This meditation requires no tools at all. Try starting out by doing it somewhere comfy and private, and then when you get the hang of it , it may be much easier to do when you are out and about.This meditation has the potential to be:

  • Claustrophobic 
  • Triggering if you have a fear of being buried alive 

Exit this meditation properly: Mentally distance yourself from the wind or location you imagined yourself to be. Center yourself, focus on physical reality, open your eyes, and give yourself a few minutes to re-adjust. You may exit at any time.

Imagine that you are in any natural rocky area, like a mountain, cliffs, bouldery hill, a crater, or wherever you like most. The earth and stone will draw stress and anxiety out of you like a sponge, carrying it down to the center of the Earth where it will be burned up. 

In this imaginary world, get comfortable. You can sit with your back against something or lie down. Do anything that feels right. As you relax, be aware that the stone and earth naturally begin to draw your stress and anxiety out of you. It begins to leech out of your body and flow downwards, far away where it can never hurt another thing, until it reaches the core of the world and is burned away forever. 

 As you become more and more relaxed, you find yourself falling in to the stone and earth, so that it begins to surround you on all sides. The more it begins to surround you, the more negative energies are removed. You feel that you are very at home in the earth. It is so stabilizing and protective, it makes you feel solid and strong.

If you will it, fall below the surface of the world with an exhale. When you breathe in, you will discover that you are a creature of the Earth, and can safely breathe underground. Your human form fades and you become part of the earth and stone, and every negative and unwanted energy is drawn downwards, while you are supported and lovingly held. Down here within the Earth nothing can bother you or harm you. No troubles can find you. It is just you in the peaceful quietness of the world, being cleansed by the gentle and steady flow of earthen energies around you. 

You need not focus on the energies flowing around and away. It will happen automatically as long as you are relaxed and enjoying yourself. If you feel claustrophobic, you may instantly leap out of the Earth at a moment’s notice and be on your feet again.

If you wish, go around exploring in the Earth. Search for gems and precious stones big enough to live in, or seek out ancient fossils. Rumble across the world and around oceans, explore continents. Find a cozy cave and build your own home with lots of beautiful metals and stones. 

(If you transform, it is especially important that you center as you exit the meditation).

When you are ready, leave the meditation or do more activities if they feel right. Try practicing this meditation so that you can do it even while you are walking around or at work or school. When you are feeling stressed or anxious, reflect back on the meditation to try and relax.

  1. Sit on the earth. 
  2. It draws negative energies out of you. Go in to the earth. 
  3. It still draws negative energies out of you. 

Maybe turn in to the earth and explore and make a cozy cave house if you want 

Exit the meditation safely 

This is a temporary fix to burn away existing stress or anxiety. Stressors or triggers in your life will cause more bad feelings. This meditation is not intended to stop stressors or triggers.