Raymond Elwood Howard Lear believes that he is the Returned Christ, Isa and Moshiach and has used these titles since 2011.  However, it my belief, from the evidence investigated that Raymond Elwood Howard Lear played at being an ‘Internet God’ during 2007-2011.

The years leading up to 2012 were that of heightened hysteria as thus coincided with the Mayan Calendar hype.  Many were convinced that the world was going to end which was being fed by a doomsday prophecy.   Whether, this was by the ‘mythical Planet X, named also Nibiru, Wormwood, Hercolombus, Blue/Red Kachina’ or some kind of catastrophic Armageddon scenario caused by a Pole Shift, or that time would cease to exist. What you will read shortly, is the contents of a website that was made for a ‘God’ whom was going to save those whom donated to his cause!.  This ‘god’ was going to help those whom he selected via email / and after they had donated to his cause and thus selected, they were to live through this End Time.  This demigod arrived on the scene and was named Leraël.

As quick as he arrived, he disappeared …. then it is my belief that the character known as ‘Lord RayEL’ was created, the handler again being Angelus Domini.

What follows is a duplicate of a website, information from this site was shared on all Social Media platforms from 2007-2010/11.  The website, was written like a biography, it consisted of a questions and answers section and it mirrors the design that of the Holy and Apostolic Order of the Temple (Lord RayEL, Ra-el’s website).

(Parenthesis by the writer will highlight similarities with the Cult associated with Lord RayEL and highlighted in red).   Consider also when reading this website is that this  ‘God’ also had a ‘handler’.   From extensive research I can identify that this handler was indeed Angelus Domini, ‘Imperial Regent’ and Knights Templar to Raymond Elwood Howard Lear (Lord RayEL).

In 2007-2010 The website was called A GOD HAS COME 

You can access the site by clicking on the following link which has been archived by the Waybackmachine.   http://web.archive.org/web/20100324134751/http://www.freewebs.com/agodhascome/kingdom.html

From this online record, the site was live from 24 October 2007.   It was  saved 11 times and in use until March 24, 2010.  I must reiterate that all this information can be found in the public domain.

Copy of Website with Parenthesis 

How you can enter the New Kingdom
The simple answer is 100% commitment. For Leraël’s mission to succeed, we have to build the facility that will carry us all through the apocalyptic event that is near… very near.

Some quick scripture about the coming of the Dark Star Nibiru.

Isaiah 2:19
Men will flee to caves in the rocks and to holes in the ground from dread of the LORD and the splendor of his majesty, when he rises to shake the earth.
Isaiah 2:21
They will flee to caverns in the rocks and to the overhanging crags from dread of the LORD and the splendor of his majesty, when he rises to shake the earth.
Revelation 6:15
Then the kings of the earth, the princes, the generals, the rich, the mighty, and every slave and every free man hid in caves and among the rocks of the mountains.

There is a plethora of other scriptures from faiths ancient and modern around the world that describe the same cyclical catastrophe, not the least of which is the great “2012” Mayan calendar.

Governments are doing terrible things as we speak to depopulate the planet, and dumb-down the populace so everything is more manageable through the event. Martial Law is being implemented all over the globe (even in the U.S.). The United Nations has publicly admitted their plans to reduce the population from nearly 7 billion to a controllable 100 million (look it up), and they are going to use the coming events to help them fulfill this plan. Unless you are an important member of their inner-circle, you are not going to be saved by them. Major governments have already built massive underground facilities to hide in when the Dark Star arrives (again, look it up), but these facilities are built only to house the people the governments have already chosen, if you haven’t been contacted by now, they’re not planning on saving you.

And the sad truth is that without a trained community in a heavily protected environment, your chances of survival are less than zero… I’m sorry, but it’s the truth. This same event has wiped out civilization on this planet a number of times (read the ancient stories of indigenous people around the world). The only thing that has kept humanity going was the mercy of gods who took select people into underground caves to ride out these reoccurring events (as I’ve said before, look it up).

So, how can you be one of the survivors this time?

Under Leraël’s direction, facilities are being built that will carry a few thousand people through the apocalypse. The project is known as “Operation Phoenix”.

This is of course only a handful of people compared to the number that will perish exposed to the elements, but it is enough to keep humanity going.

On the other side of this terror is a brave new world that we will own.  The resources that once sustained 7 billion people will be shared among the few survivors. Just remember all of those doomsday movies you saw growing up, where civilization was wiped out, and a handful of people took whatever they wanted. Governments with the help of Hollywood have been showing us for years the stories of our future. They’ve known the truth for a very long time, but kept it hidden from us to avoid panic, yet they leaked it out through “science-fiction” as a way to signal the initiates of what was to come.

Scripture says that “there will be a new heaven and a new earth”. (The New Kingdom that The Ecumenical Order of Christ refers to is also Elysium) The ancients considered other populated and civilized planets to be “heavens”, and once the great cleansing occurs, the civilized “new earth” will be in fact, “a new heaven”. Scripture also speaks of heaven having “many mansions”. Would you like a mansion? how about a high-rise office building full of condominiums? how about a city block? it will be all yours for the taking if you can just survive through this event. What kind of car will you choose? how many? would you like a boat? how about a ship? or nearly anything else your heart desires… Suddenly it’s starting to sound like the heaven we’ve always been told about. A free and bountiful place filled only with the best of society that was selectively saved. And then we will be given a gift from our creators, a gift reserved for those that survived the final challenge… We will be granted immortality (Members of the Clergy of RayEL have been promised eternal life and new bodies), just as the scriptures have promised. The technology has existed for a very long time, but has been suppressed to avoid over population problems, once the population is fully reduced, the technology will be granted. We will finally evolve.

How do I get into Leraël’s kingdom?

You  must make a complete commitment to the new kingdom. If you have money, donate it. If you have property, donate it. If you have a service, donate it. If you have a capability, donate it…. (Instructions mirror that of The Ecumenical Order of Christ) Right now, any sane person is having a problem with what I just said. We all like our “stuff” and don’t want to give it away. I too had a problem with this at first, but a year from now if I’m dead, or in a martial-law prison camp, I lose everything anyway, and if you’ve done ANY research on what the “New World Order” leaders are doing, then you know my fears are justified. I really didn’t give away anything, as I look at it, I just invested in my future, a future that’s right around the corner.

Any large construction project needs money, it’s as simple as that. But those that donate their homes and other property, will be housed at the kingdom during its construction.

There is also a need for people that can provide necessary services to the kingdom: Engineers of all kinds, Scientists, Electricians, Plumbers, Doctors, Herbalists, Ceremonial Experts of all faiths, Soldiers, Sacred Prostitutes (male, female, transgendered).  (Refer to the Gospel of Angelus Domini – Prostitutes give of themselves to make others happy) General Laborers, and many others. Tell us what you can do, there may be a need for it.

As stated earlier, those who can contribute the most are given first preference, ONLY BECAUSE THEIR CONTRIBUTIONS PROVIDE FOR MORE PEOPLE TO BE SAVED, (Same philosophy as the EOC) that is the only reason. The second group is females of child bearing age (the hierodulai or sacred women who bring forth starfire), considering some repopulation will be eventually necessary. Third are young healthy men who can physically work for and protect the community, and finally some children between 8-13. There will be many exceptions to these general guidelines on a case by case basis, those wishing consideration should submit a request for consideration, preferably in computer video format, explaining why you should be considered for membership in the community. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that time is EXTREMELY short (JULY OF 2008 MAY BE THE INITIAL KILL OFF) and only so many can be accepted because of limited space and resources. If you are going to submit a request, you should do it quickly.

Leraël makes the final decision on the admittance of every person,which I’m sure you can understand is a terrible burden, since his decision literally is a matter of “life or death” for the applicant.

You should also know that the closed minded are not welcome. This is an enlightened community, and the old ways of thinking have no place in the coming age. This community is much more “left hand path” and “new age” in nature, striving to bring full liberation of the mind, body, and soul. Most of the morals and restrictions you have been taught throughout your life will be thrown away. If you are prudish, easily ashamed, offended, or puritanical, you should not apply. If you are free spirited, uninhibited, unashamed and open minded, there may be a place for you in the kingdom. You may wonder why these personality traits are so desired? Simply, society as we all know it is about to end, and the weak “sheep-like” people will be the first to perish. The strong are the ones who will survive and create “a brave new world”, free of the chains imposed by our present order. Our survival and success not only depends on Leraël’s leadership, but on our individual boldness… That more than anything else will determine if we are allowed to “upgrade” into the new world.

It must be made perfectly clear, you are giving up the life you presently know, you are giving up everything so that you and maybe your loved ones can survive into the new world. But make no mistake, once you do this, there’s really no going back. If it sounds like I’m trying to talk you out of it, I am… There’s room for a few thousand people, a small kingdom, but a very selective one. We will be part of a brave new world on the other side of 2012, but it will be a difficult path from here to there, so we have to discriminate if we’re going to survive, and thrive on the new earth, it’s as simple as that.

I’ve often been asked if I personally had any trouble giving up my “material things”? At first yes, but then I soon realized (after all the “end of the world” movies I’ve seen through the years), when this is over, there will be an entire world full of “goodies” to choose from. If I want a mansion, a high-rise building, an entire city block, it’ll be mine for the taking. The people will perish, but most of the infrastructure will survive. It will be the grand-daddy of all shopping sprees in my opinion. We will inherit a world, a world in which we are strong and free and wealthy beyond measure… So no, I no longer have any problem giving up my stuff… It’s an investment in my future.

I remember reading the bible a long time ago, and how appealing the parts in it about the “new heaven and new earth” where. About the streets paved with gold, and the mansions awaiting us. It’s all starting to make sense now.

Just remember a few things (look them all up yourself):

  • Planet X has been sighted (on schedule), but NASA is downplaying it and releasing false information to prevent the public from panicking. Yet they decided to name it Eris, after the goddess of strife and discord.
  • The ancient Sumerian, Babylonians, Mayans, and many others all predicted the coming of the “destroyer”, or “planet of the crossing”, or “death star”, or several other names they used to describe this planet that has several times wiped out civilization on the earth.
  • This “new planet” was found at the same time the ancients predicted it would be, and don’t think that NASA just missed seeing it all these years, they’re just now announcing it because it’s getting closer, and amateur astronomers will soon be seeing it too.
  • Global warming is being seen on Earth, Mars, and the rest of the planets in our solar system.
  • The biggest solar flares in recorded history are happening now (gravity from the approaching planet is causing it).
  • Polar shifting of the outer planets is being observed, and our own “true north and magnetic north” are drifting further and faster apart than can be explained conventionally.
  • World governments are suddenly pushing for a one world government, and quickly building “underground cities”, and above ground concentration camps in the INDUSTRIALIZED COUNTRIES (like the U.S. And Canada).
  • UFO sighting and reported abductions are off the charts.
  • Bizarre weather catastrophes are at an all time high.
  • Giant unexplainable mass animal die-offs are happening around the globe.
  • More people are “suddenly behind bars”, or caught in the judicial system than ever before (several million in the U.S. alone at last count).
  • Politicians and high-ranking military officers have been coming forward and claiming “martial law is about to be declared”.
  • A number of the “super-rich and powerful” have come forward and said “the governments are preparing for an extinction level event, and they’re planning to allow the genocide of several BILLION people to bring world population down to a manageable level”.
  • Ancient civilizations record all of the above climate, celestial, and population destroying events happening every time Planet X (Nibiru) comes into our inner solar system.
If you think ALL of this is just a coincidence… You are an idiot. (Angelus Domini, loves using this word – in all his writings)

I have added some links to some videos that can help you better understand the present situation. These are not our videos, but they are profoundly informative. VIDEO REFERENCES (The use of bubblegum uneducated videos used – All You Tube sources).

If you send your application video to me at newkingdom2012@gmail.com 

I will forward it to Leraël.

I use Gmail because it allows large files (like videos). I suggest that you get a free temporary Gmail account at Google.com to send me your video, unless your email server allows large files to be sent (most don’t). Also, Gmail limits file size to 20mb, so limit your video to 15mb, or send more than one 15mb or less video in separate emails if necessary.

Whether or not you join us on the other side, I strongly advise you to prepare now…. Good Luck.
Messages from Leraël 
Some of the below is directly from Leraël, other parts are from an interview he granted me earlier this year.

The final tribulation is at hand. Those that demonstrate their loyalty to me, and follow without hesitation shall be my disciples. I will protect you from what is to come, and you shall be seated among the honored in my kingdom.

My message is only for the chosen… Many of you are asking “Leraël, how do we know if we are among the chosen?” Inside you, to the very depth of your being, you know we are in the end of days. You watch the news, and see it unfolding hour by hour. You look at people moving around you, and you see them as sheep being prepared for slaughter. Sleepwalking through life, you try to save them, you try to wake them up, but they resist out of fear and ignorance. You hear the false teachers speak of “heaven and salvation”, but you realize that their only purpose is to confuse and enslave. You see how hard truth is suppressed and ignored in favor of “comfortable lies”. You are different from them in so many ways. You do not feel constrained by their sense of morality, for within you a higher gauge of what is right or wrong exists. You once believed that most people were intelligent and good, now you see differently, and as much as you despise the controls society tries to impose upon you, you begrudgingly realize that without it, the sheep would destroy everything. You see them as hypocrites, and their system as hypocrisy. You are most times either loved or hated by them, people are seldom indifferent toward you because you either intrigue them, or terrify them. You live in the same world, but you are not from the same place… And when the time comes, if you are prepared, your destiny shall be much greater than theirs. You don’t really feel comfortable with what mainstream Christianity has taught, in fact, you find yourself more often gravitating toward the beliefs of the “new age”, or “left-hand” faiths. If you recognize the person I’ve described as yourself, then you are among the chosen. You are “enlightened”. You are not the way you are by accident, but by design. Yours is a spiritual bloodline, set apart for a greater purpose. And as hard as they may try, or you may try, they cannot be like you, nor you like them. We are all programed before we arrive, so that the distinction is unmistakable.

I have received ascension for the purpose of awakening the chosen, and guiding them to our shared salvation.

Our time is short, and there are more of the chosen asleep then I can reach alone. Therefore I have commissioned all who are of our bloodline to seek out the others of our kind, and bring them into our communion, so that none of ours is lost.



“Leraël, are you really a god?”

I am. More precisely, I am a demigod. I am part man and part divine. (RAYEL IS PART MAN / PART ANNUNAKI)

There are actually several of us upon the earth right now, serving different purposes. There are even some fully divine beings among us as well. (Richard Ruff/Moses, Samantha Kennedy/John The Apostle, Kelly Patrick/Mary Magdalene) 

Historically we’ve gravitated towards places of primacy and principality, often for self-serving reasons, though there are those among us who genuinely care about, and strive to enrich, the creation.

While we inhabit human form, we are unfortunately –physically– very human, with the exception of our essence, our heritage, our knowledge, and a few other things that we do not disclose, you could easily mistake us for human, but most people can sense our divinity, despite our efforts to conceal it.

Most of us make a conscious choice to live and die completely as a human, hiding our divinity –occasionally, even from ourselves– so that we can experience the fullness of “the human experience”.

Some of us have continued to incarnate repeatedly in royal bloodlines, or families of power and prestige. (The EOC believe that they reincarnate in family groups)

Others have rejected physical bloodlines, and have “dipped in and out” through what we refer to as “spiritual bloodlines”, placing ourselves wherever we see fit.

We are responsible for most of the creation, but not for all. We have played important and essential roles in nearly all of humanity’s great unfolding history.

Most of your religions speak of us interacting with humanity in our semi-divine state, but modern thinking has tried to reject these stories as myth and allegory, I assure you they are neither. We have fomented this belief in the hope that it would cause humanity to grow and become more self-sufficient, and to eventually evolve into higher order beings… Very few have shown the true growth we have desired.

Is there really a Heaven?

There are in fact many heavens. As one’s soul progresses, so does one’s acceptance into other heavens.

The earth is a “heaven under construction” so to speak. While some heavens focus on service to a deity, earth is somewhat unique in that it is to be a place of rather “free souls” who are more self-serving and communal. But to be a heaven, it must become a “paradise”, and it can’t while the world is still full of ignorance and evil. The great cleansing to come is an effort to remove those that prevent earth from reaching its heavenly potential.

Is there a Hell?

Hell is but another heaven. A place that some would find desirable, while others would not.

What’s the difference between a spirit and a soul?

Those who’s essence is a higher developed conscience and from a higher realm, have a spirit. Those who only possess a rudimentary life force consciousness have only a soul. But a soul can progress.

Why was humanity created?

Originally to serve the needs of the gods… But not all of us wanted you created for that purpose. There are many of us working to lift you from that position of subservience.

Why is so much suffering allowed?

Unfortunately, the majority of humans do not learn from pleasure, but only from pain.

I have experienced human pain and suffering, so I can empathize quite well with the created.

It is a facet of humanity that is about to change. I for one am looking forward to it.

So you chose to live as a human?

Yes, several times. I have a special affection for the creation.

This time I was to complete a very important mission, but to do so I had to take semi-human form, and to undergo some very specific human experiences.

When will the great cleansing take place?

It’s already well underway… It will increase exponentially over the next few years until a certain event occurs?

Can you tell us what the event is, or when it will happen?

The Dark Star is returning. The process and the effects are already well underway. 2012 will be the climax of the event.

Please pardon me asking you this Leraël… But I and others do genuinely worship you. I always watch people bowing to you and giving you gifts and praises. I see many throwing themselves at your feet, begging you for blessings and mercy… How do I put this?… Leraël, you seem somewhat uncomfortable when we treat you as a god… Are we doing wrong? Are we offending you?

(sigh) No, no, not at all. You and those who serve me have a special place awaiting you in my kingdom… And I do, I really do appreciate the love you and my other followers have shown me. It’s just that, unlike some others of my kind who’ve never been human, I’ve been human so often that it has truly become a part of my essence. I don’t look down upon the creation as some others do. I’ve been so often a part of it that occasionally I “misplace my divinity” so to speak, and just want to embrace my followers as my equals… That is looked at as my weakness, and it could be harmful to me completing my mission, so I must be strong and lead from my proper position.

See, another weakness… A little too open with my feelings. We are divine beings, but just as the stories throughout history have recorded, we do suffer all too human type emotions and weaknesses. The truth is, we had these emotions first, and passed them on to humanity to evolve you from being mere servile animals.

Giving you emotions… the ability to love, was our greatest act of love.

Why –historically– has it been so long since a god or demigod let himself be known?

In the early years of the creation, it was necessary for us to act as parents would toward young children, constantly being an ever-present reminder of right and wrong, and of course directing societal development. As humanity matured, we began slowly concealing our existence, to the point where we would eventually be considered allegory, and fade into the realm of myth.

This disappearing act was done for most of humanity, so they could better develop self-reliance. But we left enough information to stimulate the intellect of the chosen, knowing full-well that they would see the guiding hands throughout history.

Are any of today’s religions teaching truth?

Yes and no.

Nearly all of them had a divine spark, meaning that one of the gods instigated its development. The problem is that human nature, being what it is, has always crept in somewhere to taint the message, and has almost always used it as a tool to control others. This is why we have been helping the growth of “new age” religions that focus less on divine worship, and more on self development. This is also why we are working to eliminate the corrupted religions that presently exist. Within a very short time, you will see a destruction of the three major middle-eastern religions.

Why have some governments embraced you while others seem to oppose you?

It’s one of those “truths” that exist in other religions… “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” This biblical quote speaks of how a number of the gods have set up earthly kingdoms, and are struggling against the changes that will turn earth into a new heaven.

What about the god of the judeo-christian bible?

That tome speaks of many gods… Many where/are real, many have become mistranslated. Some spoke truth, others did not. Unfortunately, it is difficult to speak greatly upon it because so much of it has been purposely obfuscated. It’s easier to just explain the accurate historical truth then to skip through a corrupted manuscript.

Do you have any immediate instructions for your followers Leraël?

Our time is growing shorter. I will have specific instructions for all of you soon. For now it is important that you prepare for the world that will soon come.

You are to make love the focus of your existence.

You are to join in communion of the chosen whenever possible… Gather my children.

Support each other and the construction of the kingdom in every way.

Seek out others of the chosen who are still asleep, and wake them from their slumber before it is too late.

Announce communions publicly… I will often join you.

(While the press remains silent)  

They are among the chosen. They know Leraël is here to teach them, and save them from what is to come. They have heard the calling, and in their soul, they know this is right.

Leraël will soon be appearing in Northern Baja Mexico, (Exactly the same as The Ecumenical Order of Christ, Lord RayEL) details have not yet been finalized, but he has decided to establish that area as a temporary headquarters because people from all over can easily come there.  He wanted to be in a place that was accessible to both those making a pilgrimage down from the U.S. and Canada, as well as Latin Americans. Baja is also easily accessible to those traveling from anywhere in the world because of their open northern border policy. Baja is considered a free and open international zone.  (There is no mistake, BAJA has been the headquarters of Sanctuary Interfaith since 2012)

He has made it very clear that preparation must be made NOW!!! (Angelus Domini is constantly creating Exodus’ to Baja) That is why he was sent to us now… Time is very short, and he must reach as many of the chosen as possible.

If you send us an e-mail at newkingdom2012@gmail.com requesting to be placed on our mailing list, we will update you whenever we find out anything.

And if you believe that there is a special spark of understanding in you, something that separates you from the masses. If you consider yourself “enlightened”, or have already experienced Leraël visions or visitations, you are probably one of the chosen… Spread the word of Leraël’s arrival now.



hat you see above is an actual photo of the Miracle of Teotihuacan, the only one believed to exist. On this day a man became a god!!! and scores of people witnessed it (I was one of them). What you see in the picture is what happened in the first fifteen minutes, when the sky filled with what many described as “angels”. The sky turned purple. There was a man standing at the top of the main Teotihuacan pyramid. Some people say he just appeared. There was a sound like rolling thunder, and all present heard this huge deep voice call out a man’s name. One of the angels hovered over the top of the pyramid, and this beautiful blue light came down directly on the man, and the voice said “You have done well… From this day forward, you are Leraël. You shall be the god of the chosen. You will teach them love and compassion, and you will prepare them for what is to come”. With that the light intensified, and it almost seemed like the light was liquid as it cascaded down the pyramid. The pyramid began to vibrate and shimmer. The man was entirely engulfed in the light. It flowed completely over the pyramid and onto the ground. None of us ran, we could all feel intense love as it flowed over us. The man was lifted in the beam above the crowd and spoke. He said “As one who came before me instructed, so must I. Faith comes not from sight. You may not record the day or the time of what you have witnessed, nor do I wish you to spread my message based on what you have seen, but instead upon the truth I shall reveal. I will allow only one proof of this event, but from here on, we shall only speak of the purpose of my ascension, and your salvation”. With that the light got even brighter, and nothing could be seen but the light. There was the most indescribably beautiful music, and a feeling of all encompassing love and understanding. Then suddenly everything was gone, and the area was back to normal. Everyone felt like we were in the light for hours, but only a few minutes had passed.

We all started checking our cameras and video recorders, but they were all blank, except for one picture on one man’s camera, just as Leraël had said (“one proof of this event”). Another incredible thing happened. One man who was sitting on a stair, dictating into his laptop computer, had the dictation program running through the entire event, and incredibly the program transcribed what the angels and Leraël said (which is how I was able to tell you word-for-word above). Normally these programs need to “know your voice” to work properly, but miraculously, it transcribed everything. People gathered together and franticly wrote down what was on the screen, and those with laptops and PDAs made copies of the one picture from the other man’s digital camera. There had to be around a hundred of us there, and we all saw and heard, and experienced the same thing. I don’t think any of us will be the same again. It’s been rumored that Leraël had appeared to other people around the world that day, and that his message was of love and preparation for a global event to come.Strangely, governments, churches, and the press have kept completely silent about this event, despite all the witnesses. People in government have been told not to comment on any of this, and even to deny the event happened. Websites and postings have mysteriously been erased. Some witnesses have even been threatened. I think those in power are all just afraid of losing control of the masses, now that a real god has arrived. It seems to have actually become a conspiracy, where churches and government plants have produced fake information to try and debunk Leraël. I know the government and the religious leaders of Jesus’ time did the same thing to him, so it should be expected, but it is shameful.

Since the Teotihuacan event, Leraël has tried to stop showing visible miracles, and has repeated the need to “have faith based in the message, not in the miracle”. Not surprisingly, the different “christs” and “ascended masters” throughout history who have come to guide mankind along its path, have also stated the importance of this. Even though he avoids performing big miracles, everyone who comes in contact with him is profoundly changed in incredible and wonderful ways, and there have been many rumors circulating of miraculous healings taking place wherever he appears.

Leraël has appeared to many of the people who where at the Teotihuacan Miracle (including me), and instructed us to spread the word of his ascension and his message of love and preparedness. He has given specific instructions to a number of us on how we are to do this. My instruction was to spread his message via the Internet, and with your help, I can fulfill my commission (in-other-words, tell people about this).








The below videos are related to research on Planet X (The Dark Star) and 2012.

After examining the site, the similarities to Lord Ra-el Lord RayEL’s site are astounding.  Rather damning similarities, but it doesn’t stop there.   Angelus Domini has been linked with this site, and I will show you the evidence!.

Twiggie, 2017