The clouds break forth the streams of light
and dance upon the earth.
The shadows of uncertanty,
plague my trouble mind
i’ve learned to walk in darkness,
and leave the light behind
They say that im a witch,
born in the depths of hell
created to aid your suffering
and steal your soul as well
But i am just a human,
don’t I deserve love too?
i’ve never turned against you
or taken a single thing
and yet i’ve been shuned
by this worlds entire race.
They say I seek redemntion
and for this cause I take
every single life,
that dares to cross my wake.
Why can’t they understand
the reason I walk each day
its not for pain or saddness
or any simple thing.
And the only thing im searching for
the only thing I need,
that im damned to never find
is a simple moment,
a moment that lasts a lifetime