Austrian photographer Inge Prader recently recreated Gustav Klimt’s masterworks for Style Bible, a part of the Life Ball Charity Event in Vienna, Austria.

This event coincided with the ancient Roman spring festival Ver Sacrum, which serves as an inspiration to creative people.  Gustav’s Protagonists and figures as they were painted and embodied by the Viennese Secessionists was amazingly encountered again at the Life Ball 2015 with a shared aspiration for change, renewal and improvement as they dive into a rousing festival that celebrated life.

Life Ball acts as an international platform for the most important HIV/AIDS organisations and their representatives and contributes to sharing their work and vision with as many people as possible, worldwide beyond the borders of Austria, spotlighting it for the public in the course of an unique event.

Inge Prader’s recreation of Gustav Klimt’s Beethoven Frieze (1901). Photo: Life Ball, © Inge Prader.

One of the central motifs of the Style Bible 2015 was the Beethoven Frieze by Gustav Klimt, which photographer Inge Prader interpreted in a contemporary way for the Life Ball. With its history, it was thought that it would be a great metaphor for the goals of the Life Ball. In the Life Ball’s interpretation, the final scene, an intimate hug and a “kiss to the whole world” symbolises the fight against fear of contact and “social AIDS”.

A team of over 50 professionals worked on the demanding photography project which raised funds to help those with HIV/AIDS. Carefully posed models and intricately crafted props duplicate some of klimt’s most iconic masterworks like ‘death and life’ and ‘beethoven frieze’, mirroring the gold hued, highly decorative and erotic aesthetic the austrian artist became best known for.  Fabulous richly ornamented costumes clothing warriors and women alike are situated alongside semi-nude figures and set against detailed mosaic backdrops, projecting paradise-like conditions that truly characterise klimt’s ‘golden phase’.

Mars & Sacrani

Recreation of Klimt’s ‘death and life’ image © Life Ball / Inge Prader


Hostile Forces

The Beethoven Frieze

The Golden Fleece


Recreation of ‘Beethoven frieze’ detail image © Life Ball / Inge Prader

King Midas

Flora & Pan

Poetry & Genius

Gustav Klimt, Death and Life (1916). Image: via Wikimedia Commons
Inge Prader’s recreation of Gustav Klimt’s Death and Life (1916). Image: Life Ball, © Inge Prader.

Gustav Klimt, Beethoven Frieze (detail), 1901. Image: via Wikimedia Commons.

Detail of Inge Prader’s recreation of Gustav Klimt’s Beethoven Frieze (1901). Image: Life Ball, © Inge Prader.

Gustav Klimt, Danae (1907). Image: via Wikimedia Commons.

Inge Prader’s recreation of Gustav Klimt’s Danae (1907). Image: Life Ball, © Inge Prader
.Twiggie Truth, 2016