Orontes Fini 

From: Simon Grynauesus’ Novus Orbis Regionem, Paris woodcut 

Orontes Fini produced a very rare and unusual double-cordiform world map on a polar-projection, with the two hemispheres linked through Africa.  On the left is a huge landmass connecting Europe with Asia and America.  Florida is named, just a decade after is discovery byn Ponce de Lyon 1513. 

In Central and South America many new names have been added, reflecting the explorations by the Conquistadors.  

The Southern Hemisphere is filled with the Terra Australis, a concept that originated with the belief that there had to be a landmass in the Southern Hemisphere to balance the weight of the countries in the northern hemisphere and keep the world stable on its axis.  Terra Australis is separated from South America by the Straits of Magellan with the South Pacific named ‘Mate Magnelliacum’ a decade after exploration by Magellan.  

Most interestingly, is the outline of Antartica which claimed to be an extremely accurate.