A Medieval Prayer for Spiritual NourishmentRadbod (d. 917) = Waddell, Mediaeval Latin Lyrics p. 130

Hunger and thirst for seeing you, o Christ God,
Now bar me from eating any fleshly food.
Only allow me to partake of you
And to drink of you, o draught of salvation;
May you alone be food for the unknown way.
And whomever lengthy hunger has eaten away
As he wanders about in the world,
Satiate him now, o image of the Father,
With your countenance.

Aesuries te, Christe deus, sitis atque videndi
iam modo carnales me vetat esse dapes.
da modo te vesci, te potum haurire salutis;
unicus ignotae tu cibus esto viae.
et quem longa fames errantem ambesit in orbe, 
nunc satia vultu, patris imago, tuo.

The Last Supper, Jaume Huguet, ca. 1470