February 2017 meandering through the corridors of the Vatican Museum in Rome I stumbled 53 etchings by  the Dutch Protestant artist Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn   (1606–69) which are on loan  from the Zorn Museum in Mora, Sweden. The collection named “Images from Heaven and Earth,” is an extension of ecumenism and desire for Christian unity.

It’s been documented that the Dutch artist grew up with a Catholic mother and Protestant father, experiencing the combination of both worlds, which led to the Bible being his biggest source of inspiration for his artwork.

The etchings were surreal, so incredibly delicate; my personal favourite was Adam & Eve, signed and dated 1638.

Both Adam and Eve were portrayed as middle aged, somewhat plump and endearing.     The serpent had been replaced by what appeared to be a Dragon and Rembrandt’s personal touch is the elephant in the background.


Twiggie, 2017.

Rembrandt and The Vatican. http://www.museivaticani.va/content/dam/museivaticani/pdf/eventi_novita/iniziative/mostre/2016/10_mostra_Rembrandt_prefazione_en.pdf