English writer HG Wells , who in his works with amazing accuracy predicted many technological advances of the future, wrote a prophetic story “The Star”, where he describes the appearance of unusual object in the solar system: “It was a dazzling white and very beautiful. In many parts of the globe in the night around the new star noticed pale ring. It has become much more … Star grew. She grew up with terrible regularity, from hour to hour; with every hour she was nearing midnight zenith and became brighter and brighter until it turned night into day. If the star was moving toward the Earth is not in a curve and a straight line, and if it has not lost its speed under the influence of gravity of Jupiter, it would have to fly the abyss that separated her from the earth, in one day, but it was moving along the curve, and it took five days to get closer to our planet. The next night, when the star rose over England, she was third in the value of the lunar disk, and thaw all increased. Ascended over America, the star was already almost the size of the moon, but unlike the moon and it blinded burned. And where it was rising, began to blow hot wind, and in Virginia, Brazil and in the valley of the St. Lawrence River, it shone through a cloud of storm clouds, sparkling purple lightning and rolling in an unprecedented barrage. In Manitoba, a thaw began a devastating flood. All the mountains that night began to melt snow and ice, all the rivers originate in these mountains, swollen, and seethe, and soon in the upper trees dragged the corpses of people and animals. The water rose with unfailing regularity, illuminated by a ghostly shine, and finally burst its banks and rushed after fleeing population of river valleys. On the South Atlantic coast of Argentina and the tides were higher than ever in the memory of people, and in many places water storm drove many miles inland, flooding entire cities. During the night the heat became so great that the sunrise seemed approaching shadows. The earthquake; they swept across America, from the Arctic Circle to Cape Horn, flattening slopes, cutting the ground, turning the house and the fence in the rubble. After one such mighty convulsions collapsed half of Cotopaxi and poured liquid lava flow, so deep, wide and fast that one day he reached the sea.

A star was moving over the Pacific Ocean in the wake of having pale moon and dragging like a train, thunder storms and the growing tidal wave that rolled her hard, foaming, spilling one island after another and completely washed away with them as people. Finally this terrible seething wall fifty feet high, illuminated by a blinding light, driven by hot winds, the hungry howling fell on all the Asian coast and rushed inland across the plains of China. Short-lived star minutes now hotter huge and bright than the hottest sun was shining with ruthless clarity vast populous country, its towns and villages with pagodas and gardens, roads, vast cultivated fields and millions of deprived people of sleep, helpless staring in awe incandescent incandescent sky, and then they all moved his increasing roar of water. The same fate befell this night, millions of people: they ran themselves and not knowing where, panting with fear clouded consciousness, and got up behind a white wall swift water.
, And death.
China was flooded with a blinding white light, but over Japan, Java and all the islands of East Asia rose big star dim fireball because volcanoes, welcoming her, thrown into the air huge columns of steam, smoke and ash. Above were hot gases and ash, bottom – violent lava flows, and the whole earth shook and roared from aftershocks of the earthquake. Soon began to melt the eternal snows of the Himalayas and Tibet, and water for tens of millions of deepening converging channels rushed to the plains of Burma and India. Crown woven Indian jungle ablaze in a thousand places, and in the water, boiling at the base of trunks, body floated dark and still slightly moved in the light of the blood-red flames. In blind terror countless crowds rushed through the wide roads to water the last hope of humanity – to the open sea.
Star with terrifying speed now becoming more and more hotter, brighter. Ocean in the tropics stopped phosphorescence, and couples ghostly swirl swirled over the dark, towering trees, which were black spots before the storm ships.
And then something amazing happened. Those in Europe expect the rising star, it seemed that the earth stopped rotating. Everywhere – on the open hilltops and plateaus – people fleeing here from flooding, collapsing houses and rock falls, waited in vain this sunrise. Hour after hour in anxious waiting, and not all star was rising. Again, people have seen the ancient constellations, which they considered to be extinct for yourself forever. In England, it was hot, but the sky was clear. Although Earth trembled incessantly, but in the tropics shone through a veil of steam Sirius, Capella and Aldebaran. And when he finally came up big star – almost ten hours later than before – after her almost immediately the sun came up, and in the center of the white heart star was visible black disk .
Star began to slow their movement, passing once over Asia, and suddenly, when it hung over India, its light is clouded. All Indian plain from the mouth of the Indus to the mouth of the Ganges that night was a glittering shallow lake, which rises above the surface of temples and palaces, dams and hills dotted with black on their people. At each minaret bunches hanging people and one by one fell into the murky water, and when the heat finally overcame their fear. The whole country was a continuous scream and suddenly a crucible of despair passed over shadow, cold wind blew and swirled clouds generated by air cooling. Saw up to the star, almost blinded people noticed that it creeps black disk. Between the star and the Earth passes Moon. And as if in response to the pleas of the people cried out to God, in a moment of respite in the east with a strange, inexplicable speed surfaced Sun. And the star. Sun and Moon together, raced across the sky.
And soon, those who waited so long the star had appeared in Europe, saw how she came almost simultaneously with the Sun; while both luminaries rapidly swept across the sky. Their movement slowed and finally they stopped, merged into one brilliant flame at the zenith.The moon is no longer obscured the stars and already it was impossible to discern in bright splendor of the sky. Although most survivors looked at the sky in a gloomy stupefaction generated by hunger, fatigue, heat and despair, yet there are people who understand the significance of these phenomena. Star and the Earth came together at the closest distance, floated nearby, and began to remove the star. She has decreased, faster and faster completing his rapid flight to the sun.
Then the clouds gathered and hid the sky and thunder enveloped the whole world fiery lightning cloth; spilled across the land such showers, which people have never seen, and where volcanoes spewed red flame to the canopy of clouds, the sky it cast mud flows.Everywhere the water receded from the plains, leaving mud and mud-covered ruins, and the earth, as the seaside after the storm, was littered with all sorts of clouds and the corpses of people and animals. Water returned to bed for many days, washing away soil, trees and houses, aggradation huge dams and tearing deep ravines. Those were the days of darkness, who replaced star days and heat. All this time, and for many more weeks and months went on continuous earthquake.
But the star is gone, and people driven by hunger, gradually gathered courage and returned to their destroyed city, devastated by the breadbasket and flooded fields. The few ships that escaped the storms approached the shore, polurazbitye carefully wading among the new rocks and shoals grown in previously familiar harbors. And when the storm subsided, people have noticed that everywhere the days were hotter than ever. Sun became more and the Moon, down to one-third of its former value, making its revolution around the Earth in eighty days.
In our task is not to talk about the new fraternal relations between people; how laws were rescued, books and machines, of the strange change that occurred with Iceland, Greenland and the coast of Baffin Bay: so green, flowering began these places that there sailed sailors with disbelieving eyes. Will not be discussed here, and that as a result of warming people settled to the north and to the south, closer to the poles. It was only a history of the emergence and disappearance of stars. “