Irony of our world:  

When the Middle Eastern patriarchy came to power, they (new priests) started spread many stories about their “fake martyr path” to victory, even so they were the real invaders and destroyers (after the murder many rebel-followers of previous matriarchal system). Do you remember the story about Perseus and Medusa’? The only truth I see between the lines is that, everyone – who is trying to warn others against the threat – ends in the same way, just as Cassandra from Troy, who saw the future/the fate of her city, end of her world, but her own kin preferred (according to many sources) imprison her in a dungeon, rip out her eyes and cut her tongue. I guess the same fate befell John The Baptist. Do I care? 

The last 2,000 years of patriarchal Judeo-Christianity domination and now another threat in the form of nazi-Islam which makes me anaesthetised for such rhetoric and symbolism. 

The patriarchal priests of this world have had enough time to prove to the world that they represent the Good(ness). They messed up. Their time is passing and this time will fall Their heads, not the head of Oracle.

Art work “Salome with the head of John The Baptist” by Jean Benner, c. 1899.