Sitting comfortably (I like to sit crossed legged, back straight, chest open, shoulders back), take a deep breath. Image yourself as a tree, and the roots coming out from the base of your spine and piercing deep into the soil. 

Say aloud: 

I am a tree, the tree is me, we are one. 

Continue your deep breathing, imaging yourself growing strong, branches and all, just like a tree. Feel the roots getting longer, growing stronger, small root fibers taking up the pure nutrients from the earth’s soil. 

Say aloud: 

I am the earth, the earth is in me, we are one. 

You can repeat the affirmations, saying them aloud. I find that saying chants aids me in meditation and focus. Sometimes I like to take it a step further, going through all the elements: 

I am fire, fire is in me, we are one 

Visualising  the power of fire; the transition of a glorious tree into ash, back into the soil which cycles into the ecosystem. The power of passion, the driving force of motivation and destruction. 

I am water, water is in me, we are one 

Visualising  the ocean, the womb inside our mothers from where we were born. A strong river, flowing, and adapting to obstacles hindering its way. 

I am air, air is in me, we are one 

Feeling the breeze, the atmosphere. The fleeting motion of the wind, of inspiration and knowledge, opening my mind to new ideas and possibilities.

This is just my basic go-to meditation before doing any rituals. Feel free to change it as you see fit, and I hope you enjoy.