Thoughts on social media.

Social media is the most potent tranquilizer of the masses ever created.

If Karl Marx said that religion was the opium of the people, then social media would be have to be the heroin.

The biggest victory that the evil Illuminati have had this century is their success in establishing the tyranny of social media.

Jeremy Bentham, the originator of the idea of the panopticon, which theorises the most efficient prison system that one could possibly construct could have never imagined that an even more efficient system would actually be constructed, that people would willingly enter it and that it would become incredibly popular across the the entire world. Yet, that is exactly what social media is.

George Orwell who wrote 1984, a fictional story about a dystopian world where people are completely mentally enslaved to the state run by an all-powerful figured named Big Brother through social devices such as: doublethink, thoughtcrimes, Newspeak, telescreens and memory holes, would himself be surprised at how the world today has adopted real life equivalents of all these devices and more through the medium of social media.

What needs to be pointed out here is that social media performs no useful function that did not exist before social media. It was already possible to communicate with people over the internet. It was already possible to follow news, celebrities, artists, public figures and companies over the internet. It was already possible to share opinions, photos, jokes and links over the internet. It was already possible to organise communities of people over the internet. So, what did social media do differently that the internet before it could not?

It linked one’s real life identity with one’s activity over the internet.

It was through this simple maneuver that the evil Illuminati were able to hook over a billion people into the one of the most devious schemes they have ever devised.

Some will argue that this innovation unlocked the true potential of the internet. They are convinced that human beings function far better as a beehive and ant colony being constantly fed the thoughts of others than as individuals who are encouraged to think for themselves. They are convinced that sharing one’s opinions, photos and life events with every person they know on equal scale is a far superior system than sharing these to select people at select times. They are convinced that these innovations allow for so many more things to get exposure and “blow up” pushing aside the fact that “Word of Mouth” has and always will exist to serve that function.

Mark Zuckerberg, one of the most prominent evil Illuminati in the known world, has stated explicitly in public that he thinks that “the age of privacy is over.”

What other leaders of culture have said similar things?

Hitler, Stalin, Mao, McCarthy, Cheney…

It isn’t a good list.

And social media isn’t a good thing.