“Great Mother goddesses are the most primitive manifestations of archetypal feminine symbolism; they present matriarchal symbolism in an undifferentiated form, before the split into elementary and transformative, positive and negative goddesses. As symbols of the overwhelming power of the forces of nature and the unconscious, these figures have a heavily elementary accent, but they encompass both fertility and sexuality, both life and death. One and the same figure is the dispenser of life, happiness, fullness and abundance and of death, plague, and castrating sexuality. “

I really like what was written above. Some of the oldest sculptures on earth are of what we call the mother goddesses. I love the interpretation that the energy of the divine feminine was “undifferentiated.” It was both light and dark, good and evil, life and death. It was not split up into all of the pieces that we have today where we differentiate “between” good and evil. Good and evil, light and dark, life and death were the same source energy…the Primordial Mother of everything.

The following beautiful timelines have been carefully researched Constance Tippet who has moved through 32, 000 years.


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Twig, 2015