The Tree of Life is a physical picture of how our experience of life is represented. 

The Tree is the Blueprint of All Life. While the Tree appears in most depictions as 2-dimensional, it is in actuality a multi-dimensional “universe” containing Trees of Life within Trees of Life, each intimately interconnected. It is the warp and weft that creates the woven Cloth of Life. Because of our limited abilities to perceive beyond our physical plane of existence, it is difficult to imagine how vast and all-encompassing the Tree really is. Tree of Life is a map of the soul/human journey and experience toward enlightened consciousness. It is a picture of how Nothing becomes Everything, which ultimately becomes physical matter; and vice versa, how physical matter ultimately becomes Everything which then becomes Nothing. In all of time, in the past, present and future, we are somewhere in the Tree, experiencing a moment, then moving to another moment in time to another place in the Tree. It is a personal journey, and yet also a universal journey. It is the journey to understand oneself, understand our relationships, and understand our planet and the cosmos in relation to the Creator of the All-That-Is. 

It is a physical representation of the stepdown process through each Sephirah where a differentiated Spectrum appears. The stepdown of visible color begins with Kether. And so the Tree of Life is formed with different aspects of Life being born on each Path, with eventual complete physical manifestation occurring in Malkuth. The totality of our journey is also the stepup process of returning to the Source, returning to the Light, and eventually returning back to the Nothingness from which we came. 

Therefore, the Kabbalah, is the groundwork of all religions and all sciences – a triple triangle and a circle, the notion of the triad explained by the balance multiplied by itself in the domains of the ideal, then the realisation of this conception in forms. Now, the ancients attached the first notions of this simple and impressive theology to the very idea of numbers, and qualified the figure of the first decade after the following manner:

1. #KETHER – The Crown, the equilibrating power.

2. #CHOKHMAH – Wisdom, equilibrated in its unchangeable order by the initiative of intelligence.

3. #BINAH – Active Intelligence, equilibrated by Wisdom.

4. #CHESED – Mercy, which is Wisdom in its secondary conception, ever benevolent because it is strong.

5. #GEVURAH – Severity, necessitated by Wisdom itself, and by goodwill. To permit evil is to hinder good.

6. #TIPHERETH – Beauty, the luminous conception of equilibrium in forms, intermediary between the Crown and the Kingdom, mediating principle between Creator and creation – a sublime conception of poetry and its sovereign priesthood!

7. #NETSACH – Victory, that is, eternal triumph of intelligence and justice.

8. #HOD – Eternity of the conquests achieved by mind over matter, active over passive, life over death.

9. #YESOD – The Foundation, that is, the basis of all belief and all truth otherwise, the ABSOLUTE in philosophy.

10. #MALKUTH – The Kingdom, meaning the universe, entire creation, the work and mirror of God, the proof of supreme reason, the formal consequence which compels us to have recourse to virtual premises, the enigma which has God for its answer – that is to say, Supreme and Absolute Reason. 

It’s very easy to project the Kabbalah’s Tree of Life onto the cross. Was Jesus a Kabbalist? Both the Gnostic scriptures and His possible connection with the Essenes suggest a mystery not revealed in “traditional” Gospels. 

Twig, 2015