There’s a common notion that at the edge of every Black Hole lies a back door to the Universe – an exit from Reality into a new Realm where fundamental laws of Nature, like time, no longer behave the way that we understand them.

There is a theory that proposes that there is no back door to the Universe in the first place. Instead, Black Holes are impenetrable bodies, called Fuzzballs. As you approach the Fuzzball, your body will be destroyed but, oddly enough, you will not die. Rather, you’ll be transformed into a copy of yourself, in the form of a Hologram, that is forever embedded onto the surface of the Fuzzball.

This theory has taken a significant step forward, suggesting that Black Holes are the Holographic copy machines of the Universe, and while bizarre, could mean that Fuzzballs truly are how scientists should be thinking about these mysterious Cosmic beasts to better understand their behaviour. Some scientists are sceptical of this conclusions, and suggesting you won’t survive your encounter with a Fuzzball, but suffer a fiery death.

The Fuzzball Black Holes are impenetrable and, therefore, don’t have a region where material can fall into them. Rather, any object attracted by a Fuzzball’s gravitational pull will fall onto the surface. When that happens, a near-perfect copy of the objects is created in the form of a Hologram. That Hologram goes on to live on the surface of the Black Hole, while the original copy feeds the Fuzzball. The original copy is destroyed. More precisely, the data making up the original copy gets Transformed to a new form, which is data on the surface of the Fuzzball, so when matter falls on the surface, this surface gets more Energy, and it expands. Original calculations of this theory suggested that your Holographic twin was a perfect copy of your original Self. However, other scientists argued that a perfect copy was impossible because the Universe tends to favour Imperfection.