? 

CD Angelus, until I came along. This was 6th Century England, Angelus had me research nothing. I did this on my own, too far down the rabbit hole for me and it was starting to take a dark turn.. The Prime Cleric  fancied herself as Morgan le Fay BEFORE joining up with Lear. Ole Sir Stupid here felt honor bound to fix all of this so guess what”.  

So According to Carter The former Prime Cleric (pc) was Morgan La Fey in her mystic version of history and it is his opinion that Lear picked up on that and used it to ensnare her into the Cult.

CD “Angelus/Merlin then told me that he was trying to engage the Prime Cleric (PC) as his “consort”. I mentioned that this had turned out badly for him the first time, but by this time Angelus and I had become “friends” and he confided in me that this was working out just fine. The PC, by this time was my neighbor and confirmed this with me. He also pointed out that I had a very important role in the “New Kingdom”, I was in fact the reincarnation of Sir Kay (Cai), Arthurs half-brother, and Seneschal (essentially head of security” and Arthurs bodyguard) in Camelot and First Knight (of the Round Table). 

He really began to stretch things though when he implied that I was also one of the 12 original Apostles (James) of Yeshua’s (Jesus) first ministry on earth. He then told me that both the PC and I were also children of Anu and the brother and sister of Enlil. I then asked Domini if that made me Enki and he said no, but I was another “brother” who would play a critical role in the establishment of the new kingdom.”  

TT So this “story” was all word of mouth … No  evidence was given to back up this, just recollections of past Life regression by the PC and the words of Angelus Domini? 

CD Physical evidence of a fantasy? Neat trick, no this was ‘Tales to Astonish’.    This is why I revile all dark magic and became a follower of the Christ last year. I know the reality of evil this is why I believe it has a Nephilim taint in it too.

Twiggie Truth, 2017

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