Dangerous Cult Threaten Blogger !

False Prophets Exposed

There are scarier things than death. Like… having someone hollow you out like a mannequin, taking your autonomy and mind and heart and values and beliefs and dignity and morals and even your personality away from you. Being turned into a thing, where not even your body belongs to you. Being totally powerless to stop it and knowing that not even death is an escape. This is what a Cult does to you !

Then there is a threat levied at your loved ones, your heart is pounding, you feel weak, every pore in your body screams, endorphins released and then you are consumed with rage.

I’ve beenexposing the Cult of Lord RayEL now for a little over a year with a fabulous dedicated bunch of folks of the group called Lord RayEl Exposed. The cult in question is The Ecumenical Order of Christ, The Holy & Apostolic Order of…

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