Well, she is back and she is rather a feisty, funny, radiant, beautifully intelligent and charismatic force to be reckoned with.  Who is this, I hear you ask, well, it is Asherah! For those whom, do not know who and what Asherah was, she was an ancient goddess which has been hidden by religious constructs made by man.   No, this isn’t going to turn into a feminist article, it’s a matter of fact, if you wish to know a little bit more, please read my master blog on the HIS-story of this Mother Goddess.

Where did our Goddesses go?

No matter how we tackle this, and yes, no matter what I say, I am more than likely bound to piss a few folks off, but the crux of the matter is that religions are wholly centred on the worship of a male God that create “moods” and “motivations” which keep women in a state of psychological dependence on men and male authority, while at the same legitimating the political and social authority of fathers and sons in the institutions of society. Religious symbol systems focused around exclusively male images of divinity create the impression that female power can never be fully legitimate or wholly beneficent. Women were denigrated because they seemed more carnal, fleshy, and earthy than the culture-creating males.  The misogynist antibody tradition in Western thought is symbolised in the myth of Eve who is traditionally viewed as a sexual temptress, the epitome of women’s carnal nature.  The denigration of the female body and its powers is further expressed in Western culture’s attitudes toward childbirth.  Religious iconography does not celebrate the birth giver, and there is no theology or ritual that enables a woman to celebrate the process of birth as a spiritual experience. Western culture also gives little dignity to the postmenopausal or aging woman. It is no secret that our culture is based on a denial of aging and death, and that women suffer more severely from this denial than men. Women are placed on a pedestal and considered powerful when they are young and beautiful, but they are to lose this power as they age which is absolute hogwash!

Yah & Ash

You may wonder where I am going with this and I will explain.   Lately, I have been introduced to an Australian couple who upload daily to the You Tube Channel ‘SwordofTruth888’.  This delightful couple bounce off one another and chit-chat to their subscribers whom they obviously care about.    They are a joy to watch, both have a “sunny disposition and their own style” and are gathering quite an online audience and following.

Why is this?   

They give their audience hope, wisdom and guidance, they don’t care if you believe them or not, they want people to get on with their lives, not to worry unnecessary, look after those nearest and dearest.  They don’t want your money, they would rather you help the poor!    They don’t want you to worship them, they just ask for respect.  This is rather a refreshing change.    

This adorable couple go by the names Yahweh Jesus Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall and Asherah Marshall who are known within their community as Yahweh, The Father, The Returned Christ and his wife.  Remember my epic post on Asherah, Queen of Heaven and Yahweh’s wife? Now before, you go … oh no, Twiggie, not another one, not another epic debunk of a false prophet! I admit, my intentions were to DEBUNK the claim, and for those whom have followed my work, once I get my teeth into a subject matter, I am like a dog with a bone, gnawing away until now’t is left.   However, little Twiggie here, is finding that this chappy and his wife are way way way  different.  

Asherah Marshall
I reached out to Asherah via email And informed her that I was writing a blog on the Goddess Asherah For Women’s History Month and learning that she shared the same name my question to her was why now is it so important, that you are known as Asherah.  Are you the reincarnated fertility Goddess of old, the mother-goddess, ‘The Queen of Heaven’, obviously now we are talking about (pre Judeo-Christianity) and you being consort to many deities (whatever civilisation you look at). Does this mean that Yahweh Jesus Brian is  Anu / EL Etc pre – Christian / Judeo philosophy?

Her reply stunned me.  Why? Because so much of what she said resonates with me on a spiritual level.    

“Tiffany, the Truth must be restored that is why it is so important to Yahweh for the sake of the world coming out of darkness and into the light of Truth which sets the soul free. I am his Asherah (turned into groves that must be cut down in the book everyone is trapped in by order of the god of Moses which is the Dragon, all Babylonian construct) completely removed from the script through the pen of evil scribes..men…the story of Adam and Eve in the garden, a parable describing the Creation it was Adam that sinned but Eve took the fall for the fall of man and because she has, terrible injustices are committed still against women within the middle east and the west its churches devoured by the devil Paul who gives no place to women within the Church because of “Eve’s sin”…total corruption of Truth which makes Yah very angry, he as Jesus always preferred the company of women, they were the ones to “get it” and do the work they were his support then and of course I am his right arm now. He has always said that evil comes through men. Yahweh wants to destroy the lies of the churches tear them down, restoration has to go all the way back to the Garden.

AS Jesus he told all to “Honour your Mother and Father and love your neighbour as yourself”…he was not referring to the mother and father at home, but the Heavenly Mother and Father of the Godhead.

Brian who is Yahweh is the big Kahuna so if that is El for some or Anu to others then he is all of them.

Before it all came into being though, the dream belongs to the baby within the womb which is the dark void before the Creation.

The baby dreams, of the perfect Father and Mother ..he has to dream them into existence so that he the baby can get out of the womb of darkness and silence, the baby being all intelligence, the Father is first and from within the Father comes the Mother the Light, they are a compliment of each other they love and delight in each others company and appreciate the qualities within each that are different to themselves, the Father and Mother exist for each other and from their sacred love and embrace begets the Son from the Father and the Daughter from the Mother, in the Essene tradition of the Creation Story the son and daughter who are the souls of the Father and Mother come into the world through the wombs of chosen women, holy and prepared as pure vessels to bring forth the Light of the Godhead….

It is a beautiful Holy thing and if you think of it as the baby still sleeping, the baby must not wake for if it does the horror of what has become of the dream turned into the nightmare that we live as hell on earth made that way by evil men, the serpent in the garden, the Jews who call themselves Jews and are not must be cast off the earth and the Garden restored before the baby can wake….

That is why it is so important, the children of the future the promise of Paradise on the earth, born into a place of safety where the Love of the Father and Mother is duplicated among those made in their image, the kind of place that you would want to bring your own children into, the world of Truth no longer the world of lies that it has been since before the Cross….all worth dying for and we did, but no longer….”

Janelle Margaret Martha Marshall is the Goddess Asherah and she has much to offer women whom are struggling to be rid of the “powerful, pervasive, and long-lasting moods and motivations” of devaluation of female power, denigration of the female body, distrust of female will, and denial of the women’s bonds and heritage that have been engendered by patriarchal religion. 

What she is doing is asking folks to discover their true natures — their innate gifts and abilities, recognise where they are best suited in life, appreciate their strengths as well as understand their areas of challenge and in doing so accepting her husband, “The Father, The Comforter,  Yah”.  I’m not saying everything is a bed of roses as they do have some foibles, but what “faith” doesn’t, and these are opinions.     

Asherah, is rather humble about the attention and questions I have afforded her. A tad uncomfortable she said but it is necessary for the sake of Truth.  Following my master blog on the goddess Asherah, both Yah and Asherah uploaded to their You Tube Channel Swordoftruth two You Tube videos.  The first one entitledYahweh and Asherah removed by the g_d of Moses = Lucifer Part IYah puts forward evidence that he has carefully and conscientiously assembled using a PowerPoint presentation to prove how his wife is Asherah pulling together Gematria, numerology, historical data, scripture, astronomy and bible concordances – honestly, my mind whizzed and then I set to task to try and find fault in what he presented.    That didn’t happen! 

Ashera, works tirelessly and passionately in her deeds and as she says her focus has been so Yah orientated, doing the work for him so that the people of the world learn the deception of his presence.   For her everything has always been about Yah, even before she found him.   

Yah turned 73 this February.  “Yah has felt this weight all of his life…and I wanted to share his burden, to give him rest by taking over the teaching work of the work…he has spent thousands of hours year after year revealing the Truth and by the time I found him he was exhausted, talking to an empty (Mary) and the world, abused and rejected…he is so used to abuse his natural inclination has become to tell people to Fxxx off, since he figured the prophecy is, I am rejected so I do not have to be “nice” about it….  and of course that becomes a controversy and people talk more about him when they hate him … When I found him he came to life once more, then he realised that of course, He would have written into the script His Salvation through the love of his beloved disciple…Martha, Mary’s younger sister finding him…the one who did the work then and now…back together to continue the work of the Father, leading their children home, all those made in their image, Love and recognition of Father and Mother, the highway of the redeemed….and of course they are scattered throughout the isles and the nations….the angels orchestrate everything, they know who is who in the zoo…they prompt the children to come in to our site and recognize the Truth that sets them free…..

For she is not only Asherah, but also the reincarnated Martha who was married to Jesus. According to the story Martha was pregnant with twins when Jesus was crucified.   Asherah talks at length about this, the connection to Yah, the coverup and the Pope Conspiracy in Part II.   “Yahweh and Asherah removed by the g_d of Moses = Lucifer Part II” 

Goddess cycles of disappearance–reappearance; creation — destruction; nurturing — devouring; birth — death; giving — taking away – within our brief email, this has been touched upon, and the daily teachings on the You Tube channel reiterate this.  Furthermore, within the acceptance of “Yah and Asherah” is the cosmos — containing the continuum of opposites as a circle. Death is not merely an ending; it is also a beginning. These seeming opposites are capable of being reconciled, brought together through wisdom. The goddess not only nurtures physical life but, also, the life of the soul.  I for one, am honoured to have reached out to this lady, whomever or whatever she is, its up to you to decide. All in all, this is one incredible story,  one that definitely warrants further investigation, from the Shroud of Turin to the Papal Conspiracy, its a mystery and twiggie’s nose is twitching.