“In The Book of Lumiel it says the fallen archangel is destined to be reborn time and time again in human form as a saviour and take upon himself the pain, sorrows and suffering of humankind. ‘Not until mankind knew who and what I was should they know and understand, but my own sufferings, which must be physical, as the sufferings of mankind must be…these same sufferings and sacrifice should redeem mankind. I was a scapegoat, to be driven into the wilderness suffering shame and ignorance life after life, until that error that I had perpetrated had worked itself out by mankind becoming wise, and therefore wholly good, through experience.’

This statement by Lumiel encapsulates one of the most important teachings of the Luciferian tradition as expressed by Madeline Montalban. Yet it is the most controversial and theologically explosive in its implications for the world religions and the cherished beliefs of millions. Madeline believed and taught that Lumiel had incarnated many times in human form on this planet in the past. Among his incarnations when he took the role of divine king and sacrificed god were the various pagan saviour gods. These included Tammuz, Osiris, Adonis, Quetzalcoatl, the Peacock Angel and, most controversial and contentious, the Christ.”
– Michael Howard


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