No one is born hating another person because of the color of their skin, their gender, their sexual orientation, their background, or their religion. People must learn NOT to hate, as that is how society destroys us. Imagine if we all had the same trust and love in our hearts as we did when we were children?


Hatred of the sacred feminine runs deep: from creating the idea that Lilith was a Succabus, the blaming of Eve for original sin and tarring Mary Magdalene as a prostitute, to centuries of persecution of witches.  Now we can add, the Ecumenical Order of Christs narrative …

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The Teachings of the Ecumenical Order of Christ whom believe that a ‘dead man‘ whose legacy was being a ‘wife beater’ and failed politician, former demigod Raymond Lear was the Returned Christ.   This organisation has always maintained that they support the female of the species and that everybody is equal in their organisation.

Here are some quotations from The Gospel of Angelus Domini which highlights attitudes towards women.

 “If he had your consent, he could of slept with the entire Dallas Cowboy Cheerleading Squad” (referring to Raymond Lear, the Returned Christ)
“when a girl is 17 she is deemed untouchable … 18 and she can make porno movies”

“You force girls to wait until they are fertile to become sexual (unlike any other animal specifies)”

“Your grandfathers generation always took their sons to houses of prostitution to get their sons educated by older women, who could teach them, without the risks of getting them pregnant”

“2000 years ago our Lord fell in love with a prostitute, yet for most of the time, since then, the Christian church has been corrupting and guilting people into believing that chaste virginity is the way of the christ.”

“Physical prostitution – giving sexual favours in exchange for money, goods and services” This is perfectly acceptable

“A prostitute gives of herself to bring pleasure to others” Is deemed to be first in line to be accepted in The New Kingdom, along with tax collectors.

After reading through the Gospel of Angelus Domini, in reference to prostitutes and sex if anything, the conversations which follow are in contradiction to the praise heaped on women of that proffesion in ADs Gospel.   Whilst it states that prostitutes will be the first to enter heaven and gives an explanation as to why, to follow you will see that in contrast women have been demonised for flirting, batting their eyelashes and bawdy conversations in ladies toilets (according to ‘Sam the Man’)


It is quite obvious that they cannot make their minds up.   This was posted in the International Congregation of Lord RayEL on 23rd September 2016.

Posted by ‘Imperial Regent’ Alan Douglas in The International Congregation of Lord RayEL Facebook Group

As far as I am concerned this is a direct attack on all women, Grandmothers, Mothers, daughters, Sisters and ‘Imperial Regent’ Alan Douglas is showing his true opinion and hatred of women.  The lack of support and respect for women was further highlighted by Clergy turning their cheek and ignoring this DISGUSTING statement, truly showing there LOW opinion of womenkind.  Even Cardinal Samantha Kennedy, the fucking nutter, to say she is a Lesbian, her views on women are fucking twisted.   Haven’t women throughout the ages been demonised, burnt at the stake for being no more than midwives and healers. Yes this cult are showing their true colours now.  

Its hardly surprising really when his ‘Lord’ is famed for the cruel kidnap of his ex-girlfriend, and then beating her.  Not once but TWICE and being convicted for doing so.   Oh and Lear also pimping young girls/women as prostitutes. Using them as sex objects in his raunch magazine.   This alone is vindication that their ‘Lord’ is demonic.   Oh, lets not forget he also used them as chattel.  Escorts for his various businesses and also at his gambling establishments.

So really this is just the icing on the cake!   Let me just remind you that the Escort Business is not only SINFUL, but also dangerous.  An Escort can just be a fancy word for a prostitute or  prostitution and their ‘handlers’ are pimps and sex offenders and often have forced these girls into a career of debaunchery.    Notwithstanding, it is one of the oldest professions and some women actually enjoy and make a healthy living out of it.  But, often girls come from broken homes and have suffered from sexual, emotional or physical abuse most notably in their childhood.    Many too have drug dependicies and the whole experience is reported to be demeaning, one of exploitation and hardship.

The ideal women in the Congregation are like Deacon Harr, non questioning, submissive;(daddy dom) issues, loves a dummy etc, Samantha Kennedy who believes she is John The Apostle and barks threats via her You Tube videos or the weeping oh so Virgin Mary, Caridnal Kelly Patrick, plucking up to the Camera, scantily dressed giving testimonies on how this ‘Lord’ saved her life again via You Tube. (Time to chuck up….)

So it’s interesting that Alan Douglas in his sweeping statement, suggests such.   So little in the Bible shows the influence of women, yet it has been women who have kept many Churches going over the centuries. It has been women who have demonstrated their faith, and yet, much of what is written about women in the Bible is by men trying to suppress and oppress them with so many rules towards their appearance and behaviors that they cannot win one way or the other, which is further medievally emphasised above by Alan Douglas.


I just want to add a comment regarding Eve: How is she responsible for the original sin of disobedience when she had no knowledge of right or wrong, good or evil? According to the story she was literally a babe in the woods with no information or skills to protect herself from being led astray (likewise Adam). I would say, based on logic, that “God” was not a very good parent and like many bad parents he abused his children for his own mistakes.

Regarding Eve our Mother …


She was the product of divine creation


Eve was not born as other women are born. She was never a baby, never a child or daughter or maiden. The first female born was Eve’s daughter.  Gullibility, now that is rich coming from the International Congregation of Lord RayEL.    Eve was “fashioned” out for Adam, fashioned by Men, reportedly  a perfect woman in her innocence.   I would argue here that God in love gave Adam a commandment, even before Eve was created (2:15-17). “Then the Lord God took the man and put him into the Garden of Eden to cultivate it and keep it”.   This he failed to do so.   Adam  didn’t help. He didn’t refute the false assumptions and hypothesis that Satan offered.   SATAN DID NOT CHOOSE WOMEN AS HIS PRIMARY TOOL TO BRING DOWN THE FALL OF MANKIND.   THAT WAS MAN!

“The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost? What happened to their mother? They killed their mother and now she is a ghost.” Jeffrey Armstrong.

Females have been portrayed and were expected to be more lusty and base, because they were impure and drawn to the pure male. (I still have trouble with the idea of a pure man). Added to that, the church’s views on women were often conflicting. They were seen as both descendant of Eve – the sinner, and the embodiment of The Virgin Mary – the pure.  They were expected to aspire to be like the Virgin Mother – Chaste – while providing a man with children. Wow! I don’t know what idiot came up with that one, but that’s impossible to achieve for us lesser mortals.

Furthermore, women, their voices and their important roles were edited out of the official Bible by the Early Church Fathers. There are many non-canonical texts, such as The Gospel of Mary, that paint a very different picture of early Christian women and their role in early Christianity.   But hey ho … that is past …

Women have been persecuted for the last 2000 years by self serving arrogant PRICKS.

So behold… Alan Douglas goes further on to say.



I am surprised he didn’t throw in

A woman should learn in quietness and full submission. I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man; she must be quiet. For Adam was formed first, then Eve. And Adam was not the one deceived; it was the woman who was deceived and became a sinner.” (1 Timothy 2:11-14)

These quotes and attitudes go on an on, throughout Christian theology, Christianity is the ultimate triumph of the patriarchy over nature-based traditions that revered the divine as feminine.  Before Europe colonised others, it was itself colonised by Christianity, its traditions destroyed and its wise strong women burnt at the stake as witches.

And if Sammy Kennedy had her way, by her own words she would burn the writer for exposing their antics.

The Catholic Church carried out the witch hunts in Europe killing hundreds and thousands of women to exterminate women healers and spiritual women who were alternate sources of spiritual nurture. The same messages of the powerful women as the evil witch and the good girl as the damsel in distress are projected in Disneyfied modernity.

okay… let’s just back up here a tad.

There are 93 women who speak in the Bible, 49 of whom are named   These women speak a total of 14,056 words collectively — roughly 1.1 percent of the total words in the holy book.  These are the findings of the Rev. Lindsay Hardin Freeman, an Episcopal priest whom  embarked on an unprecedented project: to count all the words spoken by women in the Bible.  Some of the biblical women are prominent and well-known, like Jesus’ mother, Mary, who utters just 191 words. Mary Magdalene says 61 words, while Sarah, the wife of Abraham, says 141. Many of the female characters in the Bible go through what Freeman called “tremendous trauma,” and have largely been silenced over the centuries.

What??? The “good book” not only treats but advocates treating women like chattel? Like second hand citizens? (And THAT’S being KIND).

The Bible was written by men largely for men, and women’s contributions are scattered pretty thinly throughout (See above).    The Bible is also a text that has had massive cultural impact, from the Sistine Chapel to Handel’s Messiah. Engaging the text isn’t a waste of time, no matter what you believe. It’s a story of human struggles, prejudices, and progress. It’s part of our tradition, as much as the Odyssey or the Iliad. People continue to draw meaning from these stories, and they give us insight into the beliefs and practices of people thousands of years ago.

Our true history has suffered 2,000 years of corruption.  Our REAL history was stolen and contrived to give a certain group of families control over politics, war and finance. These ‘families’ also created the three major religions, Judaism, Roman Christianity and Islam.

A nice quote here …

“It’s almost as if the Bible were written by racist, sexist, homophobic, violent, sexually frustrated men instead of a loving God. Weird.” –Ricky Gervais

These three abrahamic faiths have spent 2000 years suppressing the 3 Truths and the result has been to move us closer and closer to the Great Global Destruction rather than continue with a Constant Global Renewal.  We must teach the 3 Truths! We carry and birth all the sons and daughters.

1) We are all One Humanity and any child can be brought up into any culture/language/religion and belief system Our Minds are NOT stronger than our Oneness.

2) We are all born Naked and no person should be ashamed, cover up, become invisible to behaved toward inappropriately for being seen.

3) We are all born Equal. The sun shines on All Things. The rain falls on All Things. We share the same water, soil, air.

This post, it is believed came about because a Clergy’s partner started to ask questions as regards to their doctrine which is encouraged, because lets remember they are not a cult!.

Question posed to ‘Imperial Regent’ Alan Douglas


Question posed to Prime Cleric Richard Ruff

Neither of these questions were answered.

Remember they state they are not a Cult.

This lady was then demonised for asking questions.  Her partner, a senior deacon, defended her honour and in doing so,was too removed from the Clergy and his posts deleted, as dissent is not to be tolerated, which I have written about before.

We would further add, that Teresa later changed her profile and included (Sucabus) after bing called one!




The word “Succubus” originates from the late 14th century.   Yes, we are back to the Medieval Mindset again!

According to Zohar and the Alphabet of Ben SiraLilith was Adam‘s first wife who later became a succubus.   She was not made from Adam but was made equal to him. He had sex way before Eve. Lilith wanted to be on top Adam refused and she left the garden of Eden.





Lord RayEL Exposed, have screen shots of all the posts., and much of this timeline was doctored and reposted on the thread later on to fit the cults directive.  Out too came the fake ‘clergy’ profiles  in support of the cult leaders.









Wisdom by doing research ! isn’t this what Teresa was doing ? 

Statement From ‘Cardinal’ Kennedy – a woman who believes shes John The Apostle

This was deleted by Cult




Shane’s commented deleted

Later, as you can see the lady was called a succabus by Prime Cleric and Chief Torah Code Fudger Richard Ruff, then ridiculously inserted one of his silly Torah Code predictions.

What an idiot ! Not a week has passed and the senior clergy where using this Torah Code as a global apocalyptic Catastrophe – warning those silly enough to listen to their inane claptrap that we were going to die ! One poor soul has revealed that he has loaned them (cult) $50k – makes you wonder whether this was on the back of such nonsense.

YET ANOTHER EPIC PROPHESY FAIL. by Moses!   THe chap that Teresa directed her questions at.

This bullshit cult .. has reached an all-time low.   They preach Love God, Love Each Other whilst demonising all those whom question their doctrine, which to be fair … is rather fucking dodgy and their story with regards to Lear is an epic fairy tale.

I would never recommend that women should be like men in any way. By our very nature we bring a new and unique perspective to so many issues. I have never considered myself a women’s libber either, but maybe I am. The Lord RayEL Team, both male and female have been totally  saddened by the recent statements directed at women.    This CULT cannot but help inflict violence on others.



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