This meditation requires no actual fire or any tools at all. Try starting out by doing it somewhere comfy and private, and then when you get the hang of it , it may be much easier to do when you are out and about.
This meditation has the potential to be:

  • Claustrophobic
  • Triggering to people with a fear of fire

Exit this meditation properly: Step away from any imaginary fires. Center yourself, focus on physical reality, open your eyes, and give yourself a few minutes to re-adjust. You may exit at any time.

Close your eyes and envision what your stress or anxiety looks like. My anxiety looks like a slimy green blob sitting on my head. My stress looks like a green-orange cloud inside of my chest. Don’t just think about colors, think about sensations, shapes, smells, and sounds. Create an objectified concept of what your stress or anxiety is to you.

Now, imagine there is a huge bonfire. It could be somewhere beautiful like up high on a mountainside or on a beach, or anywhere you like. But this is not a normal bonfire, the roaring flames are exactly the opposite of how you envision your stress or anxiety to be. 

If your stress is shallow blue and puddly → the fire is roaring orange and strong
If your anxiety is lime green and spikey → the fire is dancing scarlet
If your stress is grey-yellow and smells like dust → the fire is vivid blue and smells like rain

Walk in to the fire and sit down. This special fire cannot burn you – it is only able to burn away things that hurt you. In fact, the fire is a wonderful temperature that feels exactly right. Time does not exist here, and in a few minutes in the physical world you can spend years here just being quiet and relaxing. 

Breathe in and out at whatever pace feels comfortable for you. The fire has already begun burning away all the stress and anxiety energy around you. When you are ready, take a deep breath and breathe the fire in to your lungs. It will flow in to you and burn away the built-up negative feelings within you. From your lungs the fire will spread to your blood and flow throughout your entire body, consuming every bit of anxiety or stress or any other bad feeling within you.

Sit in this fire for as long as you want, enjoying its warm and friendly embrace. You do not need to intensely focus on your problems being burned away, just enjoy being within the fire and it will do the work for you.

If you like, try transforming yourself. Try letting go of your physical form and becoming fluid and passionate fire. If you are feeling out of control in your life, try growing very large, so that you are the size of the Sun or the molten center of the Earth. Meditate on becoming large so you can conquer your problems. Or, try becoming very small, so that you are a little flicker of flame on the bonfire log, and you can hide inside the wood and stones and be very safe. 

(If you transform, it is especially important that you center as you exit the meditation).

When you are ready, leave the meditation or do more activities if they feel right. Try practicing this meditation so that you can do it even while you are walking around or at work or school. When you are feeling stressed or anxious, reflect back on the meditation to try and relax.

Objectify your problems so you can conceive that they are just objects that can be removed from you

There is a magical fire that burns away these objects. Interact with it until you feel your problems are burned away

Maybe turn in to fire or get larger or smaller depending on how you feel

Exit the meditation safely

This is a temporary fix to burn away existing stress or anxiety. Stressors or triggers in your life will cause more bad feelings. This meditation is not intended to stop stressors or triggers.