This meditation requires no tools at all. Try starting out by doing it somewhere comfy and private, and then when you get the hang of it , it may be much easier to do when you are out and about.

This meditation has the potential to:

  • Triggering to people with a fear of heights

Exit this meditation properly: Mentally distance yourself from the wind or location you imagined yourself to be. Center yourself, focus on physical reality, open your eyes, and give yourself a few minutes to re-adjust. You may exit at any time.

Imagine that you are on a cliff or mountain peak, with strong winds blowing all around you. But they do not knock you over – they like you. Wind has the special power to carry anything away. In this world time does not exist, and even if you only spend a few moments in this place, you may reflect later and realized you spent a year’s worth of time relaxing there.

Enjoy being surrounded by the wind. It will carry away all bad energies from you naturally, so just being here helps. When you are ready, breathe deeply. The wind will rush in to your lungs and permeate throughout your entire body. It will find every toxic energy, every bad feeling, every bit of stress or anxiety, and carry it out and away when you exhale. The wind will carry these energies away to be transformed by Nature so you do not need to worry about anything else being hurt by these negative energies.

Breathe comfortably and think about your stress and anxiety being carried away for as long as you desire. None of it is safe from the wind; it can find all and carry it all away. Be aware that the wind will clear away these unwanted energies automatically, and you do not need to focus on them leaving with every breath.

When you are ready, you may enjoy transforming yourself. Try releasing your physical body and becoming the wind, flowing and flying over the world, becoming part of a storm then leaving again to drift over a calm and peaceful landscape. Or, try growing very large, until you are the size of a hurricane. Every problem you have is tiny and insignificant; you can grow above them all. You could also try becoming very small, and live in the clouds or in a tiny cozy rock home in the side of the mountain, where nothing could ever find you or bother you, and the mountain and winds will keep you totally safe and protected.

(If you transform, it is especially important that you center as you exit the meditation).

When you are ready, leave the meditation or do more activities if they feel right. Try practicing this meditation so that you can do it even while you are walking around or at work or school. When you are feeling stressed or anxious, reflect back on the meditation to try and relax.

Sit with the wind. It blows all your problems away. Breathe in the wind. It carries all your problems away. 

Maybe turn in to wind or get larger or smaller depending on how you feel 

Exit the meditation safely 

This is a temporary fix to burn away existing stress or anxiety. Stressors or triggers in your life will cause more bad feelings. This meditation is not intended to stop stressors or triggers.