There are things that we know – but we can not say. There are things – that cause in us a sense of shame or fear of being recognised as a freak. There are things – that we can prove, but there is no one who could understand. There are marks on our body and in the body or outside which seem to be less real than our dreams – in which we live over and over again tasks that we never wanted to do. There are things which awaken us in the middle of the night and there is good when our body will wake up at the same time as our brain, because sometimes, is stiff like a log, lips are silent, limb are passive, while brain and eyes, quite the contrary. The pain is always the same… real. There are red spots and strange sounds, repetitive sequences of these same numbers on clocks, registrations, documents. There are things that allow you to stop a time, disperse wind, mocking with gravity, play cat and mouse with steel wings. The thoughts which are not ours – yet not always bad. There are tests which still we need to pass, like adult children thrown into the small benches, while on the board – equations of quantum mechanics: Can you view the world only using colors and sounds? Try to see the true colors of nature – “forbidden colors”, “prohibited tones”. There are things that hold us back from moving – because we have to always be in the same place. There are things that affect on our feeling, because we do not belong to ourselves. We touch the sky every night, just to the morning almost nothing remember. Some say, the faster you move, the more time slows down … It’s no wonder that I look younger than 15 years ago. But at what price, at what price … 😦