Sometimes life can feel as though it is moving at a glacial pace. When the things that we want don’t happen quickly enough for us, it is easy for us to become agitated and discouraged. This is normal. In fact, the very impulse of desire to have/do/be more is what makes us human. 


Life is not a destiny. Life is a journey, where you’ll experience things that will teach you how to live life.

Of course, there are countless songs and mantras that tell us that “life is about the journey, rather than the destination.” 

I can’t lie: For most of my life, I didn’t really buy into that mode of thinking. I thought that it was just successful people’s way of keeping those who had yet to attain their desired level of success from becoming impatient (and possibly even giving up completely). I felt like the real message was: “be content with where you are and don’t ask for more;” in essence–shut up and smile. I resolved to never believing such pseudo-inspirational nonsense again.

But then out of the blue, it hit me: drawing parallels between travel and our ambitions really does help to put everything into perspective!

When we travel (via car, bus, train, plane, etc.), we do so with the intent of getting somewhere. No matter how long it takes, we are 100% certain that we will eventually arrive at where we want to be. While enroute to our destination, we do not spend the entire trip complaining about not already being at our desired location, nor do we spend hours lamenting about how long the trip is taking, nor do we sit still with our eyes closed/sleep the entire time in an effort to disconnect from our present surroundings and pass the time as quickly as possible until we have arrived at our destination. Rather, we do things such LOOK OUT THE WINDOW, TELL STORIES, LAUGH, WATCH MOVIES, LISTEN TO MUSIC, CLOUD WATCH, PLAY GAMES, READ LICENSE PLATES, READ BOOKS AND FULLY OBSERVE OUR FOREIGN SURROUNDINGS WHILE MAKING NOTE OF THE PHYSICAL CHANGES THAT ARE TAKING PLACE IN OUR ENVIRONMENT AS WE MOVE FROM ONE LOCATION TO THE NEXT. 

And in doing these things, we not only make the journey more enjoyable, but we help the time pass faster! (Technically, the perception of time is all a matter of perception, but you get my point.) After a few hours of enjoying ourselves, being fully immersed in the moment and being content with exactly where we are in our journey, we look up to see that we have, alas, arrived at our desired destination! (In some cases we even end up having more fun during the journey than at our actual desired location!)

So folks, life REALLY IS about the journey! Make every single moment, every single situation and every single BREATHE count–RIGHT NOW!