“According to Occult teaching, every Body consists of Twelve members. The one uppermost is called the Ram; the adjacent one – the Bull; the one with the hands- the Twins; the chest is called the Crab; everything in the region of the Heart is the Lion; the trunk is the Virgin; the hips – the Scales; below this – the Scorpion; and still farther down, the thigh – the Archer; the knee – the Goat; the lower leg – the Water-Carrier; and the feet – the Fishes. 

The Human Body is divided into Twelve members – and with good reason. Now, if the fragments were to be gathered up after the Power of Christ’s Body had been used to satisfy hunger, they would have to be gathered in Twelve measures. 

Therefore they gathered them together, and filled Twelve baskets with the fragments of the five barley loaves, which remained over and above unto them that had eaten. (6:13) 

They had not eaten the barley loaves. They had partaken of the Power Emanating from Christ. They had been satisfied by the Power that radiated from Christ through His thanksgiving when He appealed to the Spheres from which He had descended…”
Oscar H. Harpel – The Signs of the Zodiac, “Harpel’s Typhograph”, 1870. 

 Francis Barrett – A Table showing the names of the Angels governing the 7 days of the week with their Sigils, Planets, Signs, etc., “The Magus”, 1801


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