Warning very graphic images.this is what happened to my FRIENDS brother and his son.after being sanctioned and thrown out of there home by west lancs district council because they got into debt because they could not afford to pay the bedroom tax.they lived in a tent in the woods for 8 months during the winter.my brother has dementia and epilepsy he is 62.his son is 34 and has mental health problems.this is what is happening to hundreds of sick and vunerable people because of bedroom tax and government sanctions.tease people are not scrounges as the as thease evil people would have you belive.they are sick and vulnerable and need help and support.the budget is in a mess because of the rich bankers and government spending and they are the biggest fraudsters going,remember the expenses scandal?they are demonizing the poor the sick and the vulnerable and trying there best to have you believe that the economy is in a mess because of the.Hitler had the same agenda and look what happened there.please repost this so people can see what is really happening.there is a saying that says evil thrives when good people do nothing.this is true and it is what happened to my family.my nephew has had his toes amputated due to frost bite.It is unthinkable that this can happen in this day and age.please like and share so that this does not happen to others.  THANK YOU.11058371_1110415968973557_1784616886518623524_n