November 14th 2016 The You Tube Channel named Nibiru Planet X 2016 sensationally reported on the powerful earthquake measuring 7.8 magnitude which hit the east coast of New Zealand’s South Island at 12.02am on Monday 14th November causing tsunami waves.  However, the tsunami footage  was used to sensationalise the natural disaster was dated 2010.

The presenter and owner of the Channel Scott C’one stated “we have just received footage from New Zealand and a few news reports that we wanted to share with you”  

Screenshot of video being shown claiming to be Tsunami wave clearly coming in

In fact, the video footage which Scott C’one showcased was of a tsunami arriving during daylight.   The actual tsunami waves arrived during the middle of the night and were remarkably captured in Lyall Bay by John Young and later reported by Tabloid press (links are provided below).   So what was the footage sensationally shown by Nibiru Planet X 2016 You Tube Channel ?  

You Tuber Dazzathecameraman located the footage used by Scott C’one of Nibiru Planet X 2016.   Shamefully, the original footage is dated 27th /28th February 2010.   This footage was uploaded by the You Tube Channel Viv Head and was a tiny tsunami caused by the 8.8 magnitude Chilean Earthquake.

Nibiru Planet X 2016 You Tube Channel provided no sources to back up their claims.  Furthermore, Nibiru Planet X 2016 totally misappropriated a video from 2010 and exploited it for financial gain, categorically stating that it was the tsunami caused by the 14 November New Zealand Earthquake.

Now, you would think that being called out for deliberately posting a blatant lie, that the You Tube Channel would apologise to its 32k subscribers! Or even pull the video.  But this didn’t happen.  Why ? Because it’s all about money, power and deceiving people.  Oh yes … the channel receives rather a sizeable income for uploading absolute drizzle.

Image: Dazzathecameraman

The image on the left is from the Nibiru Planet X 2016 channel.   The image on the right is dated 2010.

Nibiru Planet X 2016 channel posts daily utter hogwash which consists of lens flares / artefacts and prophecies of doom which are all centred around  ‘Nibiru and other stories about wayward planets’. The channel is an absolute joke ! This should be a huge wake-up call to all those whom subscribe to this channel.   They are being deceived. Evaluate the links provided,  they speak for themselves.

Posted below is Dazzathecameramans video which provides a visual analysis.

Sources and further reading

  1. Christchurch Tsunami 2010
  2. Chili Earthquake 2010
  3. New Zealand earthquake officially upgraded to magnitude 7.8 – as it happened
  4. John Young Captures Tsunami Wave in Lyall Bay 
  5. Geek captures ‘fluke’ timelapse video of the ‘tsunami surge’ moments after the massive New Zealand earthquake hit

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