“That we are intimately at one with nature is a cosmic truth that we are all approaching.

It is not only the dog, it is the wild beast and the wood-dove, that are our closest kindred, but the green tree and the green grass, the blue wave and the flowing wind, the flower of the day and the granite peak of the aeon. We are woven in one loom, and the Weaver threads our being with the sweet influences, not only of the Pleiades, but of the living world of which each is no more than a multi-colored thread: as in turn, she thirds the wandering wave with the inarticulate cry, the yearning, the passion, the pain, of the bitter clan, the human. Truly, we are all one. It is a common tongue we speak, though the wave has its own whisper, and the wind has its own sigh, and the lip of man its word, and the heart of woman its silence.

Nor cruel, relentless, impotently, anarchic, chaotically potent, this Master Genetrix. We see her thus, who are flying threads, who are flying threads in the loom she weaves. But she is patient, abiding, certain, inviolate, and silent ever. It is only when we come to this vision of her whom we call Isis, or Hera, or Orchil, or one of a hundred other names, our unknown Earth-Mother, that men and women will know each other aright, and go hand in hand along the road of life without striving to crush; to subdue, to usurp, to retaliate, to separate.”

William Sharp

Image Credit: A. Andrew Gonzalez