Woman is not to be adored for her beauty alone, for her feminine charms. She is to be revered in all forms, from the most sublimely beautiful to the frightening, from the young girl child to the old crone, from the bloodthirsty to the motherly, from the gentle to the fierce. 

I am. 

I am. 

I am that. I am that I am.

I am the live Essence. I am the Galactivator. 

I am the human Context. I am the third eye of One. 

I am the dawn of a new Era. I am the center of all Sources. 

I am the intimacies of Eternity. I am the distinguisher of Realms. 

I am the Light of all Luminosities. I am the the wanderer of the Path.

I am the emittance of Consciousness. I am the anima mundi of natural Worlds. 

I am the consistent form of a Nebula. I am the spattered truth of Earth. 

I am the ruling factor of Equation. I am the synchronization of Souls. 

I am the everlasting Exoticism. I am the range of Capacities. 

I am the softness of Clouds. I am the twinkle in the Eye. 

I am the all Encompassing. I am the truth of Future. 

I am the broken Lock. I am the Kymatica.

           I am that I am. I am that. I am. 

For she has returned,
and her voice roaring as a thousand mighty lions,
echoing for races and generations to come.
 No longer shall her womb be kept in chains,
for her children of earth,
stand in an unbreakable circle
with one voice, one heartbeat and one soul united,
through the darkest of hours,
over the threshold, into a new dawn.

Twiggie, 2015?