This meditation requires no tools at all. Try starting out by doing it somewhere comfy and private, and then when you get the hang of it , it may be much easier to do when you are out and about.
This meditation has the potential to be:

  • Claustrophobic 
  • Triggering to people with a fear of water or drowning 

Exit this meditation properly: Mentally distance yourself from the wind or location you imagined yourself to be. Center yourself, focus on physical reality, open your eyes, and give yourself a few minutes to re-adjust. You may exit at any time.

Spend a few moments to visualize what your anxiety or stress looks like. You may feel that your stress is a tight red sphere in the middle of your chest, or that your anxiety is a neon yellow sign flashing in your head. You may identify your stress or anxiety by touch, smell, taste, shape, or any number of ways. 

When you are ready, imagine you are standing by a pool of water.

It could be an oasis in the desert or a hot spring in a forest or steaming jungle, or even a frosty icy pond in the arctic. But it is filled with a special kind of water.

Firstly, this water is nearly the opposite of your stress or anxiety. If you stress feels like a red sphere, this water is a wonderful fluid turquoise. If your anxiety is neon yellow, this water is deep blue and gentle. This amazing water can take on any form you desire that is most fitting to your needs.

But there is more to it – this water comes from a very special and spiritual source, and it has every sort of natural medicine to heal you. It carries minerals to soak your tired body in, but also powerful Nature energies of the purest and most gentle healing, that will ease your body and mind and make them healthy again. And best of all, at this special place, time does not exist. You can spend hours and hours here in just a few moments of the physical world. 

When you are ready, get in the pool of water. There is a perfectly comfortable seat in the natural sides of the pool. Let the water flow around your body and be aware that it will immediately begin to heal you and transform the negative energies around you in to positive or neutral ones. 

If you want, slip below the water and breathe in deeply, releasing all fears. The water will go in to your lungs, but you can still breathe perfectly fine. From your lungs the water will go in to your blood, and throughout your entire body, transforming any negativity within you and healing your body. It is very comfortable underwater and if you like, you can look around to see any fish or plants or other flora and fauna. 

Breathe comfortably. The water will automatically take away negative energies and heal you. Try looking up and seeing the outside world above the pool. Right now you are detached from it, in a safe place where nothing can bother you or find you. If you wish, try becoming water itself. You can freely flow and move, you can go up in to the sky and rain down. You can slip and slide through rivers and explore the depths of every ocean. Or, try becoming very large, so that the Pacific ocean is nothing but a little pond for you, and nothing is out of your control. I like to become very small, and find a cozy shell on the sandy pond floor. The shell is hidden by plants and inside is the perfect watery fairy-room where I can sit and for as long as I want without fear of being discovered or bothered by any problems at all. 

(If you transform, it is especially important that you center as you exit the meditation).

When you are ready, leave the meditation or do more activities if they feel right. Try practicing this meditation so that you can do it even while you are walking around or at work or school. When you are feeling stressed or anxious, reflect back on the meditation to try and relax.

There is very magical water that heals everything. Sit in the water. 

Maybe turn in to water or get larger or smaller depending on how you feel. 

Exit the meditation safely 

This is a temporary fix to burn away existing stress or anxiety. Stressors or triggers in your life will cause more bad feelings. This meditation is not intended to stop stressors or triggers.